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202268437Repairing a music box after a runCaletti, BobRestorationvariousComb teeth repairsA visual tour through the process and methods used
202268432Joy & Suffering Organ GrindersPenna, FrankHistoryvariousOrgan GrindersOrgan Grinders of London and Manchester
202268423Paillard, as Seen on TVBellany, PaulAntiquesvariousMusic boxes on TVPaillard Music box history
202268412Nickel NotesJaro, MattCollectionvariousHistory of a collectionFrank and Shirley Nicks Collection
20226848Mid-Year Trustees's Meeting minutesBirkett, Linda Meting MinutesnoneMeeting MinutesMid-Year meeting minutes
202268345Rare Automata up for auctionKasselman, RussellAutomataGordon & Co.nécessaireNécessaire at Auction
202268342The future of the pianoWhite,William BraidTechnicalvariousFuture of the pianoArticle from The Music Trade Review-Techical
202268338The HuntKuehn, ThomasInstrument finds a new homeDisc music boxDisc console music boxThe Regina model 40 finds a new home
202268328Almost alive AutomataPenna, FrankRare Accordian BoyAutomataRelatively self-operating robotsMachines that mimic the actions of living creatures
202268326One Portable phjonograph begets anotherPeter, HaroldCollectionsphonographPortable phonographA picnic phonograph from England
202268322Get Ready for Annual MeetingThomas, Robert2022 MBSI AMICA conventionvariousupcoming conventionPreview of upcoming events at the convention
202268311Nickel NotesJaro, MattHistoryWurlitzerWurlitzer Company historyInteresting Tidbits about the Wurlitzer Company
20226838Outreach CornerHostetler, JackExhibitsvariousThe Villages Christmas exhibit8th annual Christmas exhibit
202268245String Tensions AgainBraid White, WillianTechnicalMusic Trade ReviewCalculationsFormula for calculating spring tension in a piano
202268242Model B SteinwaySingleton, MarkCollecting SteinwayRoyal connectionModel B Steinway reproducing piano with a Royal connection
202268240Tune Card RestorationCaletti, BobTune CardsvariousRestorationTune Card Restoration
202268234Hope & DispairPenna, RobertHistoryvariousOrgan Grinders-variousOrgan Grinders & The Concentration Camp
202268224Chordephon ZitherMcElhone, KevinCatalogueChordephonCataloque projectLooking for missing tunes for various sizes
202268222Music Box disc repairsWilson, CharlesRepairvariousProjection repairHow to repair missing projections on discs
202268220Interesting TidbitsCaletti, BobHuman interestvariousProspective membersChildren at the orchestrions-Start 'em Young
202268210Nickel NotesJaro, MattCollecting AdventuresvariousCollectionBob & Diane Lloyds collecting adventures
20226828AutomataConRyder, Steve Special Convention Morris MuseumAutomata & Kinetic ArtConvention of artists, collectors & enthusiasts
20226817Outreach CornerMyers, Mary EllenExhibitsvariousTraveling DisplaySpecial Exhibits Committee Exhibits Display
20226818Business MeetingBirkitt, LindaMinutesnoneMeeting MinutesMBSI Business Meeting Minutes
202268113Annual Board MeetingBronson, BnotesnoneNotes from Trustees MeetingMinutes of the Annual 2021 Trustees Meeting
202268118Notes from 2021 ConventionBronson, BnotesnoneNotes from Convention and Tours2021 Convention Events Notes & Collection Tours
202268142Nickel NotesJaro, MattMusic BusinessvariousAutomatic Music BusinessThomas Pletcher, QRS, Bankruptcy
202268149Chapter ReportGoldsmith, Nancy & BobChapter ReportnoneChapter MeetingNational Capital Chapter Report
202167611Nickel NotesJaro, MattCollectionsvariousCollection TourThe Reidy Collection
202167623Deconstructing a CollectionRuggie, ThomasCollectionsnoneInvestmentsPreparing Your Family to Manage your Collection Investments Down the Road
202167625Silver SwanPenna, Robert, Dr.AutomataJohn Joseph MerlinAutomataThe Amazing Silver Swan Automation
202167630Digitizing DiscsLotz, AlbertDiscvariousDisc ScanningDigitizing Discs from Photographs
202167634Sneak PeakThomas, RobertCollection ToursvariousToursSneak Peak of Collection Tours at the 2021 MBSI Convention
202167639 Chapter MeetingsvariousHouse ToursvariousChapter MeetingSouthern CA, National Capital, & Northwest International
20216758Outreach CornerHostetler, JackExhibitvariousExhibits at The VillagesMusic Exhibits, Music Constructions for Kids
202167511Nickel NotesJaro, MattInstrumentsvariousCollection TourThe Nethercutt Collection in California
202167524A Family AffairBennett, HenryORGImhof & MukleRestorationThe Intriguing Tale of an Imhof & Murkle Flute Organ
202167531A Tip on Repairing a Tunning LeadBrewer, JamieCLYMermod FrèresLead ReplacementA Low Tech Tunning Lead Repair
202167533An Italian Organ Grinder's LifePenna, Robert, Dr.ORGvariousOrgan GrindersThe Italian Organ Grinder: His Life Revealed
202167541The SEGA Grand PianistGernert, UwePIANOSEGAToy PianoMiniature Electronic Grand Piano
202167547A Fortunate FindWade, HaroldDiscCrownA Rare FindCrown Style 16 20 1/2" Upright Disc Music Box
20216747Outreach CornerMyers, Mary EllenExhibitvariousMusic Box PresentationsSpecial Exhibits “Home Entertainment of
202167410Nickel NotesJaro, MattORCSeeburgRestorationRestoration of a Seeburg K with pipes
202167416The Braamcamp ClockMol, TirzaFlute ClockCharles ClayRestorationRestoration of the Braamcamp Flute Clock
202167429History of the SteinkjerpositivesPenna, Robert, Dr.HistorySteinkjerHistory of the SteinkjerpositivesHand Cranked Organs made in Steinkjer, Norway
202167435Building a Bird BoxChalifoux, MikeBird BoxMike ChalifouxBuilding Bird BoxesManufacturing Bird Boxes
202167443Treasured MemoriesBrewer, JamesCylinderMermod FrèresThe HuntMermod Freres Sublime Harmony Piccolo Music Box
202167448Bob's SymphonionSingleton, MarkDiscSymphonionFinding a TreasureBob Minney-The One
20216738Outreach CornerMuller, AaronvariousnoneOutreach displaysOutreach displays to educate the public
202167311Mid-Year Trustee Meeting minutesBirkett, LindaMBSInoneMinutesMid Year Trustees Meeting Minutes
202167315Nickel NotesJaro, MattPIANOWelte MignonReaders HistoryMusic Trade Press, Readers History of Welte Mignon
202167323A Changeable Cylinder Music Box PrototypeWineburgh, BillCylinderunknownRestoration/historyUnknown maker of a Prototype Cylinder Music Box
202167330PlerodieniqueBoth, PeterCylinderPlerodieniqueHistoryHistory of a Rare Cylinder Music Box
202167344OrganillerosPenna, Robert, Dr.ORGANSvariousHistoryOranilleros, The Organ Grinders of Mexico
202167351Chapter ReportsShoppe, Chuck & PeggyChapter MeetingvariousChapter MeetingGolden Gate Chapter meeting by Zoom
20216728Outreach CornerMuller, AaronvariousvariousOutreach displaysArticle on Exhibits, demos, and additions
202167215Nickel NotesJaro, MattPianoWelte MignonReaders HistoryMusic Trade Press Readers History for the Welte Mignon
202167221La Cracovienne, pre-1860Bellamy, PaulCylinderunknowHistoryKey Wind Music Box by an Unknown Maker
202167225The Origins of the AD Cunliffe Music Box RegisterBiden, AlisonHistoryvariousRegister of cylinder music box dataInternational Cylinder Box Register
202167228Farny Wurlitzer Address to ATOS, part 2Feely, DonHistoryWurlitzerPresentationFarny Wurlitzer Speaks to ATOS
202167240Wittmann & Niemeczek Crank OrganDavidon, GordieORGANWittmanOrgan MakingA Tour of Organ Making
202167247The Mechanics of a Childs Musical Rocking ChairBiggins, RobinToy-cylindervariousRocking Chair MechanismRocking Chair Mechanism Description
20216718Nickel NotesJaro, Matt & Merithew, LylePiano, disc, cylinder, & orcvariousCollectionSandy Swirsky, Lyle Merithew Collection
202167116Sacred Music, part 6Worrall, DavidCylinderBremondCylinder Music Box ProgrammesCorriigenda, Addenda, & Final Thoughts
202167122Music To GoSwaney, RickPhonovariousCollectionPortable Phonographs, Introduction
202167131The HuntKracht, JamesCylinderMermod FrèresPurchaseFinding a Great Cylinder Music Box
202167134Farny Wurlitzer Address to ATOS, part 1Feely, DonHistoryWurlitzerPresentationFarny Wurlitzer Speaks to ATOS
202167141The HooghuysPenna, Robert, Dr.ORGANvariousStreet, Fairground, or Dance Hall OrganAn Organ Family Legacy
202167146Chapter ReportsBarrelle, Donna & GeneMeeting reportvarious MeetingNational Capital Chapter Report
20216668Outreach CornerMyers, Mary EllenvariousvariousOutreachArticles on Exhibiting, Demonstrating, & Teaching
202166611Museum Committee ReportCraig, SallyHistoryvariousCommittee ReportsRecent Restorations and additions
20206638Mid-Year Trustee Meeting minutesBirkitt, LIndaMBSInoneMBSI annual meetingMinutes of the 2020 Mid-year Trustee Meeting
202066312Nickel NotesJaro, MattORCnoneNickel NotesNickel Notes by Jaro, Matt - Music Roll Database Design and Implementation
202066319Sacred MusicWorrall, DavidHISnoneSacred MusicSacred Music on cylinder boxes, Part 2
202066328Regina CoronaCarsman, JayDISReginaChanger RestorationWrangling a Regina Corona changer
202066333Relief decorated Music Boxes Lotz, Dr. AlbertDISvariousTechniques to simulate carvingMaking relief decorated music box cases
202066338Player PianosPenna, Dr. RobertHISnoneHistory of importance of player piano musicThe importance of player pianos in WWI
202066344Regina Music BoxWade, HaroldDISReginaRare-Regina RestorationOn the Cover - Harold Wade’s Regina Style 216 disc music box with 12 bells. Read the story of this box and it’s sister box owned by Alvin Zamba (a Regina Style 217)
202066347Burtscher CollectionCorkrum, DavidVARnonePictures of collectionIntroduction to the Burtscher Collection
20206629AutomataRyder, Steve & King, BrettAUTnoneUnusual automataAutomataCon 2020
202066211Nickel NotesJaro, MattORCnoneNickel NotesNickel Notes by Jaro, Matt - Smythe, Terry's lifetime of participation
202066219Regina ChangerBrewer, JamieDISReginaRestorationTechniques for working with a Regina Changer
202066223Sacred Music Worrall, DavidHISnoneSacred MusicSacred Music on cylinder boxes
202066228Interesting TidbitsCaletti, BobCYLnoneRestorationRestoring a tune card
202066230Mechanical MusicKasselman, RussellMBSInoneMusic machinesA tour of mechanical music across the pond
202066247Jasper SanfilippoPersky, MartyVARnoneJasper Sanfilippo's collectionOn the Cover - This photo captures Jasper San-filippo’s vision for his collection. Columns and capitals offer visitors a dramatic view as they enter to enjoy the music and machines he so enjoyed and enjoyed sharing with others
20206618Nickel NotesJaro, MattORCnoneNickel NotesNickel Notes by Jaro, Matt - Preserving our mechanical music heritage
202066114AwardsKuehn, Tom MBSInoneMBSI businessMBSI Awards
202066116Piano rollCorkrum, DavidPIAAeolianMystery rollA mysterious roll from the Aeolian Company
202066119Criterion Music BoxJohn MartinDISCriterionUnique RestorationOn the Cover - John Martin’s 20-inch Criterion disc box came from an unusual location and operated with an uncommon motor. Then it got a unique upgrade
202066123Cylinder BoxGordon, KenCYLnoneHistory of a music boxProvenance of a Swiss cylinder box - Ken Gordon can trace ownership of his cylinder box from manufacture to today
202066125Preserving the pastSmythe, TerryHISnoneArchivingPreserving the past
202066612Trustees meeting minutesBirkett, LindaMBSInoneMeeting Minutes71st Annual Trustees Meeting
202066620Awards PresentationsCorkrum, DavidMBSInoneAwardsAwards Presentations for 2020
202066623Chapter ReportsvariousMBSInoneReports2020 Chapter Reports
202066627Nickel NotesJaro, MattPianoDuo ArtHistory of Duo ArtMusic Trade Press Readers History
202066632Sacred Music #5Worral, DavidCylindervariousCylinder Music Box ProgrammesHybrid Interchangeable Programs
202066639A cylinder for all agesBrewer, JamesCylinderMermod FrèresSublime Harmony Piccolo Cylinder BoxSpecial Cylinder Music Box with custom Case
202066643A Tale of 2 ReginasWade, HaroldDiscReginaRestoring 2 ReginasRestoration story
202066645The HuntUhrhammer, RobertsPhonoEdisonEdison AmberolaHistory and Restoration
20206658Nickel NotesJaro, MattORCMillsNickel NotesOn the cover-Paul Manganaro’s-one of the earliest Mills Violano’s produced.
202066520The music of the Austrian monarchyKowar, Helmut, Dr. HISCylAustrian monarchyAn incomplete account of the musical repertoire of musical boxes manufactured in Prague and Vienna
202066532In search of mechanical musicClark, Michael HISvariousMuseumA tour of a mechanical music museum in Prague
202066537Sam ClarkWilson, CharlesHISvariousOrganThe ultimate organ
202066538Sacred Music Part 4, Evangelical and Gospel SongsWorrall, DavidHISnoneSacred MusicSacred Music on cylinder music boxes
202066547The HuntSmith, BobHISvariousCyl/ClockA rare find in an auction
202066549The Queen, the Sultan and the Organ ClockPenna, Robert, Dr.HISvariousClockThe Queen, the Sultan and the Musical Organ Clock
20206648Trustee meeting minutesBirkitt, LindaMBSInoneMBSI Annual MeetingMinutes of the 2020 Annual Trustee Meeting
20206649Trustee BiographyCalendine, DaveMBSInoneBiographyNew trustee biography
202066410Nickel NotesJaro, MattORCAmpicoHistoryMusic Trade Review
202066418Mermod Frères VarietiesWineburgh, BillCLYMermod FrèresHistoryVarieties of Mermod Frères music boxes
202066429Sacred Music on cylinder boxesWorrall, DavidCLYvariousHistorySacred Music on cylinder boxes, Part 3, Hymns
202066438The genius of Al-JazariPenna, Robert, Dr.Automated musicvariousHistoryAn automatic musical instrument from the 13th century
202066442Restoring a Forte Piano cylinder boxWilson, CharlesCYLLecoultreRestorationRestoration of a two-per-turn key wind forte-piano cylinder music box
202066446Memories of the Stinson Organ CompanyRider, HopeOrganStinsonManufacturer / restorerManufacturing and restoration of band organs
202066448Making a special anniversary music boxKracht, JamesCYLCustomCustom built cylinder music boxBuilding a custom cylinder music box for a special occasion
20196568Minutes-annual Trustees meetingCorkrum, DavidMBSInoneMBSI businessMinutes of the 2019 Annual Trustees Meeting
201965615Minutes-annual Business meetingCorkrum, DavidMBSInoneMBSI businessMinutes of the 2019 Annual Business Meeting
201965620Nickel NotesJaro, MattORCnoneNickel NotesNickel Notes by Jaro, Matt - Restoring a Nelson-Wiggen 4-X nickelodeon
201965628Annual meeting review Bronson, BMBSInonePictures of collections-2019Tales from the 2019 MBSI Annual Meeting
201965646Mechanical MusicDarlak, CraigMBSInoneExamples of mechanical musicInteresting Tidbits - Craig Darlak shares his love of mechanical music
201965649Nickel NotesJaro, MattORCnoneNickel NotesOn the Cover - Jaro, Matt’s Wurlitzer 153 Band Organ was part of the 2019 MBSI Annual Meeting tour this year, organized by the National Capital Chapter
20196559Nickel NotesJaro, MattORCnoneNickel NotesWagner Mello. Using provided plans and also plans he drew himself, has constructed several crank organs over the years and it seems like he has no plans to stop anytime soon.
201965516Book reviewSingleton, MarkCylnoneBook reviewBook review of Musical Boxes from Prague and Vienna
201965517The HuntSmythe, TerryORCCremonaThe HuntPursuing a ten year old lead
201965519The HuntSmith, CraigCYLMermodThe Hunthuge Mermod music box that was in an estate sale
201965521RestorationWade, HaroldDISOrpheusRestorationHarold Wade brings us the story of the restoration of his 18 3/4" upright disc music box
201965528MSGB meetingKuehn, TomMSGBnoneSpringtime visitA Springtime visit to the Garden of England
201965549Southern Cal meetBirkitt, LindaMBSInoneLast meeting at Mike Ames exhibit hallOn the cover-Mike and Marilyn Ames' Wurlitzer Style 30-A Mandolin Pianorchestra
20196548Mid-Year Trustee Meeting minutesCorkrum, DavidMBSInoneMBSI businessMid-Year Trustee Meeting Minutes
201965413Nickel NotesJaro, MattORCnoneNickel NotesOn the Cover - Nickel Notes by Jaro, Matt - The gorgeous pipes and roll mechanism of Alan Bies and Steve Boehck’s Welte Style IV Orchestrion.
201965421Tunes and ComposersDutton, RichardHISnoneTunes and Composers researchingA guide to researching tunes and their composers
201965436Stories of a Music BoxRoenigk, BrianDISOlympiaHistory of a special disc box50 years of stories in one box
201965438Crank OrganPenna, Robert F. PhDORCnoneCartoonsCartoon Crankers: Crank organs in the cartoons
201965445Love Music BoxSingleton, MarkCYLnoneLove Music Box noteLove at first note
20196539Trustee's Bio'svariousMBSInoneMBSI businessTrustees Bio's
201965312Nickel NotesJaro, MattORCnoneNickel NotesNickel Notes by Jaro, Matt - Featuring Don Teach
201965318Organ RepairHildebrant, CharlesORCRaffinOrgan RepairRaffin Organ Repair - Charles Hildebrant walks us through his repair of a Raffin Organ take up roll
201965323Replacing handleWineburgh, BillCYLnoneMaking a handleReplacing a missing winding handle
201965328Electric BanjoFinger, WayneSTRnoneElectric BanjoThe Electric banjos
20196528Nickel NotesJaro, MattORCnoneNickel NotesNickel Notes by Jaro, Matt -The Seeburg Spin-off Saga
201965219Music Box restorationBiggins, RobinCYLnoneMusic Box restoration HoffmanAn E. Karrer-Hoffman music box restoration
201965220Loesche PianoKuehn, Tom ORCLoescheLoesche Piano restorationOn the Cover - Kuehn, Tom walks us through the restoration of Loesche Flute and Violin Solo Piano
201965113Nickel NotesJaro, MattORCnoneNickel NotesNickel Notes by Jaro, Matt - Restorer Joe Hilferty
201965120Symphonion upright restorationCaletti, BobDISSymphonionVery large Symphonion upright restorationOn the Cover - Caletti, Bob turns a pile of parts in to a spectacular example of a 27 1/2 -inch Symphonion upright disc player with 12 bells.
201864612Nickel NotesJaro, MattORCnoneNickel NotesNickel Notes by Jaro, Matt - Durward Center
201864618Trustees meeting minutesCorkrum, DavidMBSInoneMBSI businessBoard of Trustees Meeting Minutes
201864625Annual meeting minutesCorkrum, DavidMBSInoneMBSI businessAnnual Business Meeting Minutes
201864627MBSI awardsKuehn, Tom MBSIMBSI business2018 MBSI Awards
201864632Dance Hall Organ and MBSI conventionClark, MichaelORCMortier2018 MBSI convention photosOn the Cover - A 121-key Dance Hall Organ “Pigalle,” that was originally built as a 101-key Mortier and can be seen at Bronson Musikalle & the MBSI Convention coverage.
201864513Glenn Thomas collectionJaro, MattORCnoneGlenn Thomas collectionNickel Notes by Jaro, Matt - Glenn Thomas
201864522Celesta Music BoxBoehck, SteveORCCelestaCelesta Music BoxOn the Cover - A Celesta disc music box in the Steve Boehck and Alan Bies collection
201864410Paul Ciancia collectionJaro, MattORCnonePaul Ciancia collectionNickel Notes by Jaro, Matt - Paul Ciancia
201864422Tune identificationWitt, ClayCYLnoneTune identificationName that Tune - Clay Witt discusses his methods for tracking down the tune names and composers featured in a new-to-him Nicole Frères cylinder box
201864431MMRDundon, JamesVARnoneMM RadioMechanical Music Radio
201864432Regina start/stopCaletti, BobDISReginaRegina start/stop worksHow does it work?
201864433Motor City conventionKasselman, RussellMBSInoneMotor City convention MotorMusic in the Motor City
201864449Lochmann AutomatLowell, Jim & Rickert, LindaDISLochmannLochmann AutomatOn the Cover - A rare Lochmann Automat 150 in Jim Lowell and Linda Rickert’s collection
201864310Mid-Year Trustee Meeting minutesCorkrum, DavidDISMBSI businessMid-Year Trustee Meeting Minutes
201864318The Krughoff CollectionJaro, MattORCnoneThe Krughoff CollectionNickel Notes by Jaro, Matt - The Krughoff Collection
201864328Barrel Organs after Civil WarPenna, Rober F. PhDORCnoneBarrel Organs after Civil WarThe Barrel Organ and the Disabled Veteran - Robert Penna reveals the reason there were so many barrel organ players after the Civil War.
201864340The OrganinoGoldhoorn, LuukORCOrganinoOrganinoThe Organino
201864342Intro to Mechanical MusicBellamy, Paul, Fynes, Juliet, & Brown, TedVARnoneSmaller music boxes for beginner collectorsAn Introduction to Mechanical Music
201864348Lelland Fletcher collectionBirkitt, LindaVARnoneLelland Fletcher collectionOn the Cover - A small portion of Lelland Fletcher’s collection, which he shared with the Southern California Chapter at a recent meeting
20186428The MBSI Facebook page Swaney, RickVARnoneMBSI Facebook pageThe MBSI Facebook page
201864210Nickel NotesJaro, MattORCnoneNickel NotesNickel Notes by Jaro, Matt - H. Barton Off, Jr.
201864222Annual Meeting table favorGuimes, BillMISnoneHow the table favor was madeMaking 300 - How the 2017 Annual Meeting table favor came to be
201864229Interesting Tidbits Hupfeld automatic piano constructionWendel, JensPIAHupfeldInteresting Tidbits Hupfeld automatic piano constructionOn the Cover - The inside of a Hupfeld automatic piano under construction in the Hupfeld factory circa 1927-28
201864110Nickel NotesJaro, MattORCnoneNickel NotesNickel Notes by Jaro, Matt - Jack and Mildred Hardman's Wurlitzer Theater Organ
201864116Comb repairsCaletti, BobCYLnoneComb teeth repairsComb repairs - Repairing and replacing teeth in a music box comb
201864128Symphonion EroicaGordon, KenDISSymphonionSymphonion EroicaOn the Cover - Ken Gordon has compiled a working discography for the Symphonion Model 38, three-disc Eroica music box.
20176368MBSI awardsWitt, ClayMBSInoneMBSI businessMBSI Awards
201763612Minutes-annual trustees meetingCorkrum, DavidMBSInoneMBSI businessMinutes of the Trustees meeting
201763616Minutes-annual annual business meetingCorkrum, DavidMBSInoneMBSI businessMinutes of the Annual Business Meeting
201763622Boekorgel Organ-and photo album of 2017 Annual MeetingKasselman, RussellMBSICentrumBoekorgel Organ-and photo album of 2017 Annual MeetingOn the Cover - A 63-key Nederland's Boekorgel Centrum Organ in the Arnold Chase Collection. Photo by Lowell Boehland. See a full photo album from the 2017 Annual Meeting
201763641Nickel NotesJaro, MattORCnoneNickel NotesNickel Notes by Jaro, Matt -Matt takes us on a tour of Dick and Cheryl Hack’s collection that includes some outstanding examples of mechanical music
20176358Nickel NotesJaro, MattORCnoneMaking the player piano supremeNickel Notes by Jaro, Matt - the player piano reigned supreme as the outstanding medium of home entertainment.
201763515Guinness ExhibitRyder, JereVARnoneGuinness collectionGuinness Exhibit celebrates 10 years
201763519Packing a Regina ChangerCaletti, BobDISReginaPacking for shippingHow to pack a Regina changer for shipping
201763522Roller OrgansDutton, RichardORCnoneRichard shares experiences many of roller and organ cobsOn the Cover - Richard Dutton shares his experiences from many years of collecting roller organs and roller organ cobs
201763532Marotte makingDrew, RobinVARnoneMarotte makingMaking a Marotte - A guide to reproducing these entertaining musical toys
201763534A Peerless orchestrionBopp, RonORCPeerlessA Peerless F orchestrionA Peerless Model F (3) Orchestrion
201763538Regina Model 35Carsman, JayDISReginaRegina Model 35Adventures in Regina Land - Jay Carsman tells the tale of working on the many little details of his Regina Model 35 disc box
20176348Nickel NotesJaro, MattORCnoneNickel NotesNickel Notes by Jaro, Matt - important web site - Mechanical Music Press
201763414Organ GrinderNoubel, HenriORCnoneHow I became an organ grinderHow I became an organ grinder - Henri Noubel shares the story of how he fell in love with music boxes.
201763417Plateau mechanismGoldhoorn, LuukCYLnoneRare small musical mechanismAnother unusual “sur plateau” musical mechanism
201763419Glitchy governorsBellamy, PaulCYLnoneGlitchy governorsGlitchy governors - Bellamy, Paul shares tips on how to deal with a non-self-starting musical box governor
201763425Mills ViolanoHattrup, EdwardSTRMillsViolano bow motorUnderstanding the Mills Violano Virtuoso bow motor
201764430Berry Wood OrchestrionGreene, PrescottORCBerry WoodRare Berry Wood OrchestrionOn the Cover - The last surviving Berry Wood AOW orchestrion. See it only at DeBence Antique Music World.
20176338Trustee Mid-Year minutesCorkrum, DavidMBSInoneMBSI businessTrustees Mid-Year Meeting Minutes
201763314Nickel NotesJaro, MattORCnoneFun developments in NickelodeonsNickel Notes by Jaro, Matt - developments/happenings/products and fun things in the wonderful world of nickelodeons
201763317Guinness ExhibitMarinelli, MicheleHISnoneGuinness ExhibitNew Jersey Music Makers - Guinness Collection curator Michele Marinelli tells the history of several of the rare instruments on display at the Morris Museum
201763325A salesman's music boxBiggins, RobinCYLnoneA salesman's music boxA salesman’s music box -Biggins, Robin details a novel sales tool used by door-to-door salesmen
201763326Phoenix WelteCenter, DurwardORCWeltePhoenix WelteOn the Cover - Durward Center takes readers through his restoration of the Phoenix Welte.
20176328Nickel NotesJaro, MattORCnoneNickel NotesOn the Cover - Nickel Notes by Jaro, Matt - A mashup of some great albums of mechanical music recorded over the years
201763212Silent SymphonyBaron, AndrewAUTnoneSilent Symphony AutomatonSilent Symphony Part VI - Baron, Andrew wraps up his series detailing the restoration of the more than 200-year-old Maillardet Automaton at the Franklin Institute in Philadelphia, PA.
