Nickel Music Collection

The museum is currently private and can be viewed by appointment. The “Nickel Music Collection” contains about 20 coin pianos, orchestrions, and related items of a few collectors, including Bart Off, Dave Ramey, and Brad McClincy. Contact David Ramey (, 708-602-3961) or Brad McClincy ( for more information.

American Treasure Tour

This collection features all shapes, sizes and types of mechanical music instruments. Daily tours guided by docents provide an excellent overview of all the types of instruments that fall under the mechanical music umbrella.

Case Barlow Farm

MBSI’s Polyphon Style 44D Table Top Disc Musical Box is displayed at the farm. Many other period displays and demonstrations are available on a rotating basis. Check the museum website for details.

Yale Collection of Musical Instruments

No mechanical music. Noted for its balance and depth, Yale’s collection of keyboard instruments is one of the finest in the world. The Collection’s holdings comprise over a hundred examples, including organs, clavichords, harpsichords, spinets, virginals, and pianos from the workshops of the most important makers representing all the major regional schools over a span of three centuries.

The Sanfilippo Foundation Collection

Inspired in the 1950s by the collection of nickelodeon pianos at Angelo Valente’s “House of Nickelodeons”, (also known as the “Mil-Arm Inn”, at the intersection of Milwaukee and Armitage in Chicago), the Sanfilippo music machine collection was started in 1978 with a small Nelson-Wiggen coin piano, a Bruder band organ, and a Welte Concert Orchestrion. The Wurlitzer opus #1571, built in 1927 for the Riviera Theatre in Omaha, has been expanded to 80 ranks of pipes. The overall result is the most versatile orchestral theatre pipe organ ever built. The carousel building, completed in 1997, is the home of the most complete example of a European salon carousel in existence – the ‘Eden Palais’ (or Eden Palace), built in 1890. The American Orchestrion Room, featuring a colorful display of some of the most beautiful art glass-front orchestrions ever made, including a Coinola SO, a Peerless Wisteria, a Peerless Arcadian with fancy carvings and hanging lamps, a Peerless Elite with flute pipes. All of the events open to the public are listed and updated regularly on the collection website, and in its E-Newsletter.

Musical Instrument Museum

MIM’s Mechanical Music Gallery features a selection of musical instruments such as player pianos, mechanical zithers, and cylinder music boxes that, by definition, “play themselves.” The period between the late 19th and early 20th centuries, known as the Golden Age of Mechanical Music, saw the creation of a remarkable range of self-playing instruments in Europe and the Americas. MIM’s Mechanical Music Gallery highlights a range of mechanical instrument types and technologies from this era, including artistic examples that feature animated components such as human and animal figures.

Milton Keynes Museum

Weber pianola, Manchester seraphone, Symphonion disc box, Polyphon disc box, street organ presented as part of an exhibit on British Victorian-era life.

Royal College of Music

The Royal College of Music Museum maintains and preserves more than 25,000 instruments, portraits, images and engravings. Highlights from the collection include the earliest known guitar in the world, the earliest stringed keyboard instrument and the best known portraits of Joseph Haydn and Farinelli. Mostly small cylinder boxes of unknown origin and a few barrel organs.

Galleria dell’Accademia – Department of Musical Instruments

No mechanical music available. The Department of Musical Instruments of the Galleria dell’Accademia in Florence, dating from 1996 and inaugurated in 2001, houses the collection of antique instruments from the “Luigi Cherubini” Music Conservatory. Approximately fifty instruments, collected between the mid 1600s and the early 1800s, are displayed in three rooms and come from the private collections of the Houses of the Medici and Lorraine, the Tuscan Grand Dukes. Additional information.

Barcelona Museum of Music

Museu de la Musica. The permanent exhibition comprises nearly five hundred instruments from different periods and cultures, selected from among the total of about 2,000 instruments forming the Museum’s collection, which is considered the foremost of its kind in the Iberian Peninsula. Includes gramophones, automatic zithers, phonographs, Orpheus disc box, automaton orchestra with 10 musicians and a director with arms and head movement, mechanical clocks, barrel organs, Ariston disc box