201763222Making parts using 3D printingFinger, WayneVARnone3D printing of parts3D printing makes missing parts available
201763234Collection tourWineburgh, BillVARnoneSpecial Musical collectionThe Cranker’s Collection of Mechanical Marvels is a private collection of classic cars, dance hall organs, and antique musical boxes
20176318MBSI AwardMBSInoneMBSI businessMBSI Award Recipients
201763112Nickel NotesJaro, MattORCnoneNickel NotesNickel Notes by Jaro, Matt - The MUSIC in mechanical music
201763116Silent SymphonyBaron, AndrewAUTnoneSilent SymphonySilent Symphony Part V - Baron, Andrew discusses the importance of motor synchronization, and cam repair in ensuring the longevity of the Maillardet automaton
201763124Euterpehon disc BoxesWineburgh, BillDISEuterpephonEuterpehon disc BoxesOn the Cover - Two more Euterpephon disc boxes with additional tunes were recently discovered. Wineburgh, Bill provides details and comparisons to the six models found previously
201763130Nelson-WiggensORCNelson-WiggensNelson-WiggensA pair of Nelson-Wiggens Casino-X models get restored
20166266Website ReportSwaney, RickVARnoneMBSI Web siteWebsite Report
201662610Nickel NotesJaro, MattORCnoneNickel NotesNickel Notes by Jaro, Matt - Music Trade Review and Presto
201662616Minutes of Trustees meetingCorkrum, DavidMBSInoneMBSI businessMinutes of The Trustees Meeting - Minneapolis, MN, Aug. 30, 2016
201662621Minutes of Business meetingCorkrum, DavidMBSInoneMBSI businessMinutes of the 67th Annual Business Meeting
201662626MBSI Annual MeetingTolzmann, TracyMBSInoneMBSI Annual Meeting AnnualMBSI’s 67th Annual Meeting - Aug. 31- Sept 3, Minneapolis, MN
201662638Silent SymphonyBaron, AndrewAUTnoneSilent Symphony AutomatonSilent Symphony Part IV - Baron, Andrew makes the Maillardet automaton draw again while also restoring eye and head movement to this extraordinary machine
201662510Nickel NotesJaro, MattORCnoneMaking a database for rollsNickel Notes by Jaro, Matt - making a database of “A”, “G”, ”H”, “4X”, and “O” rolls
201662513Welte LicenseeAceto, AdamPIAnoneRegulating a Welte LicenseeRegulating the Welte-Licensee - Suggestions and thoughts on testing and regulating these reproducing pianos
201662519Silent SymphonyBaron, AndrewAUTSilentSilent Symphony AutomatonSilent Symphony Part III - Baron, Andrew’s digs into the repair of the Maillardet automaton’s head and impinged shoulder movement
201662535Atlantic OrchestrionKiang, ChengORCnoneTitanic-Atlantic OrchestrionOn the Cover - The Atlantic, a weight-driven barrel orchestrion that was set to be installed in the Titanic, but was not big or grand enough so it ended up on a ship called the Atlantic. You can only see it at the Singapore Music Box Museum.
201662540Music box soundboard cracksCaletti, Bob & Hoyt, JonathanDISnoneSound Board repairRepairing sound board cracks
20166249Website updateSwaney, RickVARnoneMBSI Web siteWebsite update
201662412Seeburg HJaro, MattORCnoneSeeburg HOn the Cover - Old Silver, a Seeburg H Orchestrion, finds a new home with Jaro, Matt
201662417PhonographClay WittVARnonePhonographsPhonograph Corner by Clay Witt
201662421Repairing RolmonicasFinger, Wayne & Morlock, CottonVARnoneRepairing RolmonicasRepairing Rolmonicas - Finger, Wayne and Cotton Morlock detail how to restore your Rolmonica.
201662425Silent SymphonyBaron, AndrewAUTnoneSilent Symphony AutomatonSilent Symphony Part II - Baron, Andrew takes us through the evolutions of the writer-draftsman class of automata that preceded the Maillardet automaton.
20166239Website UpdateSwaney, RickMBSInoneMBSI Web siteWebsite Update
201662310Nickel NotesJaro, MattHISnoneNickel NotesNickel Notes by Jaro, Matt - Edward “Ed” Freyer music rolls
201662316Mid-Year meetingCorkrum, DavidMBSInoneMBSI businessMid-Year meeting minutes
201662322Centrifugal force governorsGoldhoorn, LuukVARnoneSpecial GovernorsCentrifugal force governors - Goldhoorn, Luuk discusses early attempts to make different kinds of governors for musical boxes
201662313Selling your collectionDuncan, TroyVARnoneSelling on eBaySelling your collection on eBay - Troy Duncan reveals how you can sell your collection online safely and get maximum profit
201662322Sewing kitGoldhoorn, LuukVARSewingSewing kit music boxOn the Cover - Goldhoorn, Luuk introduces us to a sewing kit that was turned into a one-tune music box
201662324Silent SymphonyBaron, AndrewAUTnoneSilent Symphony AutomatonSilent Symphony - Baron, Andrew begins a series of articles describing his work to restore the Maillardet Automaton, the subject of books, movies and much fascination.
20166228Nickel NotesJaro, MattORCnoneNickel NotesNickel Notes by Jaro, Matt - Clark nickelodeon rolls
201662211Centrifugal governorsGoldhoorn, LuukVARnoneCentrifugal governorsCentrifugal force governors Luuk - Goldhoorn discusses early attempts to make different kinds of governors for musical boxes
201662213Selling on eBayDuncan, TroyVARnoneSelling your collection on eBaySelling your collection on eBay - Troy Duncan reveals how you can sell your collection online safely and get maximum profit
201662216Billon-Haller Music boxCaletti, BobCYLBillon-HallerRare Billon-Haller Music boxOn the Cover - Caletti, Bob describes how a rare Jean Billon-Haller box got new life with custom made parts
201662221Black Forest ClocksMiller, JustinVARnoneBlack Forest ClocksEmilian Wehrle Part 2 - The conclusion of Miller, Justin’s account of Black Forest Clock Maker Emilian Wehrle’s work and his legacy
201662233Christmas musicTolzmann, TracyVARnoneA Prairie Home Music box collectionMusic boxes on A Prairie Home Companion
20166219Nickel NotesJaro, MattORCnoneNickel NotesNickel Notes by Jaro, Matt - American nickelodeons and their music.
201662114Chinese visitorsKuehn, Tom VARnoneChinese VisitorsChinese visitors - Kuehn, Tom gives guests from China a tantalizing taste of mechanical music.
201662116Mermod FrèresBiggins, RobinCYLnoneAn unusual Mermod FrèresMermod Frères No. 32 - Biggins, Robin details a rare box with some unusual features.
201662119Interesting TidbitsRoesch, JoeCYLnoneSetting up Geneva StopsSetting Up the Stop Works on Double Spring Barrels
201662120European tourCave, Thomas ColinVARnoneEuropean tourEuropean tour - British and American music box lovers tour several hot spots in three countries.
201662124Ampico AAceto, AdamPIAAmpicoAmpico A switch replacementAmpico A switch replacement - Adam Aceto describes his work to replace a broken on/off switch in his Ampico A reproducing piano
201662126Shining a music boxPatrick, JimCYLnonePatrick brings a shine to a cylinder box.Polishing brass - Jim Patrick provides his step-by-step process for bringing a shine to his recently acquired Swiss cylinder box.
201662130Black Forest ClocksMiller, JustinVARnoneBlack Forest ClocksOn the Cover - Emilian Wehrle was the premier maker of musical clocks from the black forest region of Germany. Miller, Justin tells us about his work and life
20156115President's MessageJulian GraceMBSInoneMBSI businessThank you for work on the Annual Meeting. Updates to bylaws to allow Board of Trustees to make changes without a full vote of the membership.
20156116Membership Chair ReportArdis PrescottMBSInoneMBSI businessA profile of Ralph and Gloria Schack's with details about how they got started and information about several music boxes that will be featured on the tours as part of the 2016 Annual Meeting.
20156117Treasurer's ReportWarren StiskaMBSInoneMBSI businessA summary of society finances for 2014 and projections of income and expenses for 2015.
201561111MBSI 65th Annual Meeting Trustees MinutesDavid CorkrumMBSInoneMBSI businessA summary of society reports from various committees on activities and recommendations to the board of trustees for action
201561117MBSI 65th Annual Meeting RecapIrene KaufmanMBSInoneMBSI Annual MeetingA description of events transpiring at the 65th Annual Meeting in Florida. Including photos of tours of the Dezer Collection, Jancko Collection, Robert Smith Collection, the Olympia Theater, Church of St. Bernard de Claivaux, Schuman Collection, and Sanford Collection. Additional descriptions and photos of workshops, social events and general activities happening at the event are also part of this article.
201561141Large, Tall, Music BoxesJohn FieldCarillonsnoneCarillonsA history of how Carillons came to be, famous makers such as Francis and Peter Hemony, a description of how Carillons are programmed to play their tunes and a definition of what differentiates a Carillon from a church chime. Descriptions of the best known Carillons include those at Riverside Church, the Hoover Tower and Utrecht.
201561150National Capital Chapter reportBob and Nancy GoldsmithMBSInoneNational Capital Chapter activitiesA report on the National Capital Chapter's meeting in Lancaster, PA, at the homes of chapter chair Sally Craig and her neighbor Ron Yancy.
201561154Southern California Chapter reportArdis PrescottMBSInoneSouthern California Chapter activitiesA report on the Southern California Chapter's meeting in Cowan Heights, CA, at the home of Bob and Diane Lloyd.
20156125President's MessageJulian GraceMBSInoneMBSI businessAn appeal for a new Society treasurer and a new Society membership committee chair, a reminder for Board of Trustee members to submit their No Conflict of Interest statements, and a reminder about the upcoming MBSI Annual meeting in Torrance, CA.
20156126Membership Chair ReportArdis PrescottMBSInoneMBSI businessA profile of Frank and Shirley Nix and their collection that will be part of the tours for the 2016 Annual Meeting in Torrance, CA. Details about how the Nixes started collecting and information on some of their outstanding music boxes is provided
20156129Special Exhibits Committee ReportWayne MyersMBSInoneMBSI businessA report on the committee's successful participation in a Maker Faire event that focuses on teaching people to build and repair items. Committee members taught sessions in how to build and decorate a small music box with a movement that played a tune via a paper strip roll.
201561213Designing a Mechanical OrganAnatoly Zaya-RuzoORSZaya-RuzoDesigning and building a mini organThe author describes his process for designing and building a street organ with 14 pipes, two bellows, and a 14-note interval scale. The organ is called the MINI-14 and is available in kit form from the author.
201561218An American TriumphRobin BigginsDISAmerican Music Box CompanyRestoring a Triumph model disc playerThe author provides information on his work to restore an American Triumph disc musical box, playing a 15-1/2 inch disc, including several images and an original advertisement for the Triumph that was published in a catalog by E. Jaccard du Grand of New York.
201561224Paul Ehrlich and the Rakoczy HarpBill WineburghHISPaul Ehrlich & Co. History of the Rakoczy Harp and its inventorThe author gives details about the life of Paul Ehrlich and his efforts building mechanical musical instruments in Leipzig, Germany. Information about Ehrlich's efforts to break into the automatic harp market and the history of the Rakoczy name are provided, and then the article talks about the harp and its various components including several photos of the inside and individual pieces.
201561240MBSI and Musical Boxers host holiday showJack HostetlerMBSInoneExhibiting mechanical musicThe article describes an event at The Villages, FL, where MBSI members partnered with The Musical Boxers Club to present a variety of different musical boxes both inside and outside the venue.
201561242East Coast Chapter reportCheryl MalerMBSInoneEast Coast Chapter activitiesThe report covers the East Coast Chapter meeting in Succasunna, NJ, at the home of Bill and Carolee Wineburgh where they shared their collection with other chapter members.
201561244Southern California Chapter reportArdis PrescottMBSInoneSouthern California Chapter activitiesThe report covers the Southern California Chapter meeting in Redlands, CA, at the homes of Harold and Barbara Hastain, Weldon and Mary Clegg and Pam Morris. Descriptions of a business meeting and tours of the collections are provided with photos.
201561247Golden Gate Chapter reportDavid CorkrumMBSInoneGolden Gate Chapter activitiesThe report covers the Golden Gate Chapter meeting in Woodside, CA, at the home of Marc and Marguerite Kaufman. A description of the business meeting and the tour of the Kaufman collection with photos is provided.
201561252National Capital Chapter reportBob and Nancy GoldsmithMBSInoneNational Capital Chapter activitiesThe report covers the National Capital Chapter meeting in Annapolis, MD, at the home of Dick and Cheryl Hack. A description of the business meeting and tour of the Hack Collection is provided with photos.
201561258Northwest International Chapter reportRick SwaneyMBSInoneNorthwest International Chapter activitiesThe report covers two Northwest International Chapter meetings. The first was in Portland, OR, where the chapter held a business meeting and attended the Portland Antique and Collectibles show. The second was the annual holiday cookie exchange at the home of Annie and Dale Tyvvand in Lynwood, WA, where a tour of the Tyvvand collection was also held.
20156135President's MessageJulian GraceMBSInoneMBSI businessA reminder to return ballots for a vote that would shift bylaw change responsibilities to the board of trustees instead of requiring a vote of the entire membership. A thank you to the Sunbelt and Southeast chapters for hosting the mid-year board of trustees meeting in Louisiana. A reminder that the society needs a treasurer and a membership committee chair. A reminder about the annual meeting in Torrance, CA
20156136Membership Chair ReportArdis PrescottMBSInoneMBSI businessDetails about the collection of Mike and Kathy Choate, in Dana Point, CA, that will be part of the tour during the annual meeting in Torrance, CA. Photos of Mike and Kathy with various pieces in their collection and the story of how the Choates got started collecting are included.
201561310Minutes of the trustees' meetingDavid CorkrumMBSInoneMBSI businessA summary of committee activities, new proposals for action items and decisions made by the board of trustees are all provided.
201561316A family connectionBob CalettiPIAPeerless Piano Player Co.Restoring a family heirloom Peerless Player Piano The author describes his early fascination with mechanical music and memories of a Peerless Style D Player Piano in his grandfather's saloon and then restoring the same piano many years later after it came into his possession.
201561323Always keep the directionsLuuk GoldhornHISJohn Gloach Murdoch and CompanyOriginal directions on use and care of music boxThe author describes finding a set of original directions in a Murdoch music box he purchased and restored. He comments on how rare it is to find a piece of paper like this stored with a music box for more than 100 years.
201561324A five-comb musical boxRobin BigginsCYLunknownA cylinder music box with five combs and 162 teethThe author details a five-comb cylinder musical box that he restored. The box is by an unknown maker but it can play up to 45 notes at one time with a double mainspring providing power to turn the cylinder and engage many teeth on each of the multiple combs. It can play for 20 minutes at a time.
201561326Dismay in the VaticanDr. Giorgio Farabegoli and Dr. Albert LotzHISnoneA history of the player organ in the Catholic ChurchThe authors tell the story of how automatic player organs were introduced into Catholic Churches to play the sacred music and how many in the church fought the new ideas. Includes descriptions of the player organs and the main church officials on both sides of the campaign to allow automatic music in chapels.
201561343The Hunt: A Monopol StoryAlison BidenDISMonopolA story of finding a rare Monopol disc player and discs to play on itThe author describes her purchase of a Monopol music box and her search for more 12 ½ inch discs to play on it.
201561348Tales from the road: An Indiana GatheringHope RiderMBSIvariousA tour of Ruth and Kim Pontius' collection The author tells of a gathering of music box lovers at the home of Kim and Ruth Pontius, where Kim showed off his workshop and played many of his music boxes, orchestrions and automatic pianos for the general enjoyment of the visitors.
201561352Southeast/Sunbelt Chapter ReportMargery and Howard SanfordMBSInoneSoutheast/Sunbelt Chapters activitiesThe report covers the Sunbelt and Southeast chapters meeting in New Orleans, LA, for a weekend adventure. Tours of Rau Antiques, the Hayno collection, the Elbers collection, the Boyd collection, the Bonura collection, and the George collection
201561358Southern California Chapter reportArdis PrescottMBSInoneSouthern California Chapter activitiesThe report covers the Southern California Chapter meeting in Rancho Palos Verdes, CA, at the home of Ralph and Gloria Schack. A business meeting was held and then the Schack collection was toured.
20156145President's MessageJulian GraceMBSInoneMBSI businessA discussion about the redesign of the Society website, the establishment of a the new Marketing Committee, and a reminder about the upcoming annual meeting in Torrance, CA.
20156146Membership Chair ReportWarren StiskaMBSInoneMBSI businessAn encouragement for all Society members to promote the society to friends in other groups that might have an interest in mechanical music with the idea that belonging to more than one group can enrich a person's collecting experience.
20156149Sharing MBSI in the 21st CenturyDr. Wayne FingerMBSInoneUsing the online Mechanical Music Digest to promote MBSIA general description of the MMD and ideas on how to promote MBSI and its activities.
201561411A Hupfeld HeliosRussell KasselmanORCHupfeldFinding and restoring a Hupfeld Helios OrchestrionMike Argain's purchase and restoration of the 12 ½ foot tall Hupfeld Helios Orchestrion is detailed including before, during and after photos of the restoration process.
201561418It's Meeting Time: Preview of the 2015 Annual MeetingRussell KasselmanMBSInoneTours and Workshop information for the Torrance, CA, annual meetingPreviews of tours and information about workshops that will be available during the Torrance, CA, annual meeting are provided.
201561422Meet the LloydsArdis PrescottMBSIvariousLloyd Collection music boxes The author details how Bob and Diane Lloyd got started collecting music boxes and then describes various music boxes in their collection that will be part of the tours for the Torrance, CA, annual meeting.
201561425Other wonderful collections to see on the toursArdis PrescottMBSInoneSchack, Nix, Choate, Levy collection tours A recap of previous articles about the Schack, Nix, Choate, and Levy collections that will be part of the annual meeting tours
201561427a Chevron Comb in a Strange Musical MechanismLuuk GoldhornCYLunknownChevron shaped musical comb in a musical clockThe author provides photos and information about an unusually shaped musical comb found in a musical clock estimated to be made between 1815 and 1820.
201561429Musical Mystery: A music box in the Morris Museum has a connection to Puccini's Madama ButterflyRussell KasselmanHISunknownProfessor Anthony Sheppard's article on Puccini's operaA brief article with links to more information regarding Professor Anthony Sheppard's work to determine the origins of Puccin's opera Madama Butterfly. The article talks about the discovery being made in the Morris Museum
201561430Japanese International Chapter ReportToshihiro HamamuraMBSInoneJapanese International Chapter activitiesThe report covers the Japanese International Chapter's visit to Tokyo and the Parthenon Tama Automatic Musical Instrument Magic Sound Room and the Mitaka Orgel Kan museum. An optional tour to the Min-on Ongaku Hakubutsu-kan museum was also made.
201561433Japanese International Chapter Organ RallyMasayuki YoshidaORSvariousJapanese International Chapter holds an organ rally in Tama-city TokyoThe Japanese International Chapter entertained visitors to the 2015 Tama Center Spring Festa with five street organs and several portable organs while inviting people to tour musical box museums.
201561436East Coast Chapter reportJerry MalerMBSInoneEast Coast Chapter activitiesThe report covers the East Coast Chapter meeting in Long Island, NY, as the group joined with AMICA members for a business meeting and a tour of the Maler collection
201561440Southeast Chapter reportMargery SanfordMBSInoneSoutheast Chapter activitiesThe report covers the Southeast Chapter meeting in Altamonte Springs, FL, where tours of the Wayne and Mary Ellen Myers collection, and Cyndy and Bill Hall's collection were provided.
201561443Golden Gate Chapter reportRichard HughesMBSInoneGolden Gate Chapter activitiesThe report covers the Golden Gate Chapter meeting in Menlo Park, CA, at the home of Bob and Judy Caletti. A business meeting was held and then several of the instruments in the Caletti collection were played for visitors.
201561446Golden Gate Chapter reportDavid CorkrumMBSInoneGolden Gate Chapter activitiesThe report covers the Golden Gate Chapter's joint tour with AMICA of the Stanford music library at Stanford University. Several automatic musical instruments were assembled for a concert and descriptions of the university's roll collection and preservation efforts were provided.
201561452National Capital Chapter reportAlan J. GentemenMBSInoneNational Capital Chapter activitiesThe report covers the National Capital Chapter meeting in Rockville, MD, at the home of Knowles and Ginny Little where members conducted a show and tell session and toured the Little Collection.
201561458The Hunt: Molinari hand organs with a personal touchCraig SmithORSMolinariPicture Postcards in Molinari OrgansThe author describes how Molinari organs often had a picture postcard as part of their case and how he discovered there were often handwritten messages on the backs of the postcards because they had been sent through the mail before being used as interesting extras in the organ cases.
20156155President's MessageJulian GraceMBSInoneMBSI businessA farewell message as Julian Grace passes the presidency to Judy Caletti and a thank you to those who serve the society. Also a reminder to attend the Torrance, CA, annual meeting.
20156156Membership Chair ReportWarren StiskaMBSInoneMBSI businessAn invitation to send in ideas for increasing membership and also an invitation to attend the Membership Committee meeting at the Torrance, CA, annual meeting.
201561510Children's activity booklet availableDr. Wayne FingerMBSInoneA children's activity book produced by the Southeast ChapterIn an effort to encourage younger members to attend meetings and bring their children, the Southeast Chapter produced an activity book related to mechanical music so that children can color and solve simple problems while their parents enjoy a meeting and some music.
201561513Brandenburger, BerlinRobin BigginsDISBrandenburgerA disc box with an unfamiliar maker's name is foundThe author details a disc box produced by a previously unknown maker from Berlin, Germany. The box is an upright disc player with 172 teeth and a zither attachment that operates on both combs. Discs are 18 ¼ inches and projects have a reinforced folded edge.
201561516Sharing MBSI: Use YouTube to spread joyTroy DuncanMBSInoneCreate a YouTube account and share videosThe author describes how society members can create their own YouTube account for free and then share videos of their music boxes on the website for others to enjoy.
201561519Arranging Beautiful Music for the Mills Violano VirtuosoDr. Wayne FingerSTRMills Novelty CompanyUsing a computer to arrange modern music for antique automatic musical instrumentsThe author describes how he is able to arrange modern pieces of music to play on his Mills Violano Virtuoso using a MIDI Player and software that helps match notes from the music to the available notes on the mechanical musical instrument even though the author cannot play the piano or the violin.
201561525Back in action: Cremona G playing again at DeBence Antique WorldPrescott GreenePIAMarquette Piano CompanyRestoration process to bing a Cremona G piano back to playing statusThe author details the history of the Cremona G being worked on, then describes the various actions that were taken to restore the piano to its original form and get it playing for visitors again.
201561541National Capital Chapter reportBob and Nancy GoldsmithMBSInoneNational Capital Chapter activitiesThe report covers the National Capital Chapter's annual Organ Grind and Music Box demonstration at the Chesapeake & Ohio Canal National Historic park in Maryland. Several members brought street organs, disc players or cylinder players to entertain and inform visitors about mechanical music.
201561544East Coast Chapter reportBill WineburghMBSInoneEast Coast Chapter activitiesThe report covers the East Coast Chapter meeting in Morristown, NJ, where chapter members held their annual summer picnic and toured the Morris Museum.
201561546National Capital Chapter reportKenneth GordonMBSInoneNational Capital Chapter activitiesThe report covers the National Capital Chapter meeting in Belle Mead, NJ, and Coopersburg, PA, where the collections of Glenn Thomas and Paul Manganaro were toured.
201561550Southern California Chapter reportArdis PrescottMBSInoneSouthern California Chapter activitiesThe report covers the Southern California Chapter meeting in San Diego, CA, where the home of Brent Hoag and Terri Urbon was toured and their collection was displayed.
201561556Lake Michigan ChapterMarty PerskyMBSInoneLake Michigan Chapter activities The report covers the Lake Michigan Chapter's meeting in Barrington and Oak Park, IL, during which the chapter held a monkey organ rally and mechanical music fair at the historic home of Herbert S. Mills. Members were also invited to tour the Sanfilippo estate.
20156165President's MessageJudy CalettiMBSInoneMBSI businessA welcome message from the new president with a note that the society's bylaws are undergoing a review after many years of not being changed, the new society website project is underway and some accounting changes are being made to protect the society's funds.
20156166Publications Committee reportBob CalettiMBSInoneMBSI businessA report on the state of the Journal, including the new archiving method of storing all content used to produce the journal in an online format via A call for more members to send in their articles for publication.
20156167Editors NotesRussell KasselmanMBSInoneMBSI businessInformation on the award winners at the 2015 Annual Meeting.
20156169Minutes of the trustees' meeting / Annual Business MeetingDavid CorkrumMBSInoneMBSI businessA recap of board actions taken on proposed society business, notes about the activities of each committee and projections for future actions.
201561616MBSI Statement of Financial PositionSherry WernerMBSInoneMBSI businessCharts showing the current financial picture of the society.
201561619Notes from the 66th Annual MeetingArdis PrescottMBSInoneMBSI Annual MeetingDetails of the tours and other events that took place in Torrance, CA, at the annual meeting including numerous photos of society members and musical boxes found on the tours.
201561628Sharing MBSI in the 21st CenturyDr. Wayne FingerMBSInoneThe benefit of chapter websitesThe author details current chapter websites and also extols the benefits of establishing and maintaining a website to distribute information to members and the public at large.
201561631Reclaiming a Regina OrchestralBob Caletti and Jonathan HoytDISRegina Music Box CompanyThe restoration of a 27-inch Style 5 Regina Orchestral Music BoxThe authors use many photos to detail the damage to a Regina Orchestral and then describe the ways that repairs were made and restoration was accomplished.
201561637Music Box Day at History CampRobert R. EbertMBSInoneA music box building class for young childrenThe Lorain County Historical Society hosts a music box building day for young people in Ohio where kids learn to assemble a simple music box case and install a musical movement to learn about how music boxes work.
201561638Exhibiting Mechanical MusicBill WineburghMBSInoneFinding places to display mechanical music to inspire interest in the hobbyThe author describes how he partnered with his local library to use a display space with mechanical musical toys and small music boxes to generate interest in the hobby. Placards with information about the music boxes and the Society were included in the display.
201561644Northwest International Chapter reportRick SwaneyMBSInoneNorthwest International Chapter activitiesThe report covers two meetings of the the Northwest International Chapter, one in Bellingham, WA, and one in Olympia, WA. The first was a visit to the Spark Museum of Electrical Invention which contains an exhibit with thousands of radios, telephones, telegraphs, phonographs and even music boxes. The second meeting was held at Irv and Mabel Eacrett's home where members shared ideas to fix a music box and held a show and tell session.
201561646Mid-America Chapter reportHope RiderMBSInoneMid-America Chapter activitiesThe report covers the Mid-America Chapter's meeting in Wabash, IN, where the group was putting on the 40th Annual Band Organ Rally.
201561650Golden Gate Chapter reportJonathan HoytMBSInoneGolden Gate Chapter activitiesThe report covers the Golden Gate Chapter meeting in Belmot, CA, at the home of Richard and Julie Hughes where members toured the collection of music boxes, jukeboxes, German beer steins and other collectibles.
201561656National Capital Chapter reportBob and Nancy GoldsmithMBSInoneNational Capital Chapter activitiesThe report covers the National Capital Chapter meeting in Bethesda, MD, where the group met at the home of Ken Gordon and toured his collection. Ken provided many stories of instruments he owned or worked on.
201460110Picture Perfect MusicFinger, Wayne G.AUTVariousAnimated picture clockAn animated picture clock having two cylinder musical movements and seven gong assemblies is described.
201460112Restoration Basics. A 15 1/2" ReginaCaletti, BobDISReginaRegina restoration techniquesSome restoration techniques for a 15 1/2" Regina movement and case are described and illustrated.
201460122The Equitable Criterion, with Trade SimulatorBoehck, SteveDISEquitable Manufacturing CompanyMusical trade simulator w/ Criterion movementA rare musical trade simulator with a Criterion movement is described in detail.
201460134A Shocking Experience?Boehck, SteveDISReginaAn experimental Regina with electrical deviceExperimental Regina and F.G. Otto machines for music stimulated by electrical shocks is described and illustrated.
201460140Making Crests for a 15 1/2" ReginaCaletti, BobDISReginaHow to make new crests for Regina changersThe technique for making blanks for carving new Regina crests from original samples is illustrated.
201460211Making a New CombWilson, Charles H.DISReginaHow to make a new combThe procedure for making a new comb is described and illustrated in detail.
201460219Tune Sheet Project Nos. 501 - 510Reed, TimCYLVariousTune sheetsTune sheets 501 - 500 are illustrated
201460225Singing Again. The resurrection of an original Wurlitzer Style B Automatic Harp Lund, MikeSTRWurlitzerWurlitzer Style B HarpThe extensive rebuilding and restoration of an original Wurlitzer style B harp is described and illustrated.
201460310Winding Back TimeWilliams, MarkORCVariousOrchestria Palm Court collectionViews of the collection of mechanical music in the Orchestria Palm Court, San Jose, California.
201460318The Rise of the PhoenixHoyt, JonathanDISSymphonionRestoring a fire burned machineRestoration and rebuilding the case of a rare Symphonion extensively damaged by fire.
201460325WoodwormsCraig, SallyMISVariousIdentifying and repairing woodworm damageHow to identify and repair woodworm damage, and the resources for exterminating or fumigating.
201460328Experiencing the Spectrum of Mechanical MusicBopp, RonaldMISVariousConfessions of a Mechanical music JunkieRon Bopp describes his experiences and philosophy of years of collecting mechanical music
201460335Mason & Hamlin, a Short StoryStrengers, Hendrik H.PIAMason & HamlinA brief description of the founding and historyMr. Strengers documents the founding and history of the company
201460337A Barrel-operated BeautyLia, VictorORCDienstThe restoration of a Dienst barrel orchestrion.A nine-tune Dienst orchestrion with two barrels is restored
201460414The Popper FelixCrandall, RickORCPopperDiscovery and restoration of a Popper FelixAn extensive description of the history and restoration of a Popper Felix orchestrion.
201460430Enjoying More MusicLittle, KnowlesDISVariousA reversible MIDI conversion for disc boxesThe system and components used to play a Regina music box with MIDI is described
201460519Disc MakerCorkrum, DaveDISPolyphonReproducing Polyphon discsA method for reproducing Plyphon discs is described in detail
201460527An Austrian Musical InkwellGoldhoorn, LuukMINUnknownMusical InkwellDetails of an early (1820?) sectional comb musical movement in an inkwell
201460528The Phonograph cornerWitt, ClayPHOEdisonEdison model C19 (previosly C250)The provenance and restoration of an Edison C250/C19 "Chippendale" phonograph is discussed.
201460610A Stand for my StellaHobbs, KermitDISStellaMaking a table for a Stella GrandAn innovative method for making a matching table to support a Stella Grand is decribed
201460616Restoring a Vintage Verbeek Fairground OrganGottfried, BenORLVerbeekFull restoration of a Verbeek fairground organA complete restoration of a Verbeek fairground organ is fully described with many photographs
201460628An Unusual Rivenc Music BoxCornelius, RodCYLRivencFull restoration of a 2 cylinder Rivenc music boxA complete restoration of the case and mechanism of a Rivenc musical box having two cylinders on the same shaft.
201460638Sharing Mechanical MusicWineburgh, BillVARVariousHow to display musical boxes in publicInstructions on how to display musical boxes in public venues in an interesting way
201359111The Little Musical JewelEric, KathleenMINUnknownNovelty items including a musical pendantSome inexpesive novelty items are discussed but also a more precious pendent with a sur-plateau movement is illustrated.
201359114De Grote Blauwe (The Big Blue One)Meijer, TomORLMinning, JackThe life of a large Dutch street organFrom the design and construction, through disasters and rebuilding, the life of a large Dutch street organ is documented.
201359124Lacquered Papier-Mache Music Box CasesKarp, LarryMINVariousThe origin and development of lacquered boxesVarious examples of lacquered snuff boxes, including manivelles, are illustrated and described.
201359128Sur Plateau Musical KeysGoyvaerts, JohanMINVariousThe makers of musical keys are examinedIn the case of musical keys the repairers often signed them and the signatures may be mistaken for the maker.
201359132An Early Golay Musical Snuff BoxEric, ChristianMINGolayA Sur Plateau movementA sur plateau verticle pluck movement
20135928Coinola, Coin Operated Pianos and OrchestrionsBowers, Q. David & Reblitz, ArtPIACoinolaCoinola automatic instrumentsAn in-depth study of the range of automatic instruments manufactured by the Operators Piano Company
201359220The "Shepherd" Clock of P. Jaquet-DrozJenkins, WadeAUTJaquet-Droz, P.The "Shepherd" automaton clockA reprinted and expanded description of the Jaquet-Droz clock originally described by Alfred Chapuis.
201359224Piet Maas, Music Marker (1898-1959)Meijer, TomORLVariousThe life and work of Piet Maas, music markerPiet Maas was a master music marker for many Dutch street organs as this document shows, with historic illustrations.
201359228Regina and RagtimeKarp, LarryDISReginaRagtime music for Regina musical boxesThe history of Regina's development and their production of ragtime tune sheets is explained. A list of ragtime titles is included.
20135938The Music of the Walbaum CabinetKowar, HelmutAUTWalbaum, MatthausThe Walbaum cabinet c. 1620-25The musical and mechanical features of this early complicated clock is described in detail.
201359316"Cartieres"Goldhoorn, LuukCYLVariousSmall specialty musical boxesThe musical boxes described are larger than tabatieres but smaller than cartel boxes with many of the same features.
201359318The B.A.B. Organ CompanyCaulfield, MatthewORLB.A.B. Organ CompanyThe history of the B.A.B. Organ CompanyThe Italian immigrants, their company and their New York products are documented.
201359324Music House Museum, Traverse City, MichiganClore, DorothyMISVariousA mechanical music museum in Traverse City, MIThe history and contents of this music museum is described in detail.
201359410The Autophone's First "Ingenious Mechanism"Moore, CharlesORSAutophoneThe development of the Autophone mechanismThe development of the mechanism that advances the paper music strip is explained in detail. Restoration of a model is described.
201359420Leonado da Vici's Musical InstrumentsStrengers, Hendrik H.MISLeonado da VinciModels of instruments scethched by da VinciMusical instrument models have been produced that are based on the drawings of Leonado da Vinci and they are described and illustrated.
201359422Rembert Wurlitzer and the Travels of Antique ViolinsRoeben, Dr. AnnetteSTRWurlitzer, RembertThe repair and restoration of violinsRembert Wurlitzer set up his business resyoring some of the most valuable stringed instruments in the world.
201359423Tune Sheet Project Nos. 491 - 500Reed, TimCYLVariousTune sheetsTune sheets 491 - 500 are illustrated
20135958Orchestrions in America in the 19th CenturyBowers, Q. David & Reblitz, ArtORCVariousThe study of orchestrions in AmericaAn in-depth study of early orchestrions, both imported and domestic, as documented from contemporary newspaper accounts.
201359525Ragtime Music from the Guinness CollectionRyder, JereHISVariousRagtime-playing mechanical musical instrumentsA discussion of the Ragtime music as played on instruments from the Guinness collection.
201359531Apollo GaloreGoldhoorn, LuukMINVariousImages of Apollo adorned on miniature boxesTen examples of early snuff boxes adroned with the image of Apollo are illustrated and described.
201359610AnomaliesGoldhoorn, LuukMINVariousDating difficulties with early musical boxesEarly musical boxes were made by independent craftsmen and are difficult to date from design features.
201359612Anton Olbrich's Unique Viennese Musical ClockEric, ChristianCYLOlbrich, AntonA sectional comb, fusee movement in a clock An early Viennese fusee driven cylinder movement with a "reversed" sectional comb is illustrated and described in detail.
201359620A Double-Teaser Cylinder Music Box: Lecoultre and LawaterKarp, LarryCYLLecoultreComparing Lecoultre and Lawater machinesComparing F Lecoultre and Lawater branded machines and proposing close relationships
201359622Lecoultre and Lawater: The Past Rises UpKarp, LarryCYLLecoultreLecoultre & Lawater comparison revisitedFurther information relating to the Lecoultre/Lawater connection is detailed by new comparisons.
201359627Preparing a Violano for the Next GenerationFinger, Wayne G.STRMillsRestoring and preserving a Mills ViolanoThe steps taken to completely restore a Mills Violano are described and illustrated, including MIDI installation.
20125818Bernhard Dufner, The Unknown American Orchestrion BuilderEdgerton, W and Smith, CraigORCDufner, BernhardBernhard Dufner, Orchestrion buiderThe life history, achievments and examples of the American orchestrions that he built are documented.
201258119Daguerrotype of a misic box used in a photographer's studioReed, TimCYLUnknownA music box used in a photographer's studioAn early Daguerrtype photograph shows a music box being used as a photographer's prop.
201258119Video Taping a Musical Box: An Attempt to Transcribe and Analize its MusicKowar, HelmutCYLUnknownAnalizing the music on a cylinder music boxUsing a video tape to analize the fine details of the execution of the music: Paticularly the structure of the music on cylinder musical boxes.
201258123A Weighty CurioReid, AlecCYLBaker/TrollA large weight driven musical boxAn unusual weight driven musical box by Baker/Troll is described and illustrated
201258124Music From Belgium Part 6Meijer, TomORLVariousThe music markers for Belgian dance musicThe conclusion of a series of articles documenting more of the Belgian music arrangers
201258128A Conundrum Cylinder Music BoxKarp, LarryCYLUnknownA music box of unknown originA cylinder music box of unknown origin is decribed and illustrated to try to determine the country of manufacture
201258132Captain Ross's Musical BoxReed, TimCYLCuendetOriginal documents found in a music boxDocumens found in an 1894 music box show Capt. A.M. Ross paid $27.50 in New York for a 20 tune machine.
20125828Music Boxes "For the Parlors of the Millionaire"Bowers, Q. DavidCYLMermod FreresThe history and products of Mermod FreresBased in St. Croix, Switzerland, mermod Freres was one of the most famous makers of music boxes. The cylinder models are described.
20125839The Hidden History Beneath a Wurlitzer 105 RestorationQuashnock, JimORLWurlitzerRestoration of a Wurlitzer 105The author details the restoration, particularly of the façade, by the meticulous discovery of the underlying original painting.
201258316The Perfection Music BoxKarp, LarryDISPerfectionA description of the Perfection musical boxThe Perfection music box mechanism is described, including the unususal use of felt sandwiched between two half star wheels to produce dampering.
201258320Tune Sheet Project Nos. 471 - 480Reed, TimCYLVariousTune sheetsTune sheets 471 - 480 are illustrated
201258324More News About Bernhard DufnerSmith, CraigORCBernhard DufnerDufner orchestrionsMore information about Dufner orchestrions in addition to the information supplied in MBSI Journal 56-1.
201258326The Difference in the Layout of Large and Small Musical BoxesGoldhoorn, LuukCYLVariousComparing the layout of small and cartel boxesThrough photographs and dialog the development of the early machines is compared to later cartel mechanisms.2306
201258329Arion Tune ListWineburgh, BillDISArionArion tune listAdditional tunes are listed in addition to those shown in MBSI Journal 57-4.
20125848James H. Drew Exposition's Band Organ Ready For New SeasonCaulfield, MatthewORLDrewRebuilding the Drew organThis large traveling band organ is modified from a Ruth/ Gerbruder Bruder/Wurlitzer 165 heritage and is completely restored.
201258414A Musical CaneKarp, LarryMISUnknownA cane that plays musicA descriptio of an unusual walking cane that plays music.
20125841724 1/2" Polyphon Musical Hall ClockCaletti, BobDISPolyphonThe reconstruction of a Polyphon hall clockThe complete reconstruction of a Polyphon hall clock is described in detail, including a new base and ornamentation.
201258422Tune Sheet Project Nos. 481 - 490Reed, TimCYLVariousTune sheetsTune sheets 481 - 490 are illustrated
201258426Four Old European PostcardsStrengers, Hendrik H.MISVariousOld pstcards showing mechanical musicFour postcards depicting automata and mechanical music are shown and described.
20125858The First Model of the Violano-VirtuosoDuckworth, JohnnySTRMillsA description of the first Mills ViolanoThe first Mills Violano is described, including photographs and the interesting history of Ozzie Werdemann, Mills agent.
201258514Hans Wiesner's Musical PostcardsTyler, RonaldPHOWiesner, Hans & CoMusical postcardsA fascinating article describing musical phonograph records in the form of a postcard.
201258518Musical Watch KeysGoldhoorn, Luuk and Goyvaerts, JohenMINVariousMusical watch keysA discussion about the origin of musical watch keys.
201258519A Musical Snuff Box of Exceptional FormGoldhoorn, LuukMINUnknownSnuff box with a barillet musical movementA beautiful curved snuff box is examined and many photographs show the components. The date on the spring is September 1812.
201258523A Machinist's Partial Comb ReplacementWilson, Charles H.CYLVariousA method used to replace a large comb sectionA machinist's step-by-step process for replacing a large section of damaged comb teeth is described and illustrated.
201258528The Amazing Musical Bird PistolsPenna, Robert FAUTRochatA pair of singing bird pistolsA pair of matched singing bird pistols is described and illustrated in detail, including an internal line drawing of the mechanism.
20125868The Regina Musical SalesmanBoehck, SteveDISReginaCoin operated vending machine by ReginaA very comprehensive description of the Regina models that dispensed chewing gum, with illustrations of the various mechanisms.
201258624Copyright Stamps on RecordingsStrengers, Hendrik H.PHOVariousCopyright stamps on phonograph recordsCopyright stamps were required on music recordings from about 1908 to show that royalties were paid, and the practice lasted until about 1940.
201258626Francois Nicole Made Barillet MovementsGoldhoorn, LuukMINFrancois NicoleDiscovery of barillet movements by Fr. NicoleRare barillet movements by Francois Nicole are described and lllustrated.
20115718Mechanical Instruments in the Streets of Europe During the 19th CenturyCrasse, PhilippeORSVariousThe evolution of mechanical music in EuropeHow mechanical musical instruments evolved and diversified during the expansion of industrial factories in the 19th century.
201157116The Automatic Violin PlayersBowers, Q. DavidSTRVariousComparisons of Hupfeld and Mills violin playersA discussion of the virtues of the Hupfeld and Mills violi players.
201157126Part lII The Courvoisier AutomataMetzger, FrankAUTCourvoisierCourvoisier singing bird automatonA description and illustrations of the mechanism of the Courvoisier singing bird automaton and a history of the maker.
201157130Music From Belgium Part 1Meijer, TomORLVariousThe music markers for Belgian dance musicAn historical account of the organ music markers and arrangers for the Belgian dance organs of the 20th century.
20115728Music From Belgium Part 2Meijer, TomORLVariousThe music markers for Belgian dance musicAn historical account of the organ music markers and arrangers for the Belgian dance organs of the 20th century.
201157213Part IV The Courvoisier AutomataMetzger, FrankAUTCourvoisierCourvoisier singing bird automatonA description and illustrations of the mechanism of the Courvoisier singing bird automaton and a history of the maker.
201157219Tune Sheet Project Nos. 461 - 470Reed, TimCYLVariousTune sheetsTune sheets 461 - 470 are illustrated
201157223Contemporary Mechanical Music Originals - "Hedgwood"Karp, LarryCYLBrown, DanHow to make gift music boxesInstructions with illustrations detailing the necessary steps in making small musical gifts
201157226Charles Marenghi of Paris 1858 - 1919Thebault, VincentORLMarenghiCharles Marenghi, organ builderThe life achievements of Charles Marenghi, organ builder, are detailed in an interesting and illustrated article
201157230Medal Winner MarenghiSeagrave, ShaneORLMarenghiCharles Marenghi, organ builderShane Seagrave updates his article on the history of Marenghi's success
201157236Chaillet and Brachhausen Family TreeWineburgh, BillDISReginaChaillet and Brachhausen family treeAn addendum to Mechanical Music V56, No.5 article "Octave Felician Chaillet - The Music Arranger"
20115738Part V The Courvoisier AutomataMetzger, FrankAUTCourvoisierCourvoisier singing bird automatonAn account of some of the history and business practices at the time the Courvoisier bird cages were being manufactured.
201157317An Anton Olbrich Musical BoxBiggins, RobinCYLOlbrich, AntonAn Olbrich musical box with Romanian tunesAn early, large , six tune musical box by Olbrich is descibed and illustrated. An mp3 recording is posted on the MBSI web site temporarily.
201157320The Thursford MarehnghiSeagrave, ShaneORLMarenghiA Marenghi organ in the Thursford collectionThe history of the huge Marenhi organ in the Thursford collection is documented.
201157326Do It Yourself Music BoxesGoldhoorn, LuukMISVariousSmall, programmable music boxesA number of small, self programmable music boxes are described in detail.
20115749Part VI The Courvoisier AutomataMetzger, FrankAUTCourvoisierCourvoisier singing bird automatonNever before published detailed photos of the Courvoisier cage in Istanbul, and restoration photos.
201157414Music From Belgium Part 3Meijer, TomORLVariousThe music markers for Belgian dance musicTwo important music markers are introduced: Marcel Bartier and Urbain van Wichelen.
201157419Long Playing Musical Boxes Without Extra GearsBlyelle, EtienneCYLPaillardLong playing musical boxAn example of a Paillard long playing music box is shown. It is achieved with powerful springs and a high drive trane ratio.
201157421Who Made the Arion Disc Playing Musical Box?Wineburgh, BillDISArionThe Arion disc musical boxSeveral Arion disc mechanisms are detailed and research shows that Auguste Bornand-Golaz is the maker.
201157430Henry GautschiReed, TimCYLGautschi, HenryA Trade Card from Henry GautschiA Trade Card rom Henry Gautschi of Phiadelphia is illustrated.
201157431Do It Yourself Music BoxesCaulfield, MatthewCYLVariousDo It Yourself music boxesJohn Grabowski describes several kits available to make your own music box. There is a link to a youtube site.
201157432The British Mechanical ExhibitionCornelius, RodAUTVariousAn Automaton exhibition in New ZealandAn article about a collection of automata from Europe that ended up in New Zealand. There iare descriptions of many of the pieces.
20115758La Belle Josephine - A Joephine Baker AutomatonKarp, LarryAUTUnknownAn automaton in the guise of Josephine BakerA possible one-of-a-kind automaton depicting the entertainer Joephine Baker (1906-1975), popular in Paris, France.
201157514Music From Belgium Part 4Meijer, TomORLVariousThe music composer Abel FransThe life of Belgian music composer and book music maker Abel Frans is documented.
201157519Part VIl The Courvoisier AutomataMetzger, FrankAUTCourvoisierFinal research data of the Courvoisier automatFrank Metzger concludes his series with an appentix that contains raw research data provided by Sharon Kerman of Paris, France.
201157528A Machinist's Tooth Replacement 2.0Wilson, Charles H.CYLVariousMusical box tooth re[placementCharles Wilson describes a method for producing dozens of comb teeth.
201157530Gaillard, A Misspelling of Paillard?Goldhoorn, LuukCYLGaillardMusical box maker GaillardThe products of musical box maker Gaillard is documented and accompanied by photographs of some of his work.
201157612Song of the Silver Bird - Bontoms Freestanding BirdEric, ChristianAUTBontomsA singing, freestanding birdChristian Eric describes the the constuction of this unusual singing bird with detailed photos and text.
201157621Two American Trade CardsStrengers, Hendrik H.MISVariousTrade cards from Mason & Hamlin, and SteinwayTrade cards of the Mason & Hamlin Organ & Piano Co, and Steinway & Sons are illustrated
201157622Music From Belgium Part 5Meijer, TomORLVariousBelgian music arranger, Louis SomersA portrate of the remarkble musician, Lois Somers, who arranged organ music for several makers
20105618Dutch Street Organs and Popular Music, Part 4Meijer, TomORLVariousDutch street organ musicHow the record industry influenced the type of music that was arranged for the street organs from 1945 to 1970.
201056114The First Polyphon, a Prototype?De Bie, Daniel & Lebout, Jean-MarcDISPolyphonFirst Polyphon with cardboad discsA discussion of the early designs of the Polyphon disc musical boxes
201056115The First PolyphonGoldhoorn, Luuk & Weigman, NikoDISPolyphonEarly Polyphon disc boxesA discussion of the early designs of the Polyphon disc musical boxes
201056122Cardboard Disc Playing Polyphon Music BoxesConn, Coulson & Olson, JohnDISPolyphonCardboard disc playing PolyphonsEarly disc playing Polyphons are compared
201056126A Machinist's Tooth ReplacementWilson, Charles H.MISVariousBroken comb tooth replacementA machinist's step-by-step process for replacing broken comb teeth
201056128List of Tunes Arranged for Regina Music BoxesAdvertisementDISReginaRegina tune listA reprint of a Regina advertisement showing a list of available tunes for 15-1/2" machines
20105628The Orchestrion in 19th Century Newspapers - Part 4Shaw, Brian E.ORCVariousOrchestrions in 19th century newspapersResearch into the early introduction of "Orchestrions" in newpapers brings details of the first machines and their tours and exhibits.
201056212Chevob & Co. Miniature Music Box, Circa 1910Eric, ChristianMINUnknownDescription of a small cylinder movmentA description and photographs of a small cylinder movement with a tune sheet marked "Chevob & Co. late Baker Troll & Co. Geneva"
201056215August Jaccard - Business CardEric, ChristianMISJaccardA rare Jaccard business cardA photo of a business card for August Jaccard showing his San Francisco, California address, possibly in the 1880's
201056216Dutch Street Organs and Popular Music, Part 5Meijer, TomORLVariousDutch street organsThe effect that recording companies and music arrangers had on Dutch Street organs from 1970 onwards, is discussed
201056224Cartel Box Cases With Cast Brass Classical FiguresKarp, LarryCYLVariousDecorative castings on early casesIllustrations of decorative castings found on some very early cases with speculative origins are discussed
20105638Music by Mouse and MIDIMeijer, TomORLVariousBook music arrangingThe progression from arranging music and marking cardboard by hand, to arranging and cutting the music with the aid of a computer is discussed
201056312Wurlitzer Band Organs Larger than the Style 165Robinson, DanORLWurlitzerWurlitzer Band Organs Larger than Style 165Seven Wurlitzer models that are larger than the Style 165 are detailed.
201056326The Roepke Musical BoxKnott, John & Conn, Coulson & Karp, LarryDISRoepkeRoepke Musical BoxesThe origins of the Roepke cardboard book operated musical boxes are documented.
201056330Staffnote Player RollsStrengers, Hendrik H. & Goldhoorn, LuukPIAStaffnotePiano word rollsThe Billings Player Roll Company produced rolls under the "Staffnote" label and had about 50 patents in piano and player roll design
2010564837 Note Una-Fon to MIDI ConversionStanoszek, BobMISDeaganMIDI conversion of Deagan Una-FonDetailed instructions for converting a 37 note Una-Fon to operate on a MIDI system. Photos and material souces are listed.
201056411Polyphon AdvertisementsGoldhoorn, LuukHISPolyphonEarly Polyphon advertisementA copy of an early adverisement for Polyphon musical boxes and novelty items is reproduced.
201056412The Reginaphone Style 240 Masquerading as a Columbia Grafonola De Luxe.Boehck, StevePHOColumbia/ReginaCombination Phonographs & Musical BoxesA well researched article describing various phonograph/musical box combinations with particular reference to Columbia/Regina Style 240.
201056428A New Workshop for the Van Speelklok tot Pierement National Museum in Utrecht, NetherlandsCoade, GeorgeMISvariousThe new workshop in the Utrecht MuseumA photo tour of the new workshop in the Utrecht Museum.
201056430C. Bruguier Singing Bird Box Number 32Biggins, RobinAUTBruguier, CharlesBruguier singing bird box number 32Photographs and details of the earliest Bruguier singing bird tabatieres found to date. Number 32.
20105658Quieting of Small Organ Wind SuppliesAmes, MikeORSVariousReducing the wind noise on small organsIllustrations and suggestions for reducing the wind turbine noise on small organs.
201056510An Early PolyphonGoldhoorn, LuukMISPolyphonRare Polyphon machines are advertisedAn early advertisement is discovered showing several Polyphon machines previously unknown
201056511Octave Felician Chaillet - The Music ArrangerWineburgh, BillDISReginaRegina music arrangementsAn account of the life and work of Octave Felician Chaillet, who was a very important and highly regarded music arranger for the Regina Music Box Co.
201056518A Tale of Sororal Twin MiraphonesKarp, LarryDISMiraA comparison of twin MiraphonesTwin Style 167 Miraphones are compared to show a number of subtle differences in construction.
201056523Part II The Courvoisier AutomataMetzger, FrankAUTCourvoisierCourvoisier singing bird automatonA description and illustrations of the mechanism of the Courvoisier singing bird automaton and a history of the maker.
201056527Tune Sheet Project Nos. 451 - 460Reed, TimCYLVariousTune sheetsTune sheets 451 - 460 are illustrated
201056532Cylinder Cement: A Solution by PaillardBiggins, RobinCYLPaillardCylinder design for cement controlPaillard tried several ways to overcome the problem of cylinder cement melting in hot climates. This article describes one of them.
20105668Francois Nicole and His SuppliersGoldhoorn, LuukMINNicole, Francois Comparison of miniature F. Nicole movementsExamples of various components supplied by independent workshops and used in the assembly of F. Nicole miniature movements.
201056615Stollwerck Phonographs Thar Played Chocolate RecordsKarp, LarryPHOStollwerckChocolate recording phonographThe history and photographs of the Stollwerck chocolate phonograph products is shown in detail. "Play 'em, then eat 'em".
201056620The Cliff House. San Francisco's ShowplaceBowers, Q. DavidMISVariousHistorical San Franciso showplacePostcard examples and the historical development of the San Francisco Cliff House which housed a large collection of mechanical music machines.
201056629The Lady Crooners of the Belgian Dance Hall OrganMeijer, TomORLVariousBelgian dance hall organ developmentThe jazz-flute addition to the Belgian dance hall organs provided a distinctive register that is now typical for these machines.
200955110American Band Organs: The Wurlitzer Style 165/ Follow-upRobinson, DanORLWurlitzerWurlitzer 165 Band OrgansAdditional information and photographs of band organs known to still exist.
200955114Every Picture Tells a StoryBellamy, PaulCYLDucommun GirodMusical Clock pictureA picture clock with two early musical movements is described, including the restoration process and details of the clock mechanism.
200955120The Seraphon, A Mystery MachineFarmer, Beatrice & Goldhoorn, Luuk0RSPietschmann, F & SonsSeraphon organetteA descripion of an unusual German organette built into a sewing stand, and operated by foot pedals.
200955127Duch Street Organs and Popular Music (Part 1)Meijer, TomORLVariousDutch street organ musicAn exmination of the popular music played on street organs. How it was programmed and distributed.
200955134Tune Sheet Project Nos. 421- 430Bulleid, AnthonyCYLVariousTune sheetsTune sheet examples. Numbers 421- 430
200955140Just Another Little Problem. New Top Hinges for a Barrel Organ.Smith, CraigORSVariousBarrel organ hinge repairHow to make new hinges and restore the top of a barrel organ.
20095528Regina at the 1904 St. Louis World's FairBoehck, SteveDISReginaMarketing Reginas in 1904An in-depth look into the Regina exhibit at the 1904 St. Louis exhibition, with many advertising posters and cards.
200955224David Cadet Cartel BoxesKarp, LarryCYLCadet DavidDavid Cadet musical boxesSeveral examples of David Cadet machines are shown, including sectional comb types. Conjecture about the person, "David Cadet", is presented.
200955227Ghysels Collection in Brussels, BelgiumCoade, GeorgeMISVariousAn exhibit of organs from the Ghysels collectionAn exhibit of historic organs from the Joseph Ghysels collection as displayed in the Musee du Ciquantenaire is described and illustrated.
200955246The Spanish "Organillo"Noubel, HenriORSVariousStreet barrel pianos in SpainThe evolution of street barrel pianos in Spain. The music and its effect is described through a touching story of one of the last "crank players".
20095538The Orchestrion in 19th Century NewspapersShaw, Brian E.ORCVariousPanharmonicons, circa 1805-1820Research into the early introduction of "Orchestrions" in newpapers brings details of the first machines and their tours and exhibits.
200955314Lipsia, A Music Box From 1897(?) With Many SecretsStrengers, Hendrik H. & Van derHejden, ArnoDISLipsiaA rare Lipsia disc musical box is foundThe details of the Lipsia disc musical box is described and illustrated. Technical details and known tunes are listed. Translated from GSM Journal, 1999.
200955323Tune Sheet Project Nos. 431-440Bulleid, AnthonyCYLVariousTune sheetsTune sheet examples. Numbers 431-440
200955327Dutch Street Organs and Popular Music, Part 2Meijer, TomORLVariousDuch street organsA description of the music and recordings of the tunes arranged for Dutch street organs 1914 - 1930
20095548The Orchestrion in 19th Century Newspapers - Part 2Shaw, Brian E.ORCVariousOrchestrions in 19th century newspapersResearch into the early introduction of "Orchestrions" in newpapers brings details of the first machines and their tours and exhibits.
200955412EarlyFrancois Nicole Musical Boxes, and the Development of Freres Nicole BoxesIson, Roy W.CYLFrancois NicoleThe development of early Francois Nicole boxesA comparison of early Nicole musical boxes, including charts and photographs
200955419A Double Simplex Cylinder Music Box - Possibly a Unique DesignKarp, LarryCYLLecoultreTwo Lecoultre movements in one caseAn unusual music box that has two complete Lecoultre cylinder mechanisms that are not linked as in a duplex box.
200955424Tune Sheet Project Nos. 441 - 450Bulleid, AnthonyCYLVariousTune SheetsTune sheet examples. Numbers 441 - 450
200955427Dutch Street Organs and Popular Music, Part 3Meijer, TomORLVariousDutch street organ musicA description of the music and recordings of the tunes arranged for Dutch street organs 1914 - 1930
200955434William F. Borngraber's Music Box - Discovering a Lost and Long Forgotten Past Through ResearchNery, RussDISReginaResearching the original owner of a ReginaThe author details his quest to find out who was the original ownerof his music box that he acquired in July of 2006.
20095558The Orchestrion in 19th Century Newspapers - Part 3Shaw, Brian E.ORCVariousOrchestrions in 19th century newspapersResearch into the early introduction of "Orchestrions" in newpapers brings details of the first machines and their tours and exhibits.
200955516The Zaharakos WelteCenter, Durward R.ORCWelteRestoration of a Style 3 Welte orchestrionA detailed description of the restoration of the Style 3 Welte Cottage Orchestrion located at the Zaharakos Ice Cream Parlor, Columbus, Indiana.
200955527Celesta 15 1/2" Music BoxWade, HaroldDISCelestaCelesta music box described and illustratedThe 15 1/2" Celesta musical box is described and illustrated, and the tuning scale is shown, including a comparison with Regina.
20095568All That's Chevron-Comb Forte-Piano is not Nicole.Karp, LarryCYLVariousChevron-Combed musical boxesAn attempt to identify the maker of a forte-piano musical box with a chevron comb.
200955611Seeburg Coin-Operated Pianos and Orchestrions with focus on the Style H Solo OrchestrionBowers, Q. David & Reblitz, ArtORCSeeburgSeeburg orchestrionsAn in-depth discussion of the various Seeburg orchestrions and their manufacture and history.
200955631Two Rare Organettes - Pipetta 536 and 567Yates, Robert & Puls, RogerORSPipettaPipetta Organettes with pipesThe restoration of two Pipetta organettes is described in detail.
200955635Hidden Treasures in the National Museum from Musical Clock to Street OrganHuydecoper, Carel & Paris, MartinMINSankyoJapanese telephone music on holdA description of a novel device made by NEC of Japan to provide telephone music on hold by using a mechanical music box movement.
20085417Chestnut Street Philadelphia About 1900Strengers, Hendrik H.MISVariousPhiladelphia Dealers circa 1900Additional information about the Agents and Dealers on Chestnut street as detailed in V53 #5 page 30.
200854111How to Repaur Missing Molding DetailBrady, PhilipAUTVariousRepairing singing bird cagesA step-by-step method of repairing the base molding of antique singing bird cages.
200854114Tune Sheet Project Nos. 391-400Bulleid, AnthonyCYLVariousTune sheetsTune sheet examples . Numbers 391-400
200854119A Thorens' Christmas in the United States - 1941Strengers, Hendrik H.CYLThorensThorens Christmas music boxesA brief history of the Thorens company and how they entered the Ameican market in 1939-42 when Europe was at war.
200854130Interview of Kazufumi Tashiro for Tasiro Music FactoryAida, Kazuhiro. Murakami, TaizouDISTashiroDisc making in JapanThe result of an interview with Mr. Tashiro explains how he makes discs and even a disc music box. Reprint from Japanese Chapter Newsletter #28.
20085427The Kit Carson Carousel & New Carousel Museum in Burlington, ColoradoReblitz, ArtORLWurlitzerCarousel restorationThe history and restoration of the Kit Carson carousel is told and illustrated, including the restoration of the Wurlitzer style 155 "Monster" band organ.
200854223Unusual Cylinder Cement - A Solution for Hot Climates?Biggins, RobinCYLVariousMusical box cylinder cementA report on the use of plaster of paris as a cylinder filler instead of the usual resinous cement, perhaps for use in hot climates.
200854224Musical CatsKarp, LarryAUTVariousMusical novelties depicting catsPhotos with descriptions of musical novelties, from manivelles to panorama boxes, all with the subject being cats.
20085437Mechanical MozartStrengers, Hendrik H.ORSWinkelRestoration of 1886 Winkel organThe restoration and completion of a Diederich Winkel organ c. 1826 and the making of a new cylinder with an arrangement of Mozart's KV 616 Andante.
200854311American Band Organs: The Wurlitzer Style 165.Robinson, DanORLWurlitzerWurlitzer 165 Band OrgansThe history of the last remaining Wurlitzer 165 Band Organs
200854322The Phonograph in EducationChoffnes, DanielPHOVariousPhonographs used in education.Various phonographs by Edison, Columbia and Victor used to teach language is detailed. Photographs and text.
200854324Shop Notes. (Mainspring Barrel Hook Repair)Roesch, Joseph E.CYLVariousMainspring Barrel Hook RepairPhotos & Text showing how to replace damaged spring barrel hooks.
200854328Tune Sheet Project Nos. 401- 410Bulleid, AnthonyCYLVariousTune sheetsTune sheet examples. Numbers 401- 410
200854332Mortiier Organ, "The Minerva"Meijer, TomORLMortierMinerva organThe history a nd restoration of the Mortier "Minerva" organ is detailed.
200854352MBSI Table Favors, 1992 - 2007Beltz, RoyMISVariousMBSI Table Favors (Souvenirs)Photos and text describing the souvenirs given out at the MBSI Annual Meetings 1992 - 2007.
20085448Treasures of a Musical Box Dealer (Part 1)Conn, CoulsonMISVariousInteresting musical itemsSome items from the collection of Chet Ramsay. A 26" Stella. Original oiling paraphernalia & catalogs. A salesman's demonstration box for B.H.Abrahams.
200854411Musical Photo AlbumsKarp, LarryMISVariousMusical Photo AlbumsDifferent styles are examined, including cylinder and disc mechanisms.
200854418More Chestnut Branches in Philadelphia, PAStrengers, Hendrik H.MISVariousPhiladelphia Dealers circa 1900Additional information about the Agents and Dealers on Chestnut street as detailed in V53 #5 page 30.
200854422A Mortier Came to England - The Next GenerationCraig, PeterORLMortierMortier No.1023 in EnglandA report of how this 1928 organ came to England in 1962 and travelled around the country. Its specifications and modifications are detailed.
200854430The Mortier Leaves HollandBoorman, Tom A.ORLMortierMortier No. 1023 leaves HollandHow the Mortier organ No. 1023 was moved from Holland to England.
200854456Casting A Polyphon Coin EscutcheonFinger, Wayne G.DISPolyphonCasting a Polyphon Coin EscutcheonHow to make molds of broken parts and cast new replicas.
20085458A Cambodian Dancer AutomatonBiggins, RobinAUTRoullet et DecampsCambodian Dancer AutomatonA description of the inner workings, including details of the construction. Conjecture about how its design may have been influenced by historical events.
200854512Wurlitzer Style 32-A Concert PianorchestraBowers, Q. DavidORLWurlitzerWurlitzer 32-A internal detailsDetailed photographs of the cabinet and internal components.
200854514Small Movements With Mainsprings In The CylinderBlyelle, EtienneCYLVariousCylinders with the mainspring insideDescriptions and photographs of various small musical movements that have the mainspring inside the cylinder.
200854521Poppers OhioWendel, JensORCPopperRestorationA detailed description of the extensive restoration, including data of its construction, instrumentation and tracker scale.
200854529Treasures of a Musical Box Dealer (Part 2)Conn, CoulsonMISVariousUnusual Music BoxesSome items from the collection of Chet Ramsay. Conchon cylinder box, Clock activated cylinder box, Weight driven Symphonion, Regina lid picture.
200854545A Musical Curiosity; or, An Automaton Orchestra. (Reprint from The Strand Magazine)Griffith, M. DinorbenAUTMiller, BruceAn Automaton OrchestraA reprint from The Strand Magazine of 1900 describing an orchestra made up of music-playing automatons.
20085468Tune Sheet Project Nos. 411- 420Bulleid, AnthonyCYLVariousTune sheetsTune sheet examples. Numbers 411- 420
200854611Musical Chairs for Children: Later DevelopmentsKarp, LarryCYLVariousMusical ChairsTwo musical chairs for children with novel mechanisms for playing music are described.
200854614The Karl Griesbaum Singing Bird Workshop in TribergWendel, SigfriedAUTGriesbaum, KarlGriesbaum singing birds and whistlersThe history of the Griesbaum family and the products they produced
200854628Treasures of a Musical Box Dealer (Part 3) The India ConnectionConn, CoulsonMISVariousIndian metal boxes fitted with musical movementsA variety of metal boxes imported by dealer Fred Zimbalist and fitted with swiss musical movements are illustrated and described.
20075316Letters (Cylinder Spinning & Polishing)Roesch, Joseph E.CYLCylinder spinning & polishingResponses to aricles in V52 #3 & V52 #4
20075317A Bremond From HeavenRouille, PhilippeCYLBremondDescription and DiscoveryA detailed desciption and provenance of Brenond #21095 with four cylinders
200753114"Harmoniphone" Musical boxBiggins, RobinCYLDucommun GirodTechnical DescriptionAn unusual organ arrangement, perhaps experimental, with the bellows mounted in front of the bedplate.
200753117Reginaphone & Regina Hall Clock. "An American Dream Realized"Birch, JohnDISReginaEarly Regina ManufacturingThe story of Thomas Dura, an immigrant craftsman in the early days of Regina, and the custom clock he made.
200753119Shop Notes (Setting the Stop-works on Double Spring Barrels)Roesch, Joseph E.CYLVariousMainspring Stop-worksHow to set up the (Geneva) stop-works on double spring barrels.
200753120Packing Musical Boxes For ShipmentFratti, NancyMISVariousPacking instructions for shipmentA detailed step by step guide to packing musical boxes fo shipment.
200753123The Chinese Music Box at a GlanceMatsumoto, KazuoCYLYunshengChinese Music BoxesA report on a 2006 visit to investigate the development of the Chinese music box industry.
200753125Dessert With Olin "My Sixty-five Years with Musical Boxes"Tillotson, OlinCYLVariousMusical Box CollectingThe text of a presentation at the 2006 Annual Meeting in Seattle, given by Olin Tillotson.
200753128A musical Score "She is the Belle of New York"Conn, CoulsonMUSVariousDisc musicThe musical score of a tune that is often used on disc musical boxes.
200753160KV 608 - Mozart's Allegro and AndanteStrengers, Hendrik H.ORLA CD review of Mozart's musicA review of Mozart's KV 608 "Allegro and Andante for an organ barrel".
20075327Tune Sheet Project Nos. 371-380Bulleid, AnthonyMUSVariousTune sheetsTune sheet examples. Numbers 371 - 380.
200753211The Elusive EuterpephonWineburgh, BillDISEuterpephonEuterpephon Disc Musical BoxesAn in-depth historical and techical description of the known models of Euterpephon disc musicl boxes.
200753223Serenada. A Box Among Friends.Conn, CoulsonDISSerenadaDiscovery and description of SerenadaThe similarity of the Euterpephon and Serenada disc musical boxes is examined. Plus the story of discovery.
200753225The Complete AutophoneKarp, LarryORSAutophoneAutophone description & music sheetsA detailed description of an original Autophone with carrying case and catalog of tunes is extensively illustrated.
200753230Enhancing the Dancing Ballerina Music BoxLittle, KnowlesDISKelley, LloydKelley's Ballerina musical boxA description of some of he Ballerina musical boxes made by Lloyd Kelley, based on Regina movements.
20075337Arion Disc Musical Box Come in Three FlavorsWineburgh, BillDISArionMechanism differencesThe different mechanical arrangements of three Arion movements are described.
20075339Shop Notes (Mainspring Arbor Repair, part one)Roesch, Joseph E.CYLVariousMainspring Arbor RepairPart one, explaining how to repair a broken mainspring arbor of the pot metal type found on some late cylinder musical boxes.
200753311Regina AdvertisementSears, Roebuck & Co.DISReginaAdvertisementA page from a Sears, Roebuck & Co. catalog featuring Regia music boxes.
200753312The Yale Wonder ClockBowers, Q. DavidDISYaleRegina movement in Trade StimulatorA full description with photos of the Yale Wonder Clock fitted with a 15 1/2" Regina movement.
200753334The Ideal Triumph Piano-player of KastnerStrengers, Hendrik H.STRTriumphPiano players by TriumphTestimonials and advertisements for the Triumph & Pianista pianos and push-up players by Kastner & Co.
20075347Tune Sheet Project Nos. 381-390Bulleid, AnthonyCYLVariousTune sheetsTune sheet examples. Numbers 381 - 390.
200753410So You Want To Buy A Music Box? Things To Look For.Fratti, NancyMISVariousBuyers guide for musical boxesThings to look for when anticipating buying either a cylinder or disc musical box.
200753412The Rare and Elusive Regina Musical Savings BankBoehck, SteveDISReginaRegina Savings BankA complete description , with photos, of this rare coin operated savings bank.
200753427An Unusual Eastern European Cylinder Music BoxKarp, LarryCYLUnknownUnusul cartel musical boxA description of a large cartel musical box, probablymade in Austria or Czechoslovakia, with unusual features.
200753430Shop Notes (Mainspring Arbor Repair, part two)Roesch, Joseph E.CYLVariousMainspring Arbor RepairThe second installment desribing how to repair a mainspring arbor. For part one, see V53 #3 p9.
20075357A Christian Science Musical BoxBiggins, RobinCYLLadorSmall specialty musical boxA description of a small musical box designed for sale to the followers of Christian Science.
200753510Something Different From Nicole Freres?. . . Or is it a Paillard??Fratti, NancyCYLUnknownMusical Box with bells and automataA description with photos of a 17" cylinder musical box with bells and automata, possiblyby Nicole Freres or Paillard.
200753512The Heller Hoard, With a Note on Wurlitzer Percussion Design.Caulfield, MatthewORCVariousDiscovery of a large cache of organsThe story of the discovery and restoration of several large organs, plus a discussion of Wurlitzer band organ percussion design
200753523Shop Notes. (Dampering a Music Box Comb)Roesch, Joseph E.CYLVariousHow to repair the dampers on a combAn detailed discussion of the method of replacing broken dampers on a cylinder box comb, including a trouble shooing guide.
200753530"Chestnut - Branches" in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.Strengers, Hendrik H.HISAgents & Dealers in PhiladelphiaA listing of various musical instrument agents and dealers on Chestnut street in Philadelphia during the 1920's.
20075367Musical Carved Wooden Coathooks by Carl SpiessKarp, LarryCYLSpiess, CarlCarved musical coathooksThe construction of Spiess carved musical coathooks is examined. Many examples are illustrated and described.
200753614Au Claire de la LuneEric, ChristianMINAlibert & F. NicoleTune arrangement similaritiesTwo early miniature movements by different makers, but having identical arrangements of "Au Claire de la Lune" are examined.
200753619Shop Notes (Rebushing a Musical Box)Roesch, Joseph E.CYLVariousRebushing a musical boxStep -by - step insructions about how to fit new bearing bushes, and the tools needed to to do it.
200753623Disbursing Your Collection - What Are Your Options?Fratti, NancyMISDisbursing your collectionSome thoughts and advice about the options available to anyone thinking of down-sizing their collection.
200753625An Unusual Regina Featuring Non-Standard ComponentsBiggins, RobinDISReginaLimited production ReginaA comparison of standard Regina combs, dampers and starwheel rack with differently designed components found in limited production machines.
20065215Shop Notes (Polishing)Roesch, JosephMISVariousRestorationPolishing and buffing materials and instructions
20065217Tune Sheet Project Nos. 331-340Bulleid, AnthonyMUSVariousTune SheetsNumbers 331 - 340 are illustrated
200652112Henri Joseph Lecoultre #4341. "Into the light once more".Reed, TimCYLLecoultre, HenriDescription ofFurther information relating to the Lecoultre/Malignon connection.
200652114Two Birds in a BoxBiggins, RobinAUTBontemsMechanismsBird boxes with two birds are examined.
200652120The Wurlitzer Automatic Music Roll Changer - Part oneReblitz, ArtORCWurlitzerTune ChangerA comprehensive description of the Wurlitzer Music Roll Changer.
20065227Signor BlitzJenkins, WadeAUTMagicianA conjurer, highlighting the detail in the clothing and objects used in his moves.
200652212Shop NotesRoesch, Joseph E.CYLSolder Flux RemovalHow to neutralize soldering flux to prevent rusting.
200652213Alphonse Malignon Music Box at the HermitageMullin, MarshaCYLMalignonHistoryA description of the Malignon music box at the Andrew Jackson mansion.
200652214Carved, Inlaid Wooden Mscl ChairsKarp, LarryCYLVariousmscl ChairsA description of carved wooden chairs which play music when you sit on them.
200652220Wurlitzer Automatic Music Roll Changer, The. (Part two)Reblitz, ArtNICWurlitzerRoll ChangerNames of the primary parts, how the changer works, minor repairs.
200652228Francois Nicole, A Look at Mapping the Music.Wells, DavidCYLNicole, FrancoisComb and Cylinder markingsPhotos and discussion of how Nicole organized his musical arrangements.
20065237Rise and Fall of the Mighty. "Survival in a changing world"Caulfield, MatthewORLVariousCompany survival plansSome details of the various things mechnical music companies have done to survive in changing times.
200652314Tune Sheet Project Nos. 341-350Bulleid, AnthonyMUSVariousTune sheetsTune sheet examples
200652318Shop Notes. (Recementing the Clndr)Roesch, Joseph E.CYLRecementing cylindersThe procedure for recementing musical box cylinders is described.
200652323Some Observations about the Dating of the Music on Orgn CobsDutton, Richard L.ORSAutophoneDating roller organ cobsA discussion of the tunes on roller organ cobs and the years in which they were made.
200652326Non-Destructive Rust Removal for Mscl Box Discs.Smith, CraigDISVariousRust removal from discsA method for removing rust from musical box discs is detailed.
200652329KV 608 - Mozart's Allegro and AndanteMetzger, FrankORLA CD review of Mozart's musicA review of Mozart's KV 608 "Allegro and Andante for an organ barrel".
200652330Mozart's Music in the Laudon MausoleumKowar, HelmutORLReconstruction of barrel musicAn explanation of how the music of Mozart's KV 608 was reconstructed onto an organ barrel.
20065247The Mantel OrchestroneMoore, WalterORSMonroe Organ Reed CompanyMantel OrganetteA full description with photos of all the components of the Mantel Orchestrone.
200652410Orgn Grinder Figurine BanksKarp, LarryTOYVariousToy money banksA collection of toy money banks depicting organ grinders are described and illustrated.
200652414Alexandre Theroude, Maker of Automata.Hawkins, NickAUTTheroude, AlexandreTheroude automatonsA history of Theroude along with descriptions and photos of his magicians and other automatons.
200652418Mscl Boxes and Automata in Japan.Day, DonAUTVariousJapanese automata and mscl boxes2005 Automaton Builder's contest in Japan, detailing early Japanese automata and modern musical boxes.
200652424Shop Notes (Polishing a Clndr)Roesch, Joseph E.CYLCylinder polishingHow to clean, polish and laquer a musical box cylider.
200652426Letters (Recementing a Clndr)Weir, Jim; Beck, David & CarolCYLRecementing cylindersSuggested other methods of recementing cylinders from two restorers. Relates to Shop Notes V52 #3 page 18.
200652428Tune Sheet Project Nos. 351-360Bulleid, AnthonyMUSVariousTune SheetsTune sheet examples. Numbers 351-360.
20065256Welte Orchestrions: The Age of Opulence.Center, Durward R.ORCWelte, M & SohneDesign & DevelopmentPhotos & charts describing the nature & differences of various styles produced.
200652531Dawn of the Japanese Music Box, The.Yoshida, YoshitoHISTokyo Pigeon Co.First Japanese music boxThe story of the beginning of the Japanese music box industry in 1946, as told by pioneer Mr. Yoshida.
20065267Tune Sheet Project Nos. 361-370Bulleid, AnthonyMUSVariousTune SheetsNumbers 361 - 370 are illustrated
200652612Letter Regarding Tune Sheets in Book Form & an Ideal PiccoloWright, DonCYLMermod FreresTune sheets in book formA letter regarding tune sheets supplied in book form for a Mermod Freres Ideal Piccolo musical box.
200652614Charles Bruguier's "Big Bird"Biggins, RobinMINBruguier, CharlesSinging Bird BoxDescription and pictures of a large and rare singing bird box, serial number 130.
200652619Shop Notes. (Drum head replacement material.)Roesch, Joseph E.CYLVariousDrum head replacementA suggestion for replacement drum head material for musical boxes.
200652620Cleaning Rust Damaged Mscl CombsFinger, Wayne G.MISVariousComb rust removalA discussion of alternative ways to remove rust from musical combs, and the effect on tuning.
200652623Veneer - Products and SuppliersKochanny, ThaddeusMISWood veneersA report on the development on hardwood veneers, including possible sources.
200652624Story of a Hot Music Box, TheKarp, LarryMISStolen mscl boxesA story about the perils of buying a stolen musical box
20055115First Pluck Your Peacock - ReprintHeintz, Ralph M.CYLVariousDampersHow to make "feather" dampers using "Peacock Herl".
20055115Archimedes and Hero - An Historical Note - ReprintHeintz, Ralph M.HISHistoryConjecture on who was the "Father of Mechanical Music".
20055116Some Classic Welte Orchestrions - Where Are They Now?Boehck, SteveORCWelteHistoryEphemera of lost and extant Welte machines in America.
200551117A Single-Comb Forte Piano Expressif: A Lecoultre-Malignon Connection?Karp, Larry, Beck, David & CarolCYLLecoultreIdentificationAn investigation of the Lecoultre - Malignon connection
200551122F Einsidle and J Sagan in ViennaKowar, HelmutCYLEinsidlmscl clocksA list of Einsidl movements and the association with clockmaker Sagann.
200551130The Single Comb Forte-Piano Mscl BoxPowell, JohnCYLLecoultreMusicAn in-depth discussion of the single comb expression format.
200551137How To Define Your Tune SheetGoldhoorn, LuukMUSVariousTune sheetsA guide to identify a manufacturer from the list of tune sheets.
20055125Memories From 'La Belle Epoque' When the Big Ones Had Their Day - RprntMiller, Dr RobertORLGavioli, VariousHistoryMakers, locations, layouts of large fairground organs.
200551215Thorens, Inc vs. U.S. Govt. Exploring the Definition of Music Box In the American Court SystemShaw, Brian E.DISThorensHistoryTariff challenges by Thorens and other makers
200551222A Modern Haydn Orgn-Clock, All That's Old Once Was NewKarp, LarryTIMHolbergOrgan ClockApplication of Midi to a musical clock
200551228An Early FuseeCornelius, RodCYLUnknownFuseeEarly fusee box discovered in New Zealand
200551230Tune Sheet Project Nos. 321-330Bulleid, AnthonyMUSVariousTune sheetsTune sheet examples
200551236A Great Music Box Industry - ReprintMusic Trade ReviewHISF.G. Otto, CriterionManufacturingHistoric article concerning Criterion
200551240The Last of the Music-Box Craftsmen, Louis Gustave Jaccard - ReprintJacotHISJacard, VariousManufacturingRecollections of St. Croix makers by family member
200551242AdvertisementsPhotosHISVariousAdvertisementsMusical box advertisements-Stella, Symphonion, Edison
20045014Traveling in Style - Palais Royal Necessaire de VoyageYoung, PamelaHISAlibertNecessaire, Palais RoyalA description of a necessaire de voyage and a history of the Palais Royal.
200450113Early 19th Century Sewing ImplementsYoung, PamelaHISNecessaireAn explanation of the uses for the sewing implements found in musical necessaires.
200450115Tune Sheet Project Nos. 301-310Bulleid, AnthonyMUSVariousTune sheetsAdditional tune sheet pictures
200450120The Story of Various Blessing Orchestrion Companies in UnterkirnachJuttemann,Dr. HerbertORCBlessingHistoryHubert Blessing & Wolfgang Blessing history and description.
200450126Military Symphony Orchestra "Selection"Bowers, Q. DavidORLSelectionDisplayPhoto of animated Orchestrion located in Bruchsal Castle Museum.
200450127Clndr-box Restoration, You Can Make Your Music Box Sound Better Part IIKarp, LarryCYLVariousDampersCylinder box damper repair using steel damper wire.
200450138Pin and Damper Noise GlossaryWells, DavidCYLVariousDampersHow to identify pin and damper noise in a cylinder box.
200450139An Important and Unusual FindGoldhoorn, LuukHISVariousRestorationReproduction of 1885 Workshop notes by Warnford Lock.
20045024Bastard Disc Mscl BoxesConn, CoulsonDISAriophonDescriptionA complete history and mechanical description of this machine.
200450216The Capital Cuff Box - ReprintRyder, HughesDISOttoHistoryHistory and description of Capital, Olympia and Criterion machines.
200450224Clndr-box Restoration, You Can Make Your Music Box Sound Better Part IIIKarp, LarryCYLVariousDampersCylinder box damper repair using parchment and mylar
200450231Mechanical Music in the MoviesBopp, RonaldHISVariousMoviesAn interesting discussion about movies showing mechanical music.
200450236Music Box Makers Who Hide Their Light Under a Bushel BasketGoldhoorn, LuukCYLRebicek - FrederichIdentificationMakers who have their identification covered by an agent's plate.
200450238Reymond-Nicole Mscl Box No. 125Powell, JohnCYLNicole, ReymondCylinder pinsA discussion about the merits of shaved pins and hooked tooth tips.
200450242A Post Card Circus - Part II (excerpt)Heintz, Ralph M.MISPost cardsAn additional 4 post cards to the original article V32 #3
20045034Roullet et Decamps Automatons: A Legend Lives OnLorenz; DayAUTRoullet et DecampsHistoryA condensed Roullet history and technical recollections.
200450312Clndr Music Boxes with Alternate-Tooth TipsKarp, L; Biggins; Lorang; Karp, CCYLUnknownTooth TipsExploring theoretical reasons for alternate tip boxes.
200450318Reymond-Nicole Observations: The Mystery of Shaved PinsWells, DavidCYLNicole, ReymondShaved pinsWhy and how were shaved pins produced by Nicole?
200450322The Peerless 44 - An UpdateBopp, RonaldORCPeerlessDescriptionUpdated information on the Peerless 44 and its music.
200450328A Most Interesting Disc Mscl ClockWineburgh, BillDISPolyphonIdentificationUnusual 11" Polyphon clock identified.
200450336Tune Sheet Project Nos. 311-320Bulleid, AnthonyMUSVariousTune sheetsSeveral examples shown.
20034914Father of the Overture Box - Francois Nicole, TheEric, ChristianCYLNicole, FrancoisHistoryInvention of cylinder cement and steel dampers.
20034911418th Century Ornmntl Practices in Handel Orgn Concertos: The Mchncl Orgn of the Colt Clavier CllctnBittman, AntoniusORSHolland, HenryHistory, musicMusical embellishments of Handel organ concerto movements.
200349125Black Forest Mscl Cuckoo Clocks by Johann Baptist BehaKarp, LarryCYLBeha, Johann Baptistmscl cuckoo clockMusical mechanism by Ducommun-Girod.
200349131Tune Sheet Project Nos. 281-290Bulleid, AnthonyMUSVariousTune sheetsDescription and pictures of 10 tune sheets.
200349136Orpheus déjà vuConn, Coulson & Richard DiCastriDISOrpheus18" Disc music boxDescription of 3-comb setup.
200349137Ahead of His Time: The Phonographs of henrys LioretRondeau, RenePHOLioret, HenriPhonographsDescription of several Lioret phonographs (Michigan Antique Phonograph Society.
200349143"Handel" PostcardsHeintz, Ralph M.HISVariousPostcardsHumor based on "Handle" vs. Handel.
200349144Nicole Who?Heintz, Ralph M.CYLNicole, D.Keywind mscl boxSmall 3-tune cylinder musical box with comb stamped D. Nicole.
200349146About a Vanished Work by Jaquet-Droz & LeschotGoldhoorn, LuukHISJaquet-DrozCylinder mscl boxHistorical article about a musical box with organ, harpsichord and drums.
200349148A Strange Novelty Music BoxHeintz, Ralph M.TOYUnknownNovelty mscl box1950's era wheeled 18-note musical toy.
20034934Koenigsberg Orgn & Piano Orchestrion Builders of Mirecourt, Antwerp and RoosendaalJacobs, Jack, trans. By Lucien HutORCKoenigsbergHistoryThe history of Aime Koenigsberg & Fils. And descriptions of their products.
200349312Griesbaum "Whistlers"Biggins, RobinMISGreisbaumWhistlerA double whistler is detailed
200349314Postcard Circus, Part XV, AHeintz, Ralph M.HISPost cardsA series of postcards depicting antique phonographs.
200349322Tune Sheet Project Nos. 291-300Bulleid, AnthonyMUSVariousTune cardsTen new additions to the tune card project are illustrated. #291 - 300.
200349325Clndr-Box Rstrtn Tips for Novices, You Can Make Your Music Box Sound BetterKarp, LarryCYLRestorationPart 1 of a series on how to perform basic repairs to a musical box
200349332New Music for Old Roller OrgnsMoore, Charles & Walter MooreORSGem Roller OrganRoller pinningA description of a computer driven pinning machine for old and new tunes.
200349341A Strange Novelty Music Box, Author Replies (letter)Heintz, Ralph M.TOYUnknownNovelty Music BoxComments on a previously descriptive article.
200349341A Strange Novelty Music Box (letter)Strengers, Hendrik H.TOYUnknownNovelty Music BoxResponse to the previous article.
200349341A Strange Novelty Music Box (letter)Uher, Joe & BarbaraTOYUnknownNovelty Music BoxResponse to the previous article.
20024814Klingsor Phonograph, TheKarp, LarryPHOKlingsorDescription and historyHistory of Klingsor and description of some models.
20024818Mscl Boxes from AustriaGoldhoorn, LuukCYLRebicek, OlbrichAustrian boxesBartl, Einsidl, Maly, Nowak, Preissler, Salisch, Schidlo, Slawik, Stern. Willenbacher, et. al.
200248116Punch Magazine and Bass Ale versus The Street OrgnYoung, PamelaHISStreet Organ Legislation19th C. controversy and legislation over regulation of street organs in Britain.
200248123Punch and Its CartoonistsYoung, PamelaHISStreet Organ NoisePunch Magazine cartoonists illustrate their views on the street organ noise controversy.
200248125Monkey Orgns and Barrel Orgns in New ZealandCornelius, RodORSVariousSmall Street OrgansEvidence, history, and cultural impact of monkey and barrel organs in New Zealand
200248129Clarion-Player in the City of Alkmaar, TheStrengers, Hendrik H.MISCarillonA description of the installation and restoration of the Alkmaar, Netherlands carillon.
200248135Rivenc's Early Sublime HarmonieBulleid, AnthonyCYLRivencSublime Harmonie Description and features of an early sublime harmonie box by Rivenc.
200248138TournaphonePostcardHISTournaphonePost CardA 1909 post card of a young man playing a Tournaphone.
200248139Tournaphone Music Company LetterReprintHISTournaphoneLetterA letter on Tournaphone Co. stationery showing evidence of 1200 music rolls available.
200248140Those Curious Olde PhonographsReprintPHOKlingsorPhonographsPhotos and description of three Klingsor models including the 'New Haydn'.
2002481421876 Centennial Exhibition, TheShaw, Brian E.HISPaillard, Secor1876 Centennial exhibitorsPhoto of Paillard box and writings of Secor mechanical birds at the 1876 Centennial
20024824Restoring a Rare 32-Note Hand-Squeeze AutophoneMoore, WalterORSAutophoneRestorationDescription of 32-note Autophone and details of its restoration.
20024828Autophone Company, TheReprintORSAutophoneHistoryHistory of the Autophone Company.
200248210Tune Sheet Project Nos. 261-270Bulleid, AnthonyMUSVariousThune SheetsPictures and descriptions of tune sheets from varios makers.
200248215Noteworthy Supermandoline Clndr Music Box, AKarp, LarryCYLPaillardDescriptionDescription of a rare supermandoline cylinder box.
200248218Sweet Music: Stollwerck Phonographs Play chocolate RecordsRondeau, RenePHOStollwerk/Reiche/JunghansMiniature PhonographsReprint from "In the Groove, MAPS" Development and marketing of tiny phonos playing chocolate records.
200248223Adventures of an Amateur Restorer, TheLittle, KnowlesDISReginaRestorationChallenge of first restoration by amateur collector.
200248228Philipps Paganini Monstre Restoration ProjectWendel, JensORCPhilippsRestorationRPRINT: Das Mechanische Musikinstrument Nr 83, 2002. Paganini Monstre rest. and musical scale.
200248239Phalibois 'Mystery Magician? A Mystery UnsolvedHawkins, NickAUTUnknownIdentificationDescription of a rare automaton and suggested possible makers of the piece.
20024834Jacob Frisard Automaton, ABiggins, RobinAUTFrisard, JacobRestorationDescription of a rare automaton and details of its restoration
200248314Further Look at Klingsor Phonographs, APasley, Gilbert, & Larry KarpPHOKlingsorDescriptionDescription of unusual coin-operated phonograph with electrical features and dancing dolls.
200248322Tune Sheet Project Nos. 271-280Bulleid, AnthonyMUSVariousTune SheetsPictures and descriptions of tune sheets from varios makers.
200248328Victor Auxetophone, Louder is Not Always Better, TheRondeau, RenePHOVictorDescriptionRPRNT: "In the Groove, MAPS" Description of phonographs with non-electric amplification.
200248338Gavioli Family, TheGrymonprez, LeonardHISGavioliHistoryHistory of the Gavioli family and development of music-book playing organs.
200248340Ballou's PictorialGarrett, HowardHISStreet organ playersDescription of artist sketches of street showmen and musicians in Boston. RPRNT: Ballou's Pictorial.
20014714MIDI: Mscl Instrument Digital InterfaceAmes, MikeORLVariousMIDIIntroduction to MIDI and its application to automatic musical instruments with references.
200147110"van Leeuwen", TheVan der Vlugt, MaartenORLDecapStreet organHistory and provenance of the Decap 70-key van Keeywen organ.
200147111Unusual Austrian Cartel Box, AnKarp, LarryCYLUnknownDescriptionFeatures of an unmarked 3-tune Austrian format musical box possibly distributed by Muhlhaus.
200147114Thorens 4.5 Inch (11.5cm) Discs for 30 Teeth CombsStrengers, Hendrik H.DISThorensTune title listTitles of Thorens 4-1/2 inch discs and additions/corrections to article by Shaw in Vol. 46 No.2.
200147121Mechanical Music and the 1876 Centennial ExhibitionShaw, Brian E.HISVariousExhibitManufacturers represented at the 1876 U.S. Centennial Exhibition in Philadelphia.
200147130History of Thorens, TheStrengers, Hendrik H.HISThorensHistoryHistory of the Swiss firm, Thorens.
200147133Early Whistler, AnGoldy, Moe M.MISUnknownDescriptionFeatures of an early whistler.
200147136Another Mscl BlotterBlyelle, EtienneMISThorensDescriptionFeatures of an 18-note Thorens musical blotter.
200147138Novel Blotter, AHeintz, Ralph M.MISThorensDescriptionFeatures of a carved 36-note Thorens musical blotter.
200147140Corrosion Problems in Music Box Tuning LeadsHeintz, Ralph M.MISCorrosionAnalysis of corroded tuning leads noting similarities of those with a large percentage of bismuth.
200147141The Rudolph Wurlitzer Co. & J.D. Philipps & SöhneBowersHISWurlitzer, PhilippsHistoryThe 1902 beginnings of the Wurlitzer-Philipps relationship.
20014724Rare Mscl coffee Maker, AEric, KathleenMISH L MGCoffee MakerFeatures of a 4-tune musical coffee maker with movement stamped H L MG.
20014729What Is a Music Box Exactly?Karp, LarryMISDescriptionDifferentiating a music box with plucked musical combs from sansas-thumb pianos.
200147211Two of a Kind?Goldhoorn, LuukMINF. NicoleDescriptionExploring similarities and differences between two snuff boxes with almost consecutive numbers.
200147214Unique Music Box Movement, A (The "DDR "Movement)Marxsen, Hauke. Trnsl. Robbie RhodesCYLVEB Harmony, Music ElectronicsHistoryFeatures of musical movements produced in the former East German area Klingenthal.
200147220Rolmonica, Only Made in the USA?Ehlers, JurgenMISRolmonicaHistoryThe relationship between the Rolmonicas produced in Germany and the U.S.
200147228"Milestone" Model, AHeintz, Ralph M.MISTrumpetto, RolmonicaDescriptionFeatures of the Trumpetto by Mechanical Orguinette Co. predating the Rolmonica.
200147230Leopold King Story, TheWendel, Siegried, trnsl. Andrew PilmerHISPhilipps, Hupfeld, othersHistoryDevlopment of the automatic roll changer by Leopold King.
200147236C. Bruguier Singing Bird Box No. 66Biggins, RobinAUTBruguier, CharlesSinging Bird BoxEarly movement with automaton figures in the lid.
200147240Tune Sheet Project Nos. 251-260Bulleid, AnthonyMUSVariousTune cardsTune sheets 251-260 illustrated
20014734Symphonion Music Box in America, TheBoehck, SteveDISSymphonion & Am SymHistoryHistory of Symphonion and their products in America
200147334Nicole or Not NicoleKarp, LarryCYLNicole, L'EpéeEarly box identificationEvidence supporting likely maker of box to be L'Epée, not Nicole.
200147340More 'Counterfeits'Tallis, D.A.R.CYLThibouville-LamyEarly box identificationSpeculation that Thibouville-Lamy made boxes stamped 'Nicole a Geneve'
200147341Leopold King Family, TheKing, HorstHISPhotosLicenses issued to Leopold King and photos.
20004613Bid Me Discourse - I Will Enchant Thine Ear - The Overture Music BoxYoung, PamelaCYLFalconnetOverture BoxesAn overview of overture cylinder boxes, including an example by Falconnet.
20004616Mortier Story, TheMeijer, TomORLMortierMortier HistoryMortier history and time frame
200046114Mainspring StopworksBiggins, RobinCYLVariousGeneva stopsThe operation of mainspring stopworks is discussed
200046119Orpheus RevisitedConn, CoulsonDISOrpheusOrpheus Disc BoxesDescriptions and pictures of various Orpheus disc boxes
200046124Affordable AutomataKarp, LarryAUTRoulett & DecampsAffordable AutomataAutomata: Less costly animal automata made by Roullet and Decamps
200046128Tune Sheet Project Nos. 217-240Bulleid, AnthonyMUSVariousMusic Box Tune SheetsTune sheets used by manufactures: Project X
200046133Mscl Box Disc identificationConn, CoulsonDISVariousmscl Box Disc I.D.How to identify various manufactuers musical box discs
200046135An 1885 Guide of GenevaEric, KathleenHISGeneva Guide 18851885 Geneva, Switzerland guide with a chapter on music boxes
200046137Register News No. 9Cunliffe, ArthurHISVariousRegister, Cylinder BoxesCylinder musical boxes register no. 9 listings and serial numbers
200046139Behold the Lowly Snail - AddendaBiggins, RobinCYLPaillardTune change camsTune change cam fitted to a late model Paillard Musical box.
200046142Celebrated "Columbia" Music BoxEric, ChristianDISColumbia, TroubadorMaker identificationA. C. Bigger & Co. marketing an 18" disc Troubador upright box using Columbia as the name.
20004623Franz Oehrlein - Builder of Orgns & Mscl AutomataRouille, Philippe, trnsltn Cecil GraceAUTOehrleinOrgans & AutomataBiography of Oehrlein a builder of Organs & Automata 1960's to 2000
20004627Small Disc Mscl Boxes - Junghans-SilvanigraConn, CoulsonDISJunghans-SilvanigraDisc BoxDiscription of small disc boxes
200046212Dancing Bear & Trainer: An Unusual Clndr Mscl AutomatonKarp, LarryAUTVidoudezCylinder BoxDescription of a coin operated automaton
200046215Discography of Thorens 4.5 Inch Format Discs, AShaw, Brian E.DISThorensDisc BoxThorens 4.5 inch disc tune list
200046225Capts - Henry Louis Capt and His Son, Henry-Frederic, TheGoldhoorn, LuukHISCaptMusic Box MakerBiography of Henry-Louis and Henry-Frederic Capt
200046229How Many Arions Do You Own? - AddendaConn, CoulsonDISArionDisc BoxMaker of the Arion disc box
200046230Safety Stops for Mscl BoxesBiggins, RobinCYLVariousSafety stopsAn explanation of the operation of various safety stops.
200046236Ravel & Cie., GenevaBulleid, AnthonyCYLRavelCylinder BoxDescription of a Revel cylinder box
200046238Gift To Play Music, The - Harvey Roehl CllctnMISStandardPlayer PianoCatalog Reprint
20004633Forbidden City - The Music Box of the Emperor, PuyiEric, ChristianCYLUnknownCylinder BoxHistory od descriptioon of a signing bird, organ, bell box
200046314Mechanical Music Squeezer-DollsKarp, Larry & Annie TyvandTOYUnknownDollsCylinder musical movements in dolls
200046319Imperial SymphonionGoldhoorn, LuukDISImperial SymphonionDisc BoxHistory of the Imperial Symponion Company
200046334Tune Sheet Project Nos. 241-250Bulleid, AnthonyMUSVariousPicturesPictures of tunes sheets
200046339Eleven Inch Adler, AnBiggins, RobinDISAdlerDescriptionPhotos and description of an eleven inch Adler disc machine.
19994511Bacigalupo Orgn Returns to Life, AKile, TrygveORSBacigalupoMonkey organRestoration of a 35 key barrel organ
19994515Relations Between the Lecoultres and the Nicoles, TheGoldhoorn, LuukCYLF. NicoleMaker identificationF. Nicole was François Nicole
19994518Early Golay Mscl Snuff Box, AnEric, ChristianMINGolaySur plateau movementA vertical pluck sur plateau musical movement
199945112Titanic without a Welte Orgn, TheStrengers, Hendrik H.ORLWelteTitanicWas there a Welte organ ordered for the Titanic? (No)
199945113Civil War Orgn GrinderStevenson, Gary G.MISunknownBarrel organPicture of a disabled Civil War veteran with a barrel organ/piano
199945114Guitarophone, TheKarp, LarrySTRMenzenhauer & SchmidtGuitarophoneUS makers of a mechanical guitar-zither
199945117Picture of Player Piano School (Polks School, Valparaiso, IN)Bowers, Q.D. & GibbsHISPlayer PianoPicture of player piano school
199945118Workshop NotesOrd-Hume, Arthur W.J.G.MISRepairRepair of spring barrels, cleaning synthetic material
199945120F. Nicole Mscl BoxesIson, Roy W.CYLF. Nicolemscl BoxesCatalog of François Nicole boxes, with details
1999451271980 Convention of Local Phonograph Companies, TheChoffnes, DanielHISVariousPhonographsEarly offerings of dictation (Graphophone) machines
199945130Modifying the Clndr Retaining PartitionKubin, Joseph E.MISRepinning cylindersUse soft solder to allow pinning near a cylinder retaining partition
199945132Shiko-Kin OrgnetteRichmone, EdORSShikô-KinOrganetteDescription and tuning of Shikô-Kin organette
199945133Shiko-Kin OrgnetteStrengers, Hendrik H.ORSShikô-KinOrganetteHistory of the Shikô-Kin organette
199945136Tune Sheet Project Nos. 145-168Bulleid, AnthonyMUSVariousTune SheetsNumbers 145 - 168 are illustrated
199945140Farewell Editorial (Last editorial)Rulli, AngeloMBSIEditorialLast MBSI editorial by Angelo Rulli
19994523Polyphon SavoyardBoehck, SteveDISPolyphonAutomaton15 5/8" Polyphon music box in form of antimated organ grinder w/monkeys
199945210Katzenpaare TanzendKarp, LarryAUTUnknownAutomatonDescription of "Dancing Cat - pair" musical automaton
199945212Nicole vs. NicoleEric, ChristianCYLNicoleMusic box makersComparison of François Nicole and Freres Nicole movements
199945221World's Smallest Clndr-Box Zither Bar, TheCiuffini, TonyMINJ. H. Hellermscl BoxSmall zither bar (2-7/8") on 52 note 4-tune movement
199945223Tune Sheet Project Nos. 169-192Bulleid, AnthonyMUSVariousTune SheetsNumbers 169 - 192 are illustrated
199945227Mechanical Store Window Display PiecesSchumacher, Joseph H.AUTVariousPowered AutomataEarly and late large store display automata
199945231Celebrating 500 Years of Mscl & Automaton TechnologyOrd-Hume, Arthur W.J.G.AUTHans SchlottheimNef (mechanical ship)Description of the nef in the Utrecht museum and report on making a new one
199945237Postcard Circus, A, Part XIIIHeintz, Ralph M.HISVariousPostcardsPostcard pictures of phonographs
19994531Orgnocleide: Mscl Box with a Greek Key, TheEric, ChristianCYLBremondOrganocleide Music BoxDescription of an advanced music box design
19994537Behold the Lowly SnailBiggins, RobinCYLVariousTune change camsA description of tune change cams.
199945313Unusual Music Box Novelties a Century PastKarp, LarryMINVariousUnusual Music BoxesMusic boxes installed in every day items
199945318Tune Sheet Project Nos. 193-216Bulleid, AnthonyMUSVariousMusic Box Tune Sheetstune sheets used by manufactures: Project IX
199945324Postcard Circus, A, Part XIVHeintz, Ralph M.HISVariousPhonograph PostcardsHumorous use of Phongraph Postcards
199945329Polyphon Style 54Ord-Hume, Arthur W.J.G.DISLester JonesNew Polyphon Twin DiscCreation of a twin disc Polyphon style 54
199945335Messers, Nicole Freres 1888 CatalogKline, KevinHISNicole FreresCatalogueInterchangeable cylinder musical boxes catalogue with tunes played by each
19984412Francois and Reymond Nicole Music BoxesIson, Roy W.CYLNicole, F. & R.Cylinder BoxesAnalysis of two Nicole boxes plus a suggested genealogy.
19984416An Interesting F. Nicole BoxTillotson, OlinCYLNicole, Francois Cylinder BoxesAnalysis of an early Francois Nicole musical box.
19984418Investigations About the Birth of the Birth of the Steel CombGoldhoorn, LuukCYLNicole, Francois Cylinder box combsAnalysis of the tuned steel comb of a Francois Nicole box.
199844112Helical Spring PolyphonsKarp, LarryDISPolyphonDisk boxesHelical spring drive Polyphons
199844114Carl Frei, Jr. - A BiographyKeller, FredHISFrei, Carl Jr.Frei, Carl Jr.An anecdotal biography of Carl Frei, Jr.
199844120Rebirth of the Blessing Robot BandCooley, RickORCBlessingRobot bandRebuilding the Blessing automated robot band and its figures.
199844126Ariosa Disc Orgnette, TheMcElhone, KevinORSAriosaOrganettesIllustrated comparison of various Ariosa disc-playing organettes.
199844128New Method of Dampering, ACiuffini, TonyCYLComb damperingDetailed suggestions about comb dampering.
199844130Present at the RenaissanceWebb, GrahamHISWebb, GrahamReflections of Graham Webb, the noted British musical box dealer.
199844135Bulgarian Street OrgnsPenna, Robert F.ORSVariousStreet organsAnecdotes of a Bulgarian instruments, probably a street piano.
199844136Alphabet Tin-case Music BoxesRobertson, BeatriceMINVariousTin-plate caseIllustrated description of an "M" tin-plate musical box case.
199844137Tune Sheet Project Nos. 73-96Bulleid, AnthonyMUSTune SheetsTwenty four tune sheet illustrations
19984421F. Nicole and Francois Nicole (Letter)Caulfield, MatthewCYLMeaning of "B E of"Speculation on abbreviation "B E of" found in musical box advertising
19984421F. Nicole and Francois Nicole (Letter)Tillotson, OlinCYLMeaning of "B E of"Possible explanation of "B E" in advertising.
19984422R. Nicole / Shaved Pins (Letter)Eric, ChristianCYLShaved pinsReasons for the use of shaved pins and hooked teeth.
19984422R. Nicole / Shaved Pins (Letter)Ison, Roy W.CYLShaved pinsAdditional information about Reymond Nicole boxes with shaved pins.
19984422F. Nicole and Francois Nicole (Letter)Peavey, G.CYLNicole Freres, Francois NicoleIdentificaitonFreres Nicole vs. Francois Nicole identification.
19984423Polyphon Helical Spring, The (Letter)Karp, LarryDISPolyphonSpringsHelical vs. coiled spings in Polyphon musical boxes.
19984424James Sandy Legend? (Letter)Cruickshank, GraemeHISSandy, JamesHistoryRefuting opinion expressed earlier concerning previously published article.
19984424Monkey in the BackhouseCrabtree & MilneHISMonkey organArticle from Archaeology, March/April 1997 about monkey organ monkeys.
19984425For the Barrel of a Little (Mozart) OrgnMetzger, FrankORSMusicAnalysis of Mozart barrel organ tunes.
19984426Contemporary Kalliope, TheWineburgh, BillDISKalliope, SymphonionHistory, descriptionProduction history of a C. 1970's Kalliope musical box.
19984429Speaking Picture Book, TheBiggins, RobinTOYUnknownBook with soundA book with pull-strings connected to bellows which produce sounds.
199844211Two Olbrich Viennese BoxesKowar, HelmutCYLOlbrich, AntonMovementsDiscovery of two early sectional comb Olbrich movements.
199844214Paillard Manivelle, ARichmond, EdMANPaillardManivellesDiscovery of a Paillard manivelle.
199844215Gavioli 57-Key with MIDI, ARoehl, HarveyORLGavioliMidiInstalling a midi system in a 57 key Gavioli.
199844218McCullough Automata DiariesGoldman, Kenneth M.AUTObjects of VertuConsiderations while collecting objects of Vertu in the McCullough collection.
199844227Rebicek Cartel Movement, AKarp, L./Young, M.CYLRebicekMovementsDampers and other characteristics of Rebicek movements.
199844231Tune Sheet Project Nos. 97-120Bulleid, AnthonyMUSTune cardsAdditional tune card illustrations.
199844235Spring-In-Clndr MechanismSchumacher, Joseph H.MINThorensMovementsDescription of spring-in-cylinder mechanisms used in Thorens boxes.
19984431Response to the use of plastic damper pins (Letter)Walker, ChrlesCYLDamper pinsResponding to an earlier article about using plastic for damper pins and possibility of problems.
19984432A Custom Built Accordion BandSchumacher, Joseph H.ORCAccordion bandBuilding a custom-made accordion band from scratch.
19984435Zig-Zag Combs, Why?Eric, ChristianCYLCombsDescriptions, configurations, and attributes of various zigzag musical combs.
199844310Christmas Automaton DollRulli, Gina/AngeloAUTAutomatonDescription and music of an automated reclining wax doll.
199844312History of the ChordephonGoldhoorn, LuukSTRChordephonHistoryHistory of the Chordephon
199844315Alphonse Malignon - Programmer Par ExcellenceTillotson, OlinCYLMalignonHistory, descriptionAdditional information about Malignon; comparing movements with other makers and dating chart.
199844319The Phoenix OrgnetteMcElhone, KevinORSPhoenix OrganetteDescriptionSummary of different Phoenix organette models and disc sizes.
199844321G. Paisiello's Maid of the MillKarp, LarryMINTune identificationDiscovering the origin of a musical box tune.
199844323Tune Sheet Project Nos. 121-144Bulleid, AnthonyMUSVariousTune SheetsIllustrations of various tune sheets.
1998443273-Bell Clndr Box, ABiggins, RobinCYLCuendetBells & AutomatonA machine with bell strikers attached directly to the comb.
199844329Duwyn 86-Key Orgn, ACooley, RickORLDuWynOrganDescription of a 86 key Duwyn dance organ.
199844335Another Duwyn OrgnNix, ShirleyORLDuWynOrganDescription of another 86 key Duwyn dance organ.
199844337Who Invented the Manivelle?Goldhoorn, LuukMANManivellesResearch concerning the beginnings of the manivelle.
19974311Nicole Freres Pin Registration (letter)Kubin, Joseph E.CYLNicole FreresPin registrationComb registration to match cylinder pinning using the last tune.
19974312Regina's, Red FlannelKarp, LarryDISRegina Disc box dampersEarly Reginas possibly 1892-93 with finer copper felt dampers.
19974317Le TestophoneBopp, RonaldTOYTeste, Etiennemscl auto hornsMechanical musical auto horns with interchangeable cylinders.
199743115Japanese Music Box Industry, TheDay, D./Day, J.CYLVariousHistoryManufacture of musical movements in Japan from the late 1940's.
199743121Flutina, Rescuing TheMoore, WalterORSFlutinaRestorationFull restoration of organette, both mechanical and case.
199743123Automata, Music Boxes WithConn, CoulsonAUTMermodmscl automataMusical theater with Mermod cylinder playing "The Mikado".
199743125Violano Virtuoso's Fingerhead, TheBarr, Don D.STRViolano VirtuosoRestorationDescription of Mills Violano Virtuoso finger head and its restoration.
199743129Tune Sheet Project Nos. 1-24Bulleid, AnthonyMUSVariousTune sheetsDescription and pictures of 24 tune sheets.
199743133Automaton Picture Clock, A Rare Viennese MsclOrd-Hume, Arthur W.J.G.AUTUnknownAutomaton picture clockDescription of musical automaton picture clock C. 1830.
199743137Barrel Operated OrgnettesMcElhone, KevinORSAutophoneRoller organsDescriptions of several barrel-operated (or roller or cob) organs.
199743142Manivelles W/Animated Figures...ToysSchumacher, Joseph H.TOYVariousManivellesDescription of hand-cranked musical animated toys.
19974322Heller, J.H., Of Bern SwitzerlandBulleid, AnthonyCYLHeller, J.H.History The development of the company and descriptions of several mechanisms are detailed.
19974326Vienna's Great Automaton & Mscl ClockOrd-Hume, Arthur W.J.G.AUTAnkerAutomaton clock in ViennaA description and history of the musical automaton Anker clock with Rieger organ in Vienna.
199743215Thieryola Coin-Operated Cyl. M.B., TheKarp,L./Karp,E.CYLThieryolaMechanism descriptionPhotos and text describing the Mermod Freres movement modified to be coin operated.
199743218Tournaphone, TheMcElhone, KevinORSTournaphone Music CompanyMechanism descriptionA description of the Tournaphone and Cabinetto organettes.
199743221Tournaphone, Tune List, TheSchmidt, EdORSTournaphone Music CompanyList of tunesA list of available roll tunes number 1 - 503.
199743226Hurdy-Gurdy?, From Whence The TermORSHurdy - Gurdy originsA photo of an instrument in the Paris Museum of Music that has strings and organ pipes.
199743227Aeolian Orchestrelle, Player Orgns, Love Them or Leave Them Hutter, Joseph A.ORLAeolian Organ & Music CompanyThe Aeolean OrchestrelleA history chart, model component lists and construction details.
199743236Tune Sheet Project Nos. 25-48Bulleid, AnthonyMUSTune sheetsTune sheets are identified. Numbers 25-48.
199743240ABC's of Tin Case Miniatures, TheRobertson, BeatriceMINVariousTransfer cased movements.Conjecture on the reason for the production of tin cased miniature musical movements.
19974331Hurdy-Gurdy Used In M.M.43/2 (Letter)Bies, AlanORSHurdy-GurdyDiscussion of the correct usage of the designation "Hurdy Gurdy".
19974332Olbrich, Anton, In ViennaKowar, HelmutCYLOlbrich, AntonCylinder BoxesObservations about repertoire and numbering of Olbrich movements.
19974335James Sandy Mscl Snuff Boxes?Young, PamelaMINSandy, JamesSnuff BoxesA discussion of the attribution of some Scottish musical snuff boxes to James Sandy.
19974338James Sandy: A Historical ViewCruickshank, GraemeMINSandy, JamesSnuff BoxesA historical overview of the work of Scotsman James Sandy
19974339James Sandy: An Authors RepliesKarp, LarryMINSandy, JamesSandy's lifeA rebuttal of comments on Sandy article.
199743310Clariophon Orgnette, The MysteriousMcElhone, KevinORSClariophoneSpaeth, WilliamDiscussion with illustrations about the rare Clariophone organette.
199743312Clariophon, The Restoration Of AMoore, WalterORSClariophoneSpaeth, WilliamStory of the restoration of a Clariophone organette.
199743313Chordephon, Automatic Zither, TheKarp,L./Karp,E.STRChordephonDescriptionIllustrated discussion of the Chordephone zither and its component parts.
199743320Nancarrow, ConlonHocker, JurgenPIANancarrow, ConlonBiography and work product examples of the piano roll composer, Nancarrow.
199743326Gilbert Sandy, An Interview WithEric, KathleenMINSandy, JamesInterviewInterview with Gilbert Sandy, descendant of James Sandy.
199743329Christmas Tree Stand, An Unusual Eckardt Robertson, BeatriceMINEckhardtChristmas Tree StandComments adding to those in a 1974 article by Joe Roesch about Eckhardt tree stands.
199743330Automata In Mythology, History & RealityOrd-Hume, Arthur W.J.G.AUTVariousAutomataBrief biographies of 145 makers of Automata.
199743337Orgn Grinder, (ABC Plates)Van Marter, PhyllisORSVariousPlate illustrationsSample of a plate illustrated with a street organ, for children.
199743338Yet Another Tree StandRichmond, EdMINGilbert, J.C.Christmas Tree StandIllustrated discussion of a Gilbert electrified musical Christmas tree stand.
199743339Tune Sheet Project Nos. 49-72Bulleid, AnthonyMUSVariousTune SheetsTwenty four tune sheet illustrations
19964211Plucked-Reed Automatons, Continued (Letter)Karp, LarryCYLGunthermannAutomatonLetter - Identification of maker of plucked reed automaton.
19964211Author Responds (Letter)Ord-Hume, Arthur W.J.G.CYLKirkCorrectionLetter - Corrections to Kirk clock scale and the term "temperament".
19964211Further On Miniature Movements (Letter)Van Marter, PhyllisMINMelodyMiniature movementLetter - Clarification of different companies using "Melody" in the instrument name.
19964211Winter Journal Commentary (Letter)Walker, CharlesOTHmscl scaleLetter - Comment on musical scale in previous article; and the term "temperament".
19964212Orgn Grinder (cartoon)Sat.Eve.PostORSorgan grinderOrgan grinder cartoon.
19964212Tapping Block, And More On The (Letter)Kubin, Joseph E.OTHToolsPicture of tapping block tool described in previous article.
19964213Encore...The self playing Banjo MachineRamey,Jr, David C.STRC. B. KendallEncore BanjoHistory of the Encore Automatic Banjo.
19964218Manivelle...Centennial...MB, AGoldhoorn, LuukMANMermodManivellesManivelle possibly made for centennial of musical box.
199642110Karrer's Harpe HarmoniqueBulleid, AnthonyCYLKarrerHarp HarmoniqueMistory of Karrer Co. and description of the Harp Harmonique.
199642114Pianola & Pneumatically ope. Pianos...Netherlands,Strengers, Hendrik H.PIAAeolianPianolasPlayer pianos and rolls in the Netherlands.
199642118Bellolian Orgn, TheMcElhone, KevinORSBellolian OrganHistory and descriptionDescription of Bellolian organ and search for more information.
199642119Orgn Grinder (Graphic)ORSStreet organsPainting of street organs in Paris (contemporary).
199642120Multiple, Phonograph, TheRoever Jr, FrankPHORoever Multiple PhonographHistoryDescription and history of the Roever phonograph by the son of the maker.
199642121Turkish Street Barrel Piano, ASchumacher, Joseph H.ORSN. MavrouseBarrel pianoDescription of the Mavrouse barrel piano.
199642123Canary On The Canarry Orgn, TheKarp,L./Karp,E.ORSGrandvilleLithographsArt used on mechanical music.
199642126Automata And The Jurassic WonderlandDay, D./Day, J.AUTVariousAutomataDescription of automata in Swiss museums.
199642133Autophone Phonograph, TheBiasella, JerryPHOAutophone CoPhonographReprint of brochure describing the Autophone ferris-wheel cylinder mechanism.
199642135Carousel W/Wurlitzer 146 (photo)Voss, Vern W.ORLWurlitzerOrganPhoto of carousel with Wurlitzer 146 band organ.
199642136Whistling Hobo, TheGoldy, Moe M.AUTWacoWhistlersDescription of Japanese whistler.
199642137Violano Virtuoso (Photos)Reblitz,A./Weisensteiner,R.STRMills Novelty Co.Violano photosPhotos of the Violano Virtuoso in original locations.
19964221Tribute to Marguerite, AEric, KathleenMBSIMargurerite FabelRecognition of service to MBSI and collectors
19964222Sainte-Croix Music Box, TheChapuis, AlfredCYLCylinder boxesAll encompasing article on cylinder movements and boxes
19964224Nicole Freres Fat Clndr...,ASchumacher, Joseph H.CYLNicole FreresMusic typeNotes that many hymns are composed on music boxes and presents an example box
19964226Singing BirdsChapuis, A./Gelis, E.AUTSinging Bird BoxDetailed history, mechanics, methods and examples of singing bird boxes
199642227E. Paillard & His AncestorsGoldhoorn, LuukCYLErnest PaillardComprehensive history of Ernest Paillard family and music box company
199642231James Sandy...Laurencekirk Mscl Snuff BoxKarp, LarryMINSandy, JamesSnuff BoxesExamples and details of the Laurencekirk, developed by Sandy
199642235Violano Photo Captions (V42-#1 pg37)Reblitz,A./Weisensteiner,R.STRMills ViolanoCaptions for photos omitted from V42, 1, page 37
199642236Post Card Circus pt12, AHeintz, Ralph M.ORSPost cardsMany examples of organ grinder postcards depicting (in the author's words) ugly subjects
199642241Orchestral Cabinet 31 Note RollsHutter, Joseph A.ORSrollsAn updated list of Orchestral Cabinet 31- note rolls
199642243Orgn Grinder (Graphic)Heintz, Ralph M.ORSorgan grinderGraphic of an organ grinder with a humorous/non-flattering caption
199642244Mattel Strum-Fun GetarRichmond, EdTOYMattelmscl toyHand operated, novelty, disc music box imbedded in a toy guitar
19964232Bicentennial Stamps From SwitzerlandStrengers, Hendrik H.CYLAntoine Farve/ StampsShort bio of Farve and notice of Swiss issued stamps honoring him
19964233Antoine Favre, Celebrating Two Hundred Years ofOrd-Hume, Arthur W.J.G.CYLAntoine FarveKeynote speech-MBSI '96: Did Farve actually invent the tuned comb? Pros and cons
199642314Angelus Melodant, Notes On Restoring TheHutter, Joseph A.PIAWilcox and WhiteAngelus MelodantIn depth description of Angelus Melodant Artistyle.
199642317What The Helvitia (Music Box Comb)Heintz, Ralph M.CYLHelvetiaDisc boxesDetails of an unusual comb whose purpose can only be speculated.
199642318Violano, A Unique, In The Sanders Mscl MuseumSanders, ArthurSTRMills NoveltyMills ViolanoA Mills Violano with a homemade, player keyboard.
199642320Violano Virtuoso ExhibitViolano Virtuoso SocietySTRMills NoveltyMills ViolanoHistory of the Mills Violano and an explanation of its operation.
199642322Aeolian UpdateMcElhone, KevinORSAeolianOrchestrelleContinuing to catalog existing machines and rolls.
199642325Herophon (Graphic)Stevenson, Gary G.ORSHerophonOrganetteAd for Herophon crank organ from 1886 Puck magazine.
199642326Lecoultre, David, In the 1830'sBulleid, AnthonyCYLLecoultreCylinder boxesSpecific identifying marks and features of a box by Lecoultre.
199642329Decap 70-Key, The 'Van Leeuwen'Van der Vlugt, MaartenORLDecapStreet organHistory and provenance of the Decap 70-key van Keeywen organ.
199642331Autophone, The (1879 Reprint)Scientific AmericanPIAGallyPiano playerUse and operation of this particular keyboard player.
199642334Seven Bits Of Swedish MusicVan Marter, PhyllisCYLMermod FreresCylinder boxesDiscovery and restoration of 7 miniature movements.
199642336Alexandra, The, Interchangeable Clndr Music BoxKarp, LarryCYLAlexandraCylinder boxesDissertation on what the author sees as a vastly inferior make, music box.
199642341Cabbage Patch Rabbit, ACiuffini, TonyTOYUnknownAutomatonRecent discovery of a "rabbit in leaves" - possibly Roullet-Decamps.
199642342Ideal Music Boxes Advertisement by JacotMusic Trades Feb. 1899CYLIdealAdvertisementsAdvertisement by Jacot & Son for Ideal Music Boxes.
199642343Automata, Music Boxes And, 2Conn, CoulsonAUTPolyphonAutomaton"Musician playing harp" automata in a disc box.
199642344(AD) F.G. Otto (1898)Harpers Mag.DISF G OttoAdvertisementsCapital Cuff Music Box advertisement.
19954111History of the Swiss Fabrique System, Errata CorrectionRulli, AngeloCYLErrataCorrection to article by Wells, V.40, #3, p. 42.
19954111Invention Of Francois Louis Lecoultre, Errata CorrectionRulli, AngeloCYLErrataCorrection to article by Goldhoorn, V.40, #3, p.34.
19954111Gem Roller Orgn, The (Letter #5)Walker, CharlesORSGemLetter to EditorComments concerning the Gem roller organ following an article in V.39, #3.
19954112The Viennese Governors (Letter)Burke, David M.CYLLetter to EditorTribute to authors.
19954112'Three Cheers For Authors' (Letter)Vincent, JeffOTHLetter to EditorComments concerning articles on Viennese musical movements.
19954113Fitted Needle-Work BoxKarp, LarryMINHistoryDescription and history of necessaires.
19954117Post Card Circus pt11, AHeintz, Ralph M.OTHHistoryDepiction of mechanical music in postcard art
199541115Music Of The StreetsHeintz, Ralph M.HISPoemPoem about street organs from Harpers Weekly
199541116Banjorchestra To Banjo-OrchestraRamey,Jr, David C.STREngelhardtHistoryDescription of only 2 known Banjoorchestras and copy made by Ramey
199541120D. Allard & Cie.Bulleid, AnthonyCYLAllard, D.IdentificationDescription of a 13" Allard cylinder movement.
199541123Karl Griesbaum Whistling Figures (Whistlers)Schumacher, Joseph H.AUTGriesbaum, KarlHistory & RestorationHistory & description of whistlers plus restoration techniques.
199541129Marvelous Singing Doll By WebberDussour, FrancoisTOYWebberIdentificationDescription and history of Webber organ dolls and patents.
199541132Unusual Mermod Feature, AnCiuffini, TonyCYLMermodIdentificationDescription of an unusual feature of a Mermod cylinder movement.
199541133Mscl Toys And TriflesCaporale, SylviTOYVariousCollectingDescription of different inexpensive musical related items.
199541136Jigs Pt 4; The Making of a Music Barrel BlankStevenson, Gary G.ORSVaclav HrubesRestorationIn-depth description of steps necessary to duplicate a barrel from a 28-key Vaclav Hrubes organ
199541140Gil's Furniture Bought & SoldCraig, CynthiaHISCisneros, SandraBook ReviewExcerpt from a novel about discovering a music box.
199541141Violano VirtuosoReblitz, ArtSTRMillsTuningDescription for tuning the Violano Virtuoso
199541149Reconstructing A Welte OrchestrionGordon, KennethORCWelteIdentificationDescription of a Welte orchestrion.
199541151Gilbert & Sullivan On Mscl BoxesConn, CoulsonMUSGilbert & SullivanMusicListing of Gilbert & Sullivan tunes on discs.
199541152Gilbert & Sullivan Orgn Grinder LibrettosHeintz, Ralph M.MUSGilbert & SullivanMusicReferences to organs and organ grinders in Gilbert & Sullivan music.
19954121In Search Of The Early Weber MaestoReblitz, ArtORCWeberHistory, RetorationComparison of various machines and their repair.
199541210Mscl Box With Automata pt1 Disc BoxesConn, C./Eric, K.& C.DISVariousIdentificationDiscussion of various disc machines-Monopol, Polyphon, Harmonia with automata.
199541214Harmonia 16-1/2 DiscsBlyelle-Horngacher, J.E./Conn,C./Heintz,R.DISHarmoniaIdentificationTitles of 16-1/2" Harmonia discs.
199541215Tiny Mscl Charm, AVan Marter, PhyllisMINMelody PatentIdentificationDescription of a small musical charm.
199541216Leopold Lambert's French Flower GirlSchumacher, Joseph H.AUTLambert, LeopoldIdentificationDescription and history of Leopold Lambert automata.
199541218Bruder SternEric, ChristianCYLBruder SternIdentificationDescription of an Austrian movement by Bruder Stern.
199541220Orgn Grinder Figures pt1Heintz, Ralph M.ORSVariousIdentificationFinancial discussion and considerations of collecting organ grinder figures.
199541226Very Early History Of Talking Machines pt1Choffnes, DanielPHOHistoryHistory of the early development of the phonograph.
199541229Tune Sheet Of Mermod FreresMUSMermodHistory & IdentificationCopy of Mermod Freres tune card and advertising.
199541230Universal (L'Universelle) Cyl. Music BoxKarp, LarryCYLCuendetIdentificationDiscussion of a Universal (Universelle) 3 bell box.
199541234Monopan, TheMoore, WalterORSManopanIdentification-RestorationIdentificaiton and restoration of a Manopan organette.
199541237Orgnina (Addendum)Booty, RogerORSOrganinaIdentificationCorrection of patent information from V.40, #3, p. 17-21.
199541238Toy Roll-Playing MachinesAdams, FrankTOYQRSDescriptionComparison of Play-a-Sax, Clarola, Melody Player, Emenee PlaRola, and tune list.
199541241Mechanical Pan-Flute, A, The Blow-A-TuneRichmond, E./Schumacher, J.TOYDescriptionDescription of the Blow-A-Tune pan flute mechanism.
199541243Barrel Orgn Maker, William Hubert Van KampIson, Roy W.ORSVan KampIdentificationHistory & description of barrel organ and tune lists.
19954131Manopan's Maker (Letter)Goldhoorn, LuukORSManopanHistoryChronology of Euphonika Fabrik and predecessor Berliner MusikwerkInstrumenten Fabrik.
19954131Monopol A Harmonia is NotRulli, AngeloORSMonopolIdentificationCorrection to identification
19954131Piano Melodico Book Music (Letter 2)Moore, WalterPIAPiano MelodicoBook musicRespone to Tucker letter concerning book music.
19954131Piano Melodico Book Music (Letter 1)Tucker, MikePIAPiano MelodicoBook musicEstimate of the width of 30 note book music.
19954132Early Maesto & A Mscl Charm (Letter)Ord-Hume, Arthur W.J.G.ORCWeber, ThorensDistributor, CharmCorrection of distributor name and identity of Melodies maker.
19954132Early Maesto-Captioned, The (Error)Rulli, AngeloORCWeberCaptionCaption error.
19954132Barrel-Orgned Il Travatore, The (Letter)Leverett, TheodoreORSIl TrovatoreCritique of Il Trovatore
19954133Autophone, The HortonMoore,Charles/Moore,WalterORSHortonAutophone OrganetteHistory of the Autophone
19954135Introducing Horton Patent 1878Vestal PressORSHortonAutophone PatentControversy over Horton's Autophone Patent
19954139Autophone, Aunt Maria And, TheMueller, ArtORSHortonAutophoneStory about an Autophone
199541311Kirk's Most Unusual Mscl Shelf ClockOrd-Hume, Arthur W.J.G.TIMKirkShelf ClockHistory and description of the Kirk organ shelf clock.
199541319Automaton At Orvieto, Italy, The AntiqueLatanza, AntonioAUTUnknownAutomatonEarliest known automaton, C. 1348.
199541320Christmas & Mechanical MusicHeintz, Ralph M.OTHKalliope, SymphonionInstruments and ChristmasChristmas tree stands and other examples of mechanical music and Christmas.
199541328Aeolian Cabinet, Model No. O, TheHutter, Joseph A.ORSAeolianModel "O"Description and roll list for 31 note Aeolian model O.
199541334Saucer Bells, RetuningLeverett, TheodoreOTHUnknownBellsDescription of tuning technique for saucer bells.
199541335Whimsical Mscl Charm, ASchumacher, Joseph H.MINUnknownmscl charmDescription of manivelle musical charm.
199541336Mscl Fruit Knife, AMoore, SimonMINUnknownmscl knifeDescription of musical fruit knives.
199541339Two Unique Patent InventionsBopp, RonaldOTHMcTammanyPatentsPatent of John McTammany for roll playing devices and player piano.
199541340Early History Of Talking Machines pt2Choffnes, DanielPHOLippincottPhonographConvention of Lippincott's 32 phonograph companies.
199541342Engraving. Orgn Grinder's QuartersHeintz, Ralph M.ORSorgan grinderMagazine graphic of organ grinder quarters in London.
199541343Plucked Reed Automation ClownKarp, LarryORSUnknownClown automatonDescription of plucked reed clown automaton.
199541345Arions, How Many Do You Own?Conn, CoulsonDISEdelweissArionDescription of small musical boxes.
199541347Toolmaker's Tapping Block, TheKubin, Joseph E.OTHToolsDescription and use of the tapping block.
19944011Readers RemarksKarp, LarryOTHReader commentariesGuidelines for letters to the Editor.
19944012Popular Pretty Powder BoxesVan Marter, P./Gonslaves, C.MINVariousmscl powder boxesDetails of the manufacturing technique and musical movements fitted from 1920-1960. Illustrated
19944019Mermod Freres Swiss CoinBowers, Q. DavidCYLMermod FreresHistoryPhotograph of a half-franc silver Swiss coin dated 1878 with an obverse stamping "MF 1840".
199440110Jigs pt3 Making A Barrel Orgn CogStevenson, Gary G.ORSGavioliRestorationDetailed instructions on how to make a new wooden drive cog for the barrel.
199440116Nicole Freres Mscl ScoreWorswick, GeorgeCYLNicole Freresmscl scoreA paper found in an organ box seems to indicate the note selection procedure.
199440117How To Tune Up The 'Piano Lodeon'Sims, HaroldTOYPiano LodeonRepair and adjustmentHow to "tune up" the Piano Lodeon, made by J.Chein Co. of Burlington, New Jersey.
199440119Road Side Lunch Orgn Grinder (Graphic)Stevenson, Gary G.ORSHistorySketch from "Hearth and Home" September 30, 1871.
199440120Viennese Clndr Music BoxesOrd-Hume, Arthur W.J.G.CYLVariousHistoryA history of the Viennese musical box industry wih a list of Makers.
199440125Wurlitzer # 1417 Odyssey Of, 20 Year Quest..Bronson, BudORLWurlitzerStyle 157A story of the restoration and provenance of a style 157 Wurlitzer serial number 1417.
199440128System For Measuring Leakage In Pla. Pia. & OrgDayson, PhilPIAVariousVacuum leak testingInstructions on how to construct equipment to detect system leaks in pneumatics.
199440135Checking Disc Mus. Box Pressure Wheels & HeightJohnson, BarryDISVariousHeight wheel adjustmentInstructions on the correct adjustment for the pressure bar on most disc musical boxes.
199440136Sheet Music Relating To Mec. Mus. Inst.Heintz, Ralph M.MUSList of titlesA list of sheet music titles that relate to mechanical musical instruments.
199440139From Music To ClndrHind, CharlesCYLHind, CharlieCylinder programmingHow to program a new cylinder before pinning
199440142Mayor La Guardia & Hurdy-GurdiesRoehl, HarveyORSHurdy-gurdy historyExcerpt from "When La Guardia was Mayor" documenting the banning of hurdy-gurdies in New York City.
199440143Two Orchestrions On LocationCenter, DurwardORCDufner, Bernard. Welte, M. & SonsOrchestrions on locationTwo photographs of large orchestrions, one in New York and one in Tampa, Florida.
199440144Gem & Concert Roller Orgn (Letter #2)Grabinski, GlenORSGem Roller organ datesA letter suggesting the manufacturing dates of Gem organs.
199440144Gem Orgn (Letter #1)Heintz, Ralph M.ORSGemRoller organ musicA letter clarifying information in the Winter 1993 Journal.
199440145Rigid Notation (Letter #1)Ord-Hume, Arthur W.J.G.CYLRigid notationA reply to an article by Larry Karp in the Winter 1993 Journal.
199440145Gem 20 Note Orgn (Letter #4)McElhone, KevinORSGemRoller organ musicA request for titles missing from the known list of tiles.
199440145Gem Roller Orgn (Letter #3)Schumacher, Joseph H.ORSGemRoller organ musicAdditional tune titles.
199440146Ridgid Notation (Letter #2)Karp, LarryCYLRigid notationA reply to Ord-Hume's letter.
199440146Mechanical Music Scores Of Beethoven (Letter)Ord-Hume, Arthur W.J.G.MUSmscl scoresA letter documenting several corrections to anarticle in the Autumn 1993 Journal.
199440147Regina Tools (Letter)Hind, CharlesDISReginaToolsA request for an explanation of the uses for Regina tools shown in the Winter 1993 Journal.
199440147Polyphon, 100, Disc Player (Letter)Zivin, SimonDISPolyphonTune scoreA correction to an article in the Autumn 1993 Journal.
199440147Violanos Sound Terrible, All (Letter)Kitner, Michael L.STRMills Novelty Co.Violano adjustamentsAdditionlal thoughts on adjustments suggested in an article in the Autumn 1993 Journal.
199440148Capabilities Of The Ampico (Letter)Brougher, CraigPIAAmpicoSettingsAn explanation of the settings and markings on the drawer controls.
199440148Trade Card (QRS Clarola)Freund, MarvenTOYQ.R.S.Trade cardA picture of a trade card, circa 1930.
19944021From Music To Clndr (Letter #1)Kubin, Joseph E.CYLHind, CharlesOne-off muscal boxMr. Kubin congratulates Charles Hind on making his own musical box.
19944022Music To Clndr, From (Letter #2)Hind, CharlesCYLHind, CharlesOne-off muscal boxMr. Hind responds with more details of the difficulties he encountered when making his musical box.
19944024Viennese Clndr Music Box (Letter #1)Eric, ChristianCYLVarious, Viennese.Governor configurationMr. Eric questions statements by Arthur Ord-Hume in his article in journal volume 40 #1
19944025Viennese Clndr Music Box (Letter #2)Ord-Hume, Arthur W.J.G.CYLVarious, Viennese.Governor configurationMr. Ord-Hume responds with more detail.
19944026Unusual Tuning Pattern, AnHeintz, Ralph M.CYLNicole FreresTuning scaleThe notation of numbers and marks to show the key and scale of this machine.
19944029Restorer's Chronicle, A pt8Metzger, FrankMINVariousNecessairesA description of a necessaire and a vinaigrette with miniature musical movements.
199440216Marketing..Phonograph In Rural AmericaChoffnes, DanielPHOVictorMarketing phonographsA story of how early phonogaphs were marketed in rural America.
199440220Grand FormatBulleid, AnthonyCYLNicole FreresGrand format #25226A full description of this Grand format musical box by Nicole Freres.
199440223Belnap Toy Circus Wagon Phono.Karp, LarryPHOBelknap Co.Toy phonograph in wagon.Full description of the restoration and construction of this musical wagon.
199440228Teutonic Cyl.Mus.Box: A German ManivelleEric, ChristianMANKratt, Wm. Co.Construction detailsDescription and history of an unusual toy manivelle.
199440231Magician's Automata BoxesGoldman, Kenneth M.AUTVariousAutomata boxesA detailed description of the operation of Magician box automata including photos of the mechanisms.
199440238Powder Box PotpourriVan Marter, P./Gonslaves, C.MINVariousmscl powder boxesExamples of Thorens, Reuge, Lador, Jaccard, Cuendet, Kellerman and others are illustrated.
199440244J.P. Seeburg Expression PianosBopp, RonaldPIASeeburg, J.P.Expression pianosA detailed description of the expression system on the model HO organ and Model X piano.
199440248Wurlitzer Orchestrion On Location (Photo)Bowers, Q. DavidORCWurlitzerPhoto on locationA photo of a Wurlitzer orchestrion on location in Abilene ,TX, ca.1912. Possibly a style BX or CX.
19944031Viennese Clndr Music Boxes (Letter #3)Heintz, Ralph M.CYLViennese-style governorsA response to a claim that Viennese-style governors always had downward-driven endless scews.
19944031Correction (VOL.40-#2-pg6)Rulli, AngeloCYLCorrection to chartIn the chart on page 7, tooth #23, the number "4" should be recumbent instead of vertical.
19944031MBSI Directory Cover Photo (Letter)Ryder, StephenCYLBremond6-tune box with singing birdA description of the musical box on the front cover of the 1994 Directory.
19944033Violano Virtuoso Roll, ABarr, Don D.STRMills Novelty Co.Music rollsAn explanation of the variations between early and late rolls, including sizes and compositions.
19944038Wilcox & White SignJamison III, PhilipORLRolmonicaPosterCardboard stand up advertisement from the late 1920's.
19944038Rolmonica SignJamison III, PhilipORSWilcox & WhiteAdvertisement19" reverse painted glass sign.
19944039Restoration Philosophy, AMorgan, JeffreyPIAVariousPneumatics restorationAn argument for the use of original materials used in piano restoration.
199440310Novelty & Luxury ArticlesSchumacher, Joseph H.MINVariousCollectingA number of interesting musical novelties are descibed.
199440317Orgnina Cabinet & The OrgninaBooth, RogerORSOrganinaDescriptionDescription and working illustrations of the mechanism.
199440322Orgn Grinders In Childrens BooksHeintz, R./Rulli, A.HISVariousChildren's booksA collection of children's books with an organ grinder's theme.
199440330Billon-Haller Control MechanismsKarp, LarryCYLBillon - HallerControl mechanismsA description of the control and safety mechanisms on Billon - Haller machines
199440334Invention Of F. L. LecoultreGoldhoorn, LuukMINLecoultre. Francois-LouisInventionsSeveral examples of inventions attributed to this maker
199440337Piano Melodico, TheMoore, WalterPIARacca. G.Piano MelodicoA description of the 30 note and 72 note models.
199440338History Of The Swiss Fabrique SystemWells, DavidCYLVariousEarly Swiss historyA discussion of the development of the musical box industry in Switzerland.
199440344Androids Of J. DrozPier, Alan R.AUTDroz, JacquetAndroidsA history of Jacquet-Droz and a description of his three major android inventions.
19933911Regina Music Box Co., The (Early Years)Choffnes, AlDISReginalawsuits and patentsCommemorating Regina's Centennial. Transcripts of court proceedings and tials.
199339115Violin Imitators, TheBopp, RonaldORCVariousMechanical violinsA discussion of the various makers of violin players and imitators.
199339149Remarkable Orgn, A (Wind Turbine)Howe, Richard J.ORCMukle, LeopoldMechanical organAn unusual organ is described.
199339156Restorer's Chronicle, A pt7Metzger, FrankCYLUnknownMiniature fusee driven mvmnt.A description of an unusual snuffbox with a fusee drive c.1810-1815
19933921Rigid NotationKarp, LarryCYLNicole, FrancoisRigid notationA casual discussion of rigid notation.
19933924Violins Sound Terrible', 'AllHattrup, Edward F.ORCMills Novelty Co.Violano VirtuosoDetailed instructions for setting up the Violano and the materials needed.
19933928Regina Co., TheManganaro, PaulDISReginaReginaphone advertisingCopies of Reginaphone advertisements. Plus a list of "Continuous" disc titles.
199339211Distant Song, TheZivin, MabelHISStreet organ taleAn inspirational Yom Kippur tale about a Buchenwald inmate's search for his son.
199339212Talking Machine & How To Make ItStrengers, Hendrik H.PHOBuilding a phonographRPRNT: "Boy's Own Paper V16 #807/809, 1894." How to build your own phonograph.
199339215Symphonion MFG. Co. New YorkJohnson, BarryDISSymphonion Mfg. Co., New YorkImperial SymphonionDescription and patent data for this company.
199339216Magic Flute Clock, TheHolzhey, JudithTIMVariousFlute clocksA detailed description of the construction and tuning. Translated from German author Guntner Holzhey.
199339224Sibley House Music Box, TheRulli, AngeloCYLPaillardDescriptionA brief description of an instrument once owned by the first Governor of Minnesota.
199339226Patent Number By Date ManufacturedHeintz, Ralph M.HISVariousPatent numbersAn inclusive list of U.S. patent numbers referenced to the year of issue.
199339227Polyphon, 100 Tunes Of The Early 1900sZivin, SimonDISPolyphonTune list for 4-1/2" discs.A list of 100 disc tune titles
199339229Regina Sublima Piano & Mandolin OrchestrionHowe, Richard J.ORCReginaAdvertisementReprint of an advertisement for the Regina "Sublima Piano and Mandolin Orchestrion".
199339230Post Card Essay Of Striking Workers ca.1910Bowers, Q. DavidHISPost cardsFive post cards showing striking workers.
199339231George Pike A Mysterious Orgn BuilderIson, Roy W.TIMPyke, GeorgeOrgan clocksA summary of the wonderful organs and clocks made by George Pyke, 1725-1799
199339238Music Box Collecting (ReCllctn)Werner, MelvinHISEarly MBSI meetingsA recollection of early meetings attended by the author.
199339239Annual Meeting (1961 Photo)Werner, MelvinHISEarly meeting photograph1961 photograph of members.
199339240Lochmann 24-1/2' DiscsConn, C./Goldmann, L.DISLochmannTune list for 24-1/2" discsA list of tunes
199339242Mechanical Music Scores Of BeethovenTagger, JohnHISVariousmscl scoresSome musical scores by Beethoven for mechanical music.
199339244Art Pianos From $10,000-$50,000 ca.1926Howe, Richard J.PIAVariousArt case pianosPhotos and descriptions of expensive pianos.
199339248Listing Of Orgnette ScalesMoore, W./Semon, C.ORSVariousOrganette scalesA list showing the tuning scales of 37 different orgaettes.
19933931Toot In The Woods, A (Letter)Conant, Robert K.DISPolyphonTune identificationA letter explaining the meaning of disc #79 title "Post im Wald".
19933931Violin Imitators, (Letter)Jurgen, HockerORCVariousViolin playersMore information may be found in the German Journal "Das Mechanisch Musik instrument, No. 50.1990.
19933931More Orgnette Scales (Letter)Leverett, TheodoreORSMechanical OrguinetteOrganette scaleAddition to the organette scales shown in volume 39 #2.
19933932Autophoniques Etc. (Letter)Caulfield, MatthewHISTagger on BeethovenCorrecting readings of John Tagger's notes on Beethoven's scores in v 39, no 2
19933932Street Music Was Important Then (Letter)Roehl, HarveyHISStreet pianoReprint of a handbill advertising a movie in which a street piano is featured.
19933932MBSI Administrative OfficeRulli, AngeloHISAdministrationNotice of the Society dues and administrative offices
19933933Gem Roller Orgn, TheOrd-Hume, Arthur W.J.G.ORSGemTune title listA discussion of the music and an extensive list of tunes.
199339311Tune Sheet (Paillard)Bulleid, AnthonyMUSVariousTune cardsEight more tune cards are illustrated and identified.
199339315Polyphon 11-1/6'& 11-1/2/' DiscsConn, C./Timms, R.DISPolyphonTune title listA list of tunes for the 11 1/2" Polyphon
199339317Roller Orgn (Letter)Rulli, AngeloORSThe Autophone Co.LetterReprint of a letter acknowledging an order for 100 organs.
199339318Regina Mscl Box Co.Kosiarski, M./Howe, R.DISReginaHistoryAn article with ephemera detailing the 100 year history of the Regina Co.
199339328Original Regina Tools...Jenkins, WadeDISReginaToolsA decription with photos of tools used in disc tune layout.
199339329Some Quotes About Regina BoxesChoffnes, AlDISReginaReprints of quotesSome quotes from a century ago about Regina Music Boxes.
199339331Duo-Art & Tri-Phonola Push-Up PlayersForti, L.LatanzaPIADuo-ArtPiano player push-upConverting an Aeolian pedal push-up to operate Duo-Art and Tri-Phonola expression rolls.
199339332(AD) Regina Music BoxesDISReginaAdvertisementRegina advertisement fom Munsey's Magazine, 1899.
199339333Aeolian What?, An (A. Co. Boat)Bowers, Q. DavidHISAeolianPower boatA description of the Aeolian ACO power boat.
199339334Making 'Cygnet' Phonograph HornsBeck, C./Beck, D.PHOVariousHorn manufacturingReprint of an article in American Machinist magazine, July 18, 1912 showing the manufacturing process.
199339339(AD) Roller OrgnORSAutophone CoAdvertisementReprint of and advertisement by the Autophone Co circa 1902 for roller organs.
19923811Case KinksVoss, Vern W.CYLCase repairsHow to repair or make new hinges.
19923814Reginaphone 1915 (Postcard)Bowers, Q. DavidDISPost cardA circa 1915 pst card showing the Ditzell Music Company.
19923815Concerto Symphonique Polyphon M.B.Bornand, Ruth C.CYLPaillardPolytype arrangementA description of a rare "Concerto Symphonique Polyphon" by Paillard.
19923817Peerless Coin-Operated PianoBopp, RonaldPIAPeerless Piano Player Co.History and product list.A history of the Peerless company with descriptions and photos of many of their products.
199238114Operettas Arranged On Disc Music BoxConn, CoulsonDISVariousOperetta tune discsA discussion about tune arrangements for operettas and Gilbert & Sullivan scores.
199238117Aegir Disc Music BoxKarp, LarryDISLudwig & Co.Description of Aegir modelA description of a rare 8 7/16" disc music box by Ludwig & Co,Markranstadt, Germany.
199238120Rucker's Pharmacy (1905 Photo)Bowers, Q. DavidHISPost cardInterior view of Ruckers Pharmacy, West Point, Mississippi showing a coin-op piano.
199238121Ludwig, Maker Of The AegirGoldhoorn, L./Conn, K./Conn, C.DISLudwig & CoHistory. Aegir and OrpheusMakers of the Aegir and Orpheus musical boxes. A detailed list of notices that track the firm's history.
199238126Mozart & Mechanical MusicKowar, HelmutHISVariousMozart scores for mech. OrgansA discussion of Mozart's original compositions for the mechanical organ.
199238130Mortier Orgn CartoonJamison III, PhilipORLCartoonA cartoon showing a large organ in a small home.
199238131Mozart's Orgn WorksHISMozart's organ works.A synopsis of the three works by Mozart for mechanical organ.
199238132Restorer's Chronicle, A pt5Metzger, FrankCYLRestorationUse of "super glues" and other materials.
199238136Capabilities Of The AmpicoBrougher, CraigPIAAmpicoExpression settingsA discussion of the expression ability and limitations imposed by the roll arrangements.
199238142Refinishing Music Box CasesAnderson, Waren D.CYLCase restorationInsrtructions on cleaning, refinishing and repairing musical box cases.
199238145Stella Dampers, Instruction & AdjustmentJohnson, BarryDISStellaStella dampersHow to repair and adjust Stella dampers.
199238147Little Treasures pt3Van Marter, PhyllisMINThorens / LecoultreDescriptionsDetails of two small musical boxes.
19923821Tune Sheet PuzzlesBulleid, AnthonyMUSVariousTune sheetsReplacement tune sheets used by early repairers.
19923823Steel & Music BoxesVreeland, Roger J.CYLVariousSteel quality developmentHow development of the steel industry helped the quality of musical boxes.
19923825Natural Wonders, A CommentaryVreeland, Roger J.CYLHumorous observationHow musical boxes increase in weight over the years.
19923826Tune For A Token Or A Token With A TuneBopp, RonaldHISMBSI Table FavorsAn illustrated list of MBSI Table Favors from 1964 - 1991 with details and annual award recipients.
199238214New Step In Composing For 4 Mechanical Inst.Strengers, Hendrik H.MUSVariousExperimental concertAn experiment to compose music and play four automatic instruments simultaniously.
199238218Souvenir:..Mscl Sur Plateau VinaigretteEric, KathleenMINUnknownSur plateau VinaigretteAn illustrated description of a very small "Vinaigrette" with a sur plateau musical movement.
199238222Little Treasures pt4Van Marter, PhyllisMINLador / CuendetSmall mscl movemntsDetailed description of six small musical movements.
199238224Restorer's Chronicle, A pt6Metzger, FrankCYLUnknownSuper gluesThe use of super glues. Also a description of an unusual small Mandoline movement.
199238228Operettas By Gilbert & Sullivan On M.B. pt2Conn, CoulsonDISVariousDisc tunes from G & SA summary of various adaptations of tunes from the comic operas of Gilbert & Sullivan available on discs.
199238231Rare Gold Mscl SnuffboxGoldman, Kenneth M.MINMorand, Pierremscl snuff boxPhotos and description of a rare 1775 musical snuff box with watch and bells.
199238232Mechanical Music & CopyrightsCaulfield, MatthewMUSU.S. copyright lawU.S. copyright law for mechanical music under the 1909 & 1976 Copyright Acts
199238233(AD) Lothrop Piano Co. (Postcard)Bowers, Q. DavidPIAPost cardA post card advertising the J.E.Lothrop Piano Co., Dover, New Hampshire.
199238234Cherchez Brechet! LB, Jean-Mathieu Brechet/LecoultreKarp, LarryCYLLecoultre, LMovement with 3 bellsA description of a Lecoultre movement and a discussion of the various Lecoultre markings.
199238239Pioneers In Mechanical MusicStotts, Carval J.MUSHistoryReminiscences of collecting, from 1961
199238240Criterion/ Olympia DampersJohnson, BarryDISCriterion / OlympiaDampersHow to repair and adjust these dampers
199238241Pierre & The Orgn Boy...Pollock, RobertHISStoryReprint of a story about a boy and a street organ. Original published by J.B.Lippencott & Co. 1875
199238244Singing Bird BoxesTiffany & Co.AUTVariousSinging bird boxesReprint of a brochure by Tiffany & Co first published in 1910
199238248Tinpanny Piano Stars at Horowitz's PalaceBowers, Q. DavidPIAHistoryExcerpt from "The Freshman", a 1925 book by Russell Holman
19923831Bookmaking, A Bookie's Perspective & HistoryBopp, RonaldORLBook MusicDetailed instructions on how to make organ book music
199238314Polymnia Music Box Disc TunesBlyelle-Horngacher, E/Conn, CDISPolymniaTune title listA list of 200 tunes listed for the Polymnia music box.
199238318Visit To 'Fabrik Lochmann'Friberg, C./Howe, R.DISLochmannHistoryA detailed history of the Lochmann company and its achievements, with many illustrations.
199238327Steinway Co. & Mechanical PianosRoehl, HarveyPIASteinway CompanyHistoryDetails of a talk by Mr. Henry Steinway to the MBSI in New York, April 27, 1981.
199238330New Life For An Old OrgnetteMoore, WalterORSOrchestreonConstruction detailsDetails of the construction of the Orchestreon and comparison with the Euphonia organette.
199238331Regina Changer (Skip's Tips pt1)Meekins, AlDISReginaRepairsRepair tips for the two spring barrel type Regina changers.
199238332Hupfeld Phonoliszt Mod. 'A' W/ Doub.-Roll ChangerGoldman, Kenneth M.ORCHupfeldPhonoliszt-ViolanaPictoral details of the Model "A" with the double roll changer.
199238334Corking Bad Time, A: Horror In The Shipping Dept.Karp, LarryCYLTips for packing and shippingA story about an actual case of shipping damage, and tips for avoidingsimilar problems.
199238337Jigs pt2 Restoration Aids (Valves)Stevenson, Gary G.PIADuo-ArtRepair techniquesHow to make tools and fixtures torepair the valve system.
199238343Recognizable Patterns On DiscsHoeltzel, JohnDISVariousTune selectionTips on how to recognize interesting patterns in tune arrangements.
199238345My First Music Box(ES)Vreeland, Roger J.HISPersonal recollectionsRecollections of Mr. Vreeland about his early music box collecting.
199238346Capabilities Of The Ampico (Rebuttal)Morgan, JefferyPIAAmpicoRegulationRebuttal to the spring 1992 article by Craig Brougher.
199238347Regina Co. BrochureDISReginaAdvertisementAn advertisement for the Regina vacuum cleaner and floor polisher circa 1930.
19913711Clndr Box Repair: Opinions & CommentaryKubin, Joseph E.CYLCylinder box restorationA discussion of the merits of soft or hard pinning wire, and how to rake pins.
19913718Jigs: Restoration aids for the Restorer (Pneumatics)Stevenson, Gary G.PIAMaking jigs & fixturesHow to make woodworking jigs & fixtures to ensure accuracy and good work.
199137114Paillard, M.J., Music Box (Photo)Jamison III, PhilipCYLPaillardPhoto of unique mscl box.A photograph of a large two cylinder orchestra box from the Paillard exhibit, Philadelphia, PA. 1876
199137115Here Comes Peter Cotton TailVan Marter, PhyllisTOYMattel, Inc.Toy manivellesSeveral toy manivelles by Mattel arre shown.
199137117Movement Cleaning & PolishingWall, ThomasCYLRestorationA system of cleaning and polishing, using a tumbler.
199137118Aeolian Orchestrelle, TheMcElhone, KevinORLAeolianOrchestrelle restoration & rollsThe problems of restoring Aeolian Orchestrelles are discussed. Making a list of roll titles is started.
199137122Comb Tooth StiffnessBulleid, AnthonyCYLVariousComb tooth stiffnessDiscusses the relative stiffness of comb teeth of several makers, and how it has changed over time.
199137125Junghans & PolyphonConn, CoulsonDISJunghans & PolyphonRare machinesAn 11" Junghans is illustrated, and a 19 5/8" Polyphon changer with unusual discs is shown.
199137127Traveler's Tale pt1Tringham, ColinHISDutch museum visitA tale about a visit to the National Museum in Utrecht, The Netherlands.
199137129Cob Storage BoxesTyler, RonaldORSVariousStorage boxes for organ cobsHow to make storage boxes for roller organ cobs.
199137132Restorer's Chronicle, A pt2Metzger, FrankCYLFusee chain repairHow to repair broken fusee chains.
199137134Faberge Steam Boat W/Mscl MovementSchumacher, Joseph H.CYLFabergemscl steamboatDescription of a 27" silver steamboat with a two-tune musical movement, owned by Czar Nicolas II.
199137137Music Box Collecting RetrospectiveFowler R./Fowler A.CYLCollectingA tale of the joys of collecting mechanical music.
199137138Centuries Of Singing BirdsDay, D./Day, J.AUTVariousSinging bird boxesPhotos and descriptions of singing bird mechanisms spanning about 180 years.
199137146Mechanical Music Bibliography Corr./Add.Strengers, Hendrik H.HISBibliographyCorrections and additions to a bibliography published in Mechanical Music, Autumn 1990.
199137148Vorzetzer Push-Up PlayerBowers, Q. DavidPIAVorzetzer photoPostcard photo of a Vorzetzer circa World War 1.
19913721Investigating the Lecoultre Harpe Harmonique, Bremond & RevencBulleid, AnthonyCYLRivenc, AmiIdentification discoveryClues from markings and construction show a "Bremond" machine was made by Ami Rivenc.
19913724Restorer's Chronicle, A pt3 Corrected to Pt. 3Metzger, FrankCYLPiguet/Captmscl automaton ringsDetails of the mechanisms in finger-ring musical automatons.
19913729Symphonion Style 154U, TheBehrendt, WalterDISSymphonionSymphonion style 154U.Photos and a description of this unusual style, with a reprint from a sales catalog.
199137212Addendum Opinions & Commentary Cyl. M.B. RepairKubin, Joseph E.CYLRestoration of cylinder boxesInstructions for "Terminage" of cylinder pins, and re-cementing of cylinders.
199137217Post Card Circus pt10, A Corrected to Pt. 10Heintz, Ralph M.OTHPost cardsExamples of postcards from cities and festivals showing mechanical music machines.
199137223Rock Tumbling Is Not The WayHeintz, Ralph M.MINRestoration of cylinder boxesA rebuttle to a previous article , with the advice to polish only those parts that were originally polished.
199137224Snuff & Mscl Snuffs Corrected to Snuff & Musical SnuffboxesEric, KathleenMINVariousSnuff box historyA discussion of the use of snuff in the nineteenth century and the musical boxes used to contain it.
199137228Corrected to A Double-Teaser, Lecoultre & Lawater BoxesKarp, LarryCYLLecoultre, F.Lecoultre-Lawater connectionAn F. Lecoultre musical box with an engraved tune sheet with the names Lawater and Kleyser as agents.
199137231Jubilating Singing Bird TheSchumacher, Joseph H.AUTKohler, GeorgToy singing birdA description of a 1960's singing bird manufactured in Germany, with patent drawings.
199137234Terminage Makes The DifferenceWells, DavidCYLCylinder box "Terminage".The necessity for justifying the pins on a cylinder is discussed. Theory and illustrations.
199137239History Of MBSI PublicationsFabel, MargueriteHISHistory of MBSI publicationsDocumentation of the development of the MBSI publications, 1949-1991
199137240Arched Windows, The (Corrected to The Arched Window)Hawthorne, NathanielHISAn organ grinder storyAn extract from "The House of Seven Gables" by Nathaniel Hawthorne. C.1898
199137241Making Of New Century DiscsJohnson, BarryDISNew CenturyMaking New Century tune discsThe details of copying and punching a new disc is described.
199137243Converting Raffin Rolls To Fit The HofbauerLawless, N.D.ORSHofbauerAdapting 20-note Raffin rollsDirections on how to adapt 20-note Raffin rolls to play on the Hofbauer kit organ.
199137244Drake's Drugstore W/Music BoxBowers, Q. DavidHISCirca 1905 PhotographAn interior view of Drake's Drugstore in Milwaukee, WI.
199137245Missing Welte Top Gallery, TheHowe, Richard J.ORCWelteTop galleryA tale of the travels of a style two Welte discovered while researching the missing top gallery.
19913731Converting The Original Price Of InstrumentsHowe, Richard J.HISVariousPrices of instrumentsA system to convert original prices of instruments into current dollars is explained, with extensive charts.
199137314Mother Hood & Apple PieBopp, RonaldORCSeeburg, J.P.History and product informationThe history of he Seeburg Company is detailed, including production dates and descriptions of units made.
199137320New Info. About Mozart's Clockwork PiecesHaselbock, HansORLVariousMozart music for organsDetails of the music Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart wrote for automatic (clockwork) organs.
199137328Regina's Daughter-The PrincessChoffnes, AlDISPrincessPrivate label ReginaA description of a style 101 Regina marketed under the name "Princess" through Kipp Brothers.
199137330Restorer's Chronicle, A pt4Metzger, FrankCYLEphemeraInteresting items found in various musical machines during restoration.
199137334Collecting RetrospectiveFowler, RuthDISCollecting mscl boxesA retrospective on many years of collecting musical boxes.
199137335Four Other LecoultresGermain, PierreCYLLecoultre familyGenealogyA genealogy of the Lecoultre family, including the various marks found on their instruments.
199137348Design Of A Music Room For The Home, TheLeverett, TheodoreOTHBuilding a music room.Considerations to be taken when designing a room for the display and storage of mechanical music.
199137351Christmas Poem, A (Street Music)Brown, RowlandOTHPoem about street musicA reprint of a poem about street music from "the Chatterbox". The American News Company, 1874.
19903611Tune SheetBulleid, AnthonyMUSVariousTune sheetsTwelve tune sheets are illustrated and identified.
19903617Post Card Circus pt 9, AHeintz, Ralph M.OTHPost cardsPost cards showing mechanical music being played by animals.
199036115In Search of the Welte Orchestrion (Final Chapter)Goldman, Kenneth M.ORCWelteWelte Style 6Completing the restoration of a Style 6 Welte orchestrion.
199036120Arburo 88-Key Scale, TheLynch, JimORLArburoArburo organ scaleThe organ scale of the 88 key Arburo dance organ is shown and discussed.
199036122Trade Card (Autophone)Stevenson, Gary G.ORSAutophoneTrade cardA trade card for the Autophone
199036123Restoring The Zither AutomatiqueKarp, LarryCYLPaillardAutomatic Zither barDescription and photos of an automatic zither bar fitted to a Paillard musical box.
199036129Svoboda's, Time Went Back At pt2Reblitz, ArtHISHistorical collectionThe history of Svoboda's Nickelodeon Taver & Museum, with pictures of a bygone era.
199036146James Sandy SnuffboxEric, ChristianDISSandy, JamesEarly snuffboxA description of an early snuffbox by James Sandy. Circa 1810-1815.
199036148(AD) North TonawandaBowers, Q. DavidPIANorth TonawandaAdvertisementAn Advertisement showing the line of nickelodeons made by North Tonawanda, with testimonials.
19903621Ian Hammond Orgn, TheHaspels, J.J.L.ORLHammond, IanClockwork organDetails of a clockwork organ built in the early style of Langenbucher & Bidermann.
19903625Mechanical Music BibliographyKowar, HelmutHISBibliographyA bibliography of subjects related to mechanical music.
199036216Kalliope Musik Werk...1906(Engraving)Glasgow, V./Glasgow, B.HISKalliopePost cardA post card showing the Kalliope factory in 1906
199036216Mechanical Music Bibliography (Addition)Heintz, Ralph M.HISBibliographyAddendum to bibliography
199036217Tune Card (Miniature Mscl Box)Schumacher, Joseph H.MINVariousTune cardsDescriptions and photos of tune cards from miniature music boxes.
199036222(AD) Phonoliszt-ViolinaHowe, Richard J.ORCHupfeldAdvertisementOriginal advertisement comparing the Phonoliszt with the Violano
199036224Clndrs With Long & Short PinsKubin, Joseph E.CYLCylinder repairingA discussion of cylinders damaged by heat, and how to avoid this damage.
199036228(AD) Orgn Grinder (Graphic)Ryder, J./Ryder, S.ORSAdvertisementAn advertisement with cut-outs of an organ grinder . Boston Globe, 1895
199036229Quintet Of Phantoms...Opera Rare Mus. BoxVreeland, Roger J.CYLVarious5 mscl boxes comparedFive unusual musical boxes are compared.
199036239Jumble PuzzleArnold, H./Lee, B.OTHScramble puzzleSample from the Jumble book, No. 11.
199036240Little Treasures pt1Van Marter, PhyllisMINVariousMiniature mscl boxesDescriptions of some miniature musical boxes, with photos.
199036243Queen Of The Street MusiciansKluver, MartinaORSStreet organsAn historical view of street organs in Germany. Reprint from Kempinski Journal, April, 1989.
199036246(AD) Western Electric Style 'X' (Postcard)Bowers, Q. DavidPIAWestern ElectricPost cardPost card showing a Western Electric Styl X nickelodion.
199036247Disc Storage CabinetsChoffnes, AlDISDisc storageThe manufacture of disc storage cabinets is detailed.
19903631Cement, Infidels & Early ClndrsVreeland, Roger J.CYLEarly cylinder cementAn admonition to refrain from adding more cement to early musical box cylinders.
19903632Violano, New Music For TheGallops, JimSTRMills Violano VirtuosoComputerized MIDI interfaceThe development of the MIDi interface for the Violano.
19903635Twirl-A-Tune, TheSchumacher, Joseph H.TOYMattelRubber belt mscl boxDescription of a toy musical box using a rubber belt.
19903636Gold Automaton Of Lord Byron, TheEric, ChristianAUTUnknownEarly automaton mscl boxDescription and photos of an unusual early movement once owned by Lord Byron.
19903639House Of Seven GablesHawthorne, NathanielOTHAn organ grinder storyAn extract from "The House of Seven Gables" by Nathaniel Hawthorne. C.1898
199036310Encore Banjo Story, AnCrandall, R./Battley, G.STREncore BanjoCollecting old Encore BanjosA story of the way old Encore Banjo parts were collected.
199036315Pin & Damper Noise GlossaryWells, DavidCYLVariousDamper noise and repairHow to identify and correct the various annoying noises produced by maladjusted dampers.
199036316Gambling With Mechanical MusicGoldman, Kenneth M.CYLVariousMusic in gambling machines.Photos and descriptions of gambling machines with musical movements.
199036319Music Boxes In Japanese ClocksMurakami, KazuoTIMVariousJapanese mscl clocksThe evolution of musical clocks in Japan is discussed.
199036324Mysterious Scriber, AKarp, L./Rulli, A.CYLScriber, T / NicoleScriber-Nicole connection.Several musical movements with the name "Scriber " are tentatively identified as made by Nicole.
199036328New Century 4000 Series (Update)Conn, CoulsonDISNew CenturyDisc listing updateAn update of tunes for the 4000 series New Century disc musical box.
199036329Little Treasures pt2Van Marter, PhyllisMINVariousmscl Photo AlbumsA description of various musical photo albums and their movements.
199036332Sheet Music/Mechanical MusicHeintz, Ralph M.TOYSheet musicA list of sheet music titles that relate to Mechanical Music.
199036334Regina Price TagsFratti, NancyDISReginaRegina price tags.The reproduction of three original Regina price tags.
199036335My First Music BoxFabel, ClarenceHISCollectingA tale of the joys of collecting mechanical music.
199036336Restorer's Chronicle, A pt1Metzger, FrankOTHBolzmann, LudwigOrgan clockThe restoration of an unusual organ clock is discussed.
199036339Hurdy Gurdy SocietyRoehl, HarveyORSHurdy-Gurdy story.A reprint of a story about hurdy-Gurdies from Leslie's Weekly, April 22, 1922.
199036344Plarola Orgns & Music RollsTOYPlaRolaAdvertisement for PlaRolaA reprint of an advertisement or PlaRola
19893511Symphonion, 3-Disc,TheSpeake, GeorgeDISSymphonion3-disc Imperial SymphonionThe story of how a rare 3-disc Symphonion was reconstructed after severe fire damage.
19893515New Century 7000 Series DiscsConn, CoulsonDISNew CenturyNew Century 7000 disc tunesA list of tunes for the 7000 series New Century musical box.
19893516Stella/Mira Disc UpdateConn, CoulsonDISStella & MiraTune disc additionsAn update to the list of tunes published in MBSI Journal V26, #2 and V29, #3.
19893517Post Card Circus pt 7, AHeintz, Ralph M.OTHPost cardsExamples of post cards used for advertising with a mechanical music theme are shown.
198935112Unique Jaccard Toy MovementEric, ChristianTOYJaccardMiniature mscl movementA description of a miniature musical movement by Jaccard. Photos relate to next article.
198935113Hummingbird Of A Music Box, AEric, ChristianTOYColibriMiniature mscl movementA description of a 12 note miniature musical movement by Colibri. Photos relate to previous article.
198935114Grand Mason & Hamlin Artcase Piano, TheBrady, JamesPIAMaso & HamlinAn art case reproducing pianoA description and photos of an art case Mason & Hamlin reproducing piano circa 1928.
198935117Gebruder RichterTrager, TimORLRichter, GebruderLarge band organsThe products of Richter organs are detailed, with a history of the company.
198935120Raked Clndr PinsBulleid, AnthonyCYLCylinder pin calculationsA discussion of the variations in timing by raking cylinder pins.
198935122Automaton Take..Lickin'..Monaco-StampsStockinger, HerbAUTAutomaton stamps in MonacoPostage stamps issued by Monaco depicting automata are shown.
198935124Player Piano-Silent Film Star, ThePenna, Robert F.PIAPlayer piano in the moviesThe film "Call of the Cuckoos" is described.
198935126Jim Henson's Muppet Player DrumSchumacher, Joseph H.TOYNobel & Cooley CompanyToy mechanical drumA description of a toy mechanical drum manufactured in 1981 patterned after a 1905 model.
198935128Mscl Theory & Missing Comb TeethGriffith, RogerCYLTuning replacement teethHow to identify the note of a replacement comb tooth. A definitive explanation.
198935134Open Letter Re: Repairing Your MandolinaStevenson, Gary G.ORSMandolinaRestoring an organetteThe steps needed to restore a Mandolina organette are detailed.
198935137Clndr Pin Alignment JigKubin, Joseph E.CYLCylinder pin alignment jigA tool is described that can check the alignment of cylinder pins after the cylinder has been re-pinned.
198935141In Search Of The Welte OrchestrionGoldman, Kenneth M.ORCWelteStyle 5 Welte restorationContinuing the story of the discovery and restoration of a Style 5 Welte orchestrion.
198935144Japanese Modern Mscl Automata ClocksMurakami, KazuoTIMSeikoJapanese automata clocksJapanese public automaton clocks are described.
19893521Invisible Tooth Repair...Kubin, Joseph E.CYLComb tooth repairThe author presents a method for replacing and repairing broken comb teeth.
19893525Clndr Pin Alignment Jig (Addenda)Kubin, Joseph E.CYLCylinder pin alignment jigCorrections to a previous article, Mechanical Music, Spring 1989 V35 #1
19893526Restoring The 15-1/2' Regina..ChangerChoffnes, AlDISReginaRegina changer restorationThe steps required to restore a 15 1/2" Regina changer are detailed
19893529Aeolian-Hammond Player Orgn, TheBopp, RonaldORLAeolian-HammondAeolian player organA description of the Aeolian-Hammond player organ is detailed, including a tubing diagram.
198935213French Revolution..Swiss Makers, TheVreeland, Roger J.HISSwiss mscl box historyA history of the Swiss musical box history, 1789 - 1800
198935217Music Roll Making For OrgnettesColey, William L.ORSOrganette music rollsHow to make music rolls for various organettes
198935220Restoring..Victoria OrchestrionetteHarrison Jr., Arthur P.ORSVictoriaOrganette restorationDetails of the restoration work taken to save a Victoria Orchestrionette
198935224Memorable Moments In Mec. Mus. A Pictorial...Seiz, PaulOTHmscl collageA drawing of many mechanical musical instruments assembled as a collage.
198935227Mscl Children's ChairJohnson, BarryTOYThorensmscl children's chairA wicker child's chair with a Thorens musical movement is described.
198935228(AD) Shannahan Bros. Store Photo ca. 1906Bowers, Q. DavidORCWurlitzerGeneral store photoA photograph of Shannon Brother's store showing a Wurlitzer Syle 18 PianOrchestra, cica 1906.
198935229Laurel & Hardy's Music BoxPenna, A./Penna, R.OTHEarly player piano movieThe story of the 1932 Laurel & Hardy movie, "The Music Box".
198935232Incredible Orgn Clock, AnMetzger, FrankTIMHewett, GeorgeCirca 1770 organ clock A description and photos of a large tall case organ clock with two 12 tune barrels.
198935235Harp That Once..., TheBailey, MargueriteSTRWard-Stilson Company, Themscl box in a harp.A description of a small harp circa 1900 fitted with a misical movement.
198935238Rare & Ducommun Ducommun-GirodEric, ChristianCYLDucommun-GirodOrchestra mscl boxPhotos and description of a Ducommun-Girod movement sold through agent Thibouville-lamy.
198935241Post Card Circus pt 8, AHeintz, Ralph M.OTHPostcardsA series of post cards showing organ grinders
198935247Manivelle Patent of 5-7-1857Goldhoorn, LuukMANL'EpeePatent for a manivelleDetails of a patent granted to L'Epee, May 17, 1857
198935248(AD) Orgn Grinder Children Photo ca.1935Stevenson, Gary G.ORSPhoto of a monkey organA photo of two children with a barrel organ, taken about 1935.
19893531Svoboda's, Time Went Back At pt1Reblitz, ArtHISHistorical collectionThe early history of Svoboda's Nickelodeon Tavern & Museum 1950-1960's.
198935314Player Piano & The Music, TheLatanza, AntonioPIAPiano/music box connectionA list of player piano roll tunes that refer to mechanical music machines.
198935316From The Sublime To The RidiculousEric, ChristianMINSinging bird toyPhotos of a simple singing bird mechanism in a tin case.
198935317Mscl Pocket WatchGoldman, Kenneth M.TIMPiguet & Meylanmscl pocket watchPhotos of a beautiful pocket watch with a sur plateau musical movement.
198935319Diary Of The East Coast Travelers, 1893Bartlett, Loren F.HISDiary extract, 1893An extract from the diary of an unknown traveller, mentioning a Hurdy- Gurdy
198935321Knabe 1928 Reproducing Piano, ABrady, JamesPIAKnabeKnabe art case pianoPhotos and description of an Italian art case Knabe reproducing piano.
198935325New Orgn & What Became Of It, TheGellerman, RobertHISReprinted organ storyA humerous story reprinted from the American Art Journal.
198935326(AD) Christmas (Postcard)Bowers, Q. DavidPIAPneumaPostcardA 1905 postcard showing a "Pneuma" player piano.
198935327Bird Orgn By Any Other NameKarp, LarryORSFlight,/BrycesonSmall organsTwo small organs are detailed, with the question of the true definition of a "Serinette"
198935332For Those Who Love MusicPasley, G. F.HISBarrel organ storyA melancholy story of an organ grinder
198935336(AD) Christmas (Postcard)Rulli, AngeloORSPost cardPostcard showing elves with a barrel organ
198935337Regina Changer LockChoffnes, AlDISReginaRegina coin drawer locksAn explanation of the use for coin drawer locks with two keys.
198935338(AD) Restaurant Photo Ca.1905Bowers, Q. DavidDISReginaRestaurant photoA 1905 photo showing a Regina musical box in a restaurant.
198935339(AD) Englehart Piano BrochureBowers, Q. DavidPIAEngelhardt Piano CompanySales brochureA sales brochure detailing the specifications of the Engelhardt Banjorchestra.
19883412Reymond Nicole Mscl BoxNorwood, Elton M.CYLNicole, ReymondReymond Nicole overture boxA reymond Nicole overture box with 225 teeth and shaved cylinder pins is described.
19883413Some Musings On A 1911..BillboardBowers, Q. DavidHISVarious"Billboard" advertisementsA number of advertisements from the trade magazine "The Billboard" are reproduced.
19883416Theater With Nickelodeon PianoBowers, Q. DavidHISPost cardA post card showing the Electric Vaudeville Palace, Lancaster, PA. circa 1908.
19883417Richter Bro. & Their Orgns, TheDahlinger Jr., FredORLRichterRichter organ history & modelsA history of the Richter organ works and descriptions of various machines.
198834111Great Mira Caper, TheKarp, LarryDISMiraA Mira purchaseThe story of a Mira musical box bought at auction.
198834112(AD) Mira (1903)DISMiraAdvertisementA Mira advertisement circa 1903.
198834113Ch. Marenghi Orgn, AVan Der Berg, P.J.ORLMarenghi, Ch.72 key Marenghi organA description and photos of a 72 key Marenghi organ.
198834114In Search Of The Welte OrchestrionGoldman, Kenneth M.ORCWelteA Welte style 5 is discoveredThe story of the discovery and purchase of a Welte style 5 orchestrion in 1988.
198834120Mechanical Piano, TheEdgerton, William H.PIAVariousMechanical pianosThe various reproducing systems for mechanical pianos are discussed.
198834121(AD) Hoeffler Regina Salesroom, The (Postcard)Filardo, GregoryDISReginaPost cardA photo of the "Talking Machine Department" of the Hoeffler Mfg. Co. Milwaukee, WI.
198834122Reflections On The MBSIFabel, MargueriteHISEarly MBSI recollectionsMarguerite Fabel recalls the early years of MBSI.
198834124Odeola Player PianoStrengers, Hendrik H.PIAOdeolaOdeola player pianosThe history and copies of advertising cards for the Odeola player piano.
198834128New Century Mscl BoxChoffnes, AlDISNew CenturyNew Century 4-comb detailsAll the internal components of the four comb New Century are described.
198834131Muller's Clown AutomataSchumacher, Joseph H.AUTMullerGerman clown automatonA clown automaton possibly made by Muller, is described in detail. Circa 1905.
198834133Regina Music Box Co., Original Record BooksBowers, Q. DavidHISReginaComplete Regina sales recordsThe complete sales records for Regina for 1894-1925 are donated to MBSI.
198834134Wur. Band Orgn...Circus Wagon..At BarabooOlson, KeriORLWurlitzerWurlitzer 165 photographA photo of a Wurlitzer 165 band organ. Two circus wagons are also shown.
198834136Mini Sublime HarmonieEric, ChristianMINMetert, H.Miniature sublime harmonyA miniature 4-tune sublime harmony musical box circa 1843 is described.
19883421Mscl Bear, AJohnson, BarryTOYToy mscl bearDescription of a toy musical bear marketed by the Motgomery Ward company.
19883422Carillon: Immediate Predecessor...Eric, ChristianCYLUnknownMechanical carrilonA carillon with 10 bells and 19 strikers and a fusee drive is described.
19883424Regina 27' Automatic ChangerChoffnes, AlDISReginaRegina 27" changer restorationThe comlete restoration of a fire damaged 27" Regina changer is detailed.
19883427Orchestrion, Peirre Eich Accordion JazzGrymonprez, LeonardORCEich, PierreAccordion jazz orchestrionSeveral models of the accordion jazz orchestrion are described.
198834210Ch. Marenghi Orgn, (Update), TheVan Der Berg, P.J.ORLMarenghi, Ch.Marenghi organ photosTwo photos of a Marenghi 72 key organ.
198834211Justifying & Terminage Of Cyl. Mus. BoxNorwood, Elton M.CYLJustifying cylinder pinsA discussion of the reasons for justifying cylinder pins.
198834213Orgn Grinder & Monkey (Photo)Staats, RickyORSHistoryA photo of an organ grinder and his monkey, 1939. In Philadelphia, PA.
198834214E.T. Paull American ComposerGoodman, SolomanMUSAn American composerA tribute to E.T.Paull.
198834216Post Card Circus pt 5, AHeintz, Ralph M.OTHPost cardsA selection of humorous post cards depicting organ grinders.
198834224Preserving Old PaperHines, SpencerOTHHow to preserve paperA reprint of an article from the Washington Post on how to preserve old paper products.
198834226Orgn Grinder, Study..Amsterdam, ALincoln, Alan J.OTHOrgan grinder donationsA study of the psychology of soliciting donations to organ grinders, from "Psychology Today" 1977.
198834228Mira Caper, TheKarp, LarryDISMiraA Mira purchaseThe story of a Mira musical box bought at auction.
198834231Reeds-The Heart Of An OrgnStevenson, Gary G.ORSVariousOrgan reedsHow to identify problem reeds and repair them.
198834236Early Transitional Cyl. Mus. BoxTillotson, OlinCYLUnknownEarly key-wind music boxDetails of an early "transitional" four tune musical box with external controls.
198834239Pianovo, TheStrengers, Hendrik H.PIAPianovoPianovo barrel pianoDetials of a rare Pianovo barrel piano with a spring motor, possibly made by the Popper Co., Leipzig.
198834244Zither And Her Shape, TheVan Der Meer, Anne D.STRZithers.Automatic zithers and zither attachments to musical boxes are described.
198834247Photoplayer WantedBowers, Q. DavidORCMovie theatre photoA photo of Frank Nash, the sound effects man at the Casino Theatre in Portland, OR. Circa 1920
198834248Lecoultre & Granger Cyl. BoxRulli, AngeloCYLLecoultre & GrangerLecoultre overture boxAn early lecoultre & Granger machine playing 6 airs on 5 revolutions of the cylinder.
19883431Jean Billon-Haller's Clndr Mscl BoxesVreeland, Roger J.CYLBillon-Haller, JeanBillon-Haller mechanismsThe various components of the Billon-Haller machines are described.
19883437Birdcage, TheGoldman, Kenneth M.AUTBorrell, Henry1810 singing bird in cageA gilt bronze clock in the form of a birdcage with animated singing bird is described.
19883438Mscl Watch, TheNorwood, Elton M.TIMmscl watchesConcerning the bells used in early watches, and a tribute to Elton Norwood.
19883439Clndr Pin Geometry & AccuracyBulleid, AnthonyCYLRaking cylinder pinsA discussion of the geometry and advantage of raking cylinder pins, and for terminage.
198834312More ManivellesEric, ChristianMINManivellesA series of photos of unusual manivelles.
198834315Lecoultres, 2 - Makers Of Clndr Mscl BoxesGermain, PierreCYLLecoultre brothersLecoultre family historyAn investigation into the relationships and history of the Lecoultre family.
198834323New Century-Some StatisticsChoffnes, AlDISNew CenturyNew Century statisticsAn explanation of the various styles of New Century music boxes and their serial numbers.
198834330(AD) Apollo Player, (1913)Shaprio, JonahPIAApolloA trade post cardAn advertising post card for the Apollo Player piano by dealer Clark's, Syracuse, NY. Circa 1913
198834331Post Card Circus pt 6, AHeintz, Ralph M.OTHPost cardsA series of post cards showing mechanical musical instruments used in political advertising.
198834336Mscl and Automaton Watches and Snuff BoxesOrd-Hume, Arthur W.J.G.TIMErotic automata watchesDescritions of erotic automata watches and their development over time.
198834341Pianocorder Reproducing System..Baker, Robert L.PIAPianocorderPianocorder systemDetails of the Pianocorder reproducing system.
198834345Trade CardFratti, NancyHISTrade cardA trade card for organ repairs.
198834346Seeburg Exploits Theater MarketBowers, Q. DavidORCSeeburg, J.P.Seeburg photoplayerA description of the Seeburg motion picture player as installed at the Carmen theatre, Chicago, 1914.
198834348Music Box Disc Price ListJohnson, BarryDISTune disc prices 1898/1902A list of tune disc prices from various makers, 1898 - 1902.
19873311Adam Carroll Interview pt1Howe, Richard J.PIAInterview with Adam CarrollPart one of an interview with Adam Carroll, a legendary piano roll artist.
19873315Black Forest Ger.& Mechanical Music, TheJuttemann,Dr. HerbertHISBlack forest manufacturingAn article detailing the mechanical music manufacturers of the German Black forest region.
198733113Thoughts On Collecting Mscl BoxesCrawford, Richard F.HISAdvice on collectingFounding member Richard Crawford recalls early collecting experiences and offers advice.
198733115Early Miniature SnuffboxEric, C./Eric, K.MINEarly miniature snuff boxPhotos of an early miniature snuff box with a sectional comb and cylinder length of only 1 3/4".
198733116Some Rare Berliner PhotographsStrengers, Hendrik H.PHOBerlinerBerliner phonographsA brief history of the Berliner family and its achievments.
198733118Diary Of William SteinwaySteinway, H.Z.HISPlayer piano tidbitsAn extract from the magazine "Etude" telling of the benefits of a subscription.
198733118Piano Rail, TheRoehl, HarveyPIASteinwaySteinway diary excerpt.An excerpt from the diary of William Steinway about reproducing mechanisms.
198733119Housing Your CllctnBowers, Q. DavidOTHHousing your collectionThe requiremens for building suitable rooms for housing your collection are discussed.
198733121(AD) Tel-Electric Piano, The (Postcard)Bowers, Q. DavidPIAPost cardA post card depicting one of the unique aspects of the Tel-electric piano.
198733122Charles Bruguier Singing Bird BoxNorwood, Elton M.MINBruguierBruguier singing bird boxDetailed photos of a Bruguier singing bird box.
198733123Wurlitzer 165 At Circus WorldOlson, KeriORLWurlitzerCircus World MuseumDetails of a Wurlitzer 165 Duplex Orchestral Band Organ at the Circus World Museum.
198733125Showcase Music Box MechanismBeck, C./Beck, D.CYLCylinder box coin mechanismA photo(unfortunately upside down) showing a coin mechanism and details of its operation.
198733126Hupfeld Helios-Update pt2Van Der Berg, P.J.ORCHupfeldHupfeld Helios updateA photograph showing a Hufeld Helios with a factory installed accordion.
198733127Annual Meeting (1954 Photo)McClintock, GeorgeHIS5th Annual Meeting photoA photo of the attendees of the Fifth Annual Meeting, Dearborn, MI. 1954
198733128Hupfeld Phonoliszt-Violina, TheReinhart, MarkORCHupfeldHupfeld Phonoliszt ViolinaA description and some early drawings of the mechanism of this instrument.
198733129(AD) Phonoliszt-Violano, TheRoehl, HarveyORCHupfeldAdvertisementAn advertisement for the Hupfeld Phonoliszt Violina.
198733130How Much Is That Music Box In The WindowBopp, R./Bopp, M.HISMusic box developmentA condensed view of the development of the musical box.
198733133Post Card Circus pt 3, AHeintz, Ralph M.OTHPost cardsA number of post cards with an Easter motif including mechanical musical instruments.
198733140Rare 'Gaudin' Dance Hall OrgnGrymonprez, LeonardORLGaudinGaudin dance hall organA history and photos of a Gaudin dance hall organ.
198733141Surviving Karakuri Craftsman, AMurakami, KazuoAUTJapanese Karakuri craftsmenAn explanation of the development of the Karakuri automatons and their craftsmen in Japan.
198733143(AD) Autopiano On The USS Connecticut (Postcard)Bowers, Q. DavidPIAPost cardA pst card showing an Autopiano on board the U.S.S. Battleship Connecticut.
198733144Automatic Mscl Instrument pt2Penna, A./Penna, R.HISAutomatic music chronologyA chronology of automatic musical instruments, 1897-1980.
198733148(AD) New Century Mscl BoxDISSymphonionNew Century advertisementAn advertisement for the New Century in a Symphonion advertisement.
19873322Langdorff & Metert 1844-65Bulleid, AnthonyCYLLangdorff and MetertDating Langdorff & MetertCharting and dating Langdorff & Metert musical boxes is discussed, with reference to serial numbers.
19873325Norwegian Street OrgnsKile, TrygveORSVariousNorwegian street organsA list of Norwegian street organ makers and a description of their machines.
19873328Salesmen's Samples Of Chromo TopsSchumacher, Joseph H.MINChromolithographsChromo prints that may have been used to decorate the tops of musical box cases.
19873329Trade Card (J. Thibouville)Heintz, Ralph M.ORSTrade cardA Thibouville-Lamy trade card for organettes, with prices.
198733210It's Just A Snuff Box But...Eric, ChristianMINEarly miniature music boxAn early musical snuff box is illustrated, showing a beatiful lid picture and fine movement. Circa 1820.
198733211Standard Player Action, TheRoehl, HarveyPIAAeolian Corp.Trademark of STANDARDThe trademark of the word STANDARD is granted to E.G. Harrington Co. #58,721 December 1906
198733212Mira Twins Reunited After 80 YearsChoffnes, AlDISMiraTwo consecutive MirasPhotos of two consecutively numbered 15 1/2" Miras are shown, with details of minor differences.
198733214Disc Data-A Comparison Of DiscsOrd-Hume, Arthur W.J.G.DISComparison of disc dataA chart is given, showing the camparitive features of a large number of musical box discs.
198733217Adam Carroll Interview pt2Howe, Richard J.PIAInterview with Adam CarrollPart two of an interview with Adam Carroll, a legendary piano roll artist.
198733220New Century Discs-4000 SeriesConn, CoulsonDISNew CenturyNew Century tune disc titlesA list of tune disc titles for the 4000 series New Century musical box.
198733222Clowning AroundGoodman, K./Norwood, E.AUTPhaliboisA rare clown automatonDetailed photos of the restoration process for this automaton are shown.
198733224Icelandic Music Box, An (Symphonion)Penna, A./Penna, R.DISSymphonionSymphonion simplex style 28SThe discovery of a Symphonion style 28S in Iceland is the basis of this story.
198733226Hofbauer 20 Key Street OrgnBlum, ThomasORSHofbauerHofbauer 20-key street organA 20-key Hofbauer ogan in kit form is assembled to complete satisfaction.
198733227Dutch Street Orgn (Photo)Hale, AlfredORLPhoto of a Dutch street organA 1965 photo of a street organ.
198733228Tribute To Ozzie Wurdeman, ABopp, RonaldHISOzzie Wurdeman tributeA tribute to the lifetime achievements of Ozzie Wurdeman.
198733231Happy Honker, The (Mechanical Horn 1888)Smith, C./Smith, K.TOYDorner, AntonAn 1888 mechanical hornA toy mechanical horn made in Germany is described, including details of a patent search.
198733234Mscl Box Pitch & Tuning pt1Spriggs, James O.CYLmscl box pitch and tuningPart 1 explains the structure of musical notes and how they relate to musical box scales.
198733236Vibrating Teeth (Article Correction)Worswick, GeorgeCYLCorrections to V32 #2Correction to an article concerning vibring teeth and musical treasures
198733236Mscl Treasures (Correction)Rulli, AngeloMINCorrections to V32 #2Correction to an article concerning vibring teeth and musical treasures
19873331Manivelles-More Than Mscl ToysRulli, AngeloMANVariousManivelles are describedA number of maivelles, from Adler to Thorens are described in detail.
19873335Post Card Circus pt 4, AHeintz, Ralph M.OTHPost cardsPost cards made from photographs of real people with mechanical music are shown.
198733311Kalliope Wall Model Disc Box, AHaas, JohnDISKalliope14" wall model KalliopeA rare 14" rim drive Kalliope disc musical box is discovered as part of a wall clock.
198733312Marotte-A Charming Mscl Toy, TheSchumacher, Joseph H.MANA description of a MarotteBisque headed musical dolls called "Marottes" are illustrated and described.
198733314Mini Art GalleryEric, ChristianMINVariousMiniature art casesSmall musical boxes with exquisite art on the lids is shown.
198733316Peerless: Amer.1st.Coin Piano MakerCrandall, RickORCPeerlessPeerless history and productA complete history of the Peerless piano company with descriptions of their models, photos, etc.
198733332Seeburg 'H' Solo Orchestrion (Postcard)Bowers, Q. DavidORCSeeburgSeeburg H Post cardA pst card showing a Seeburg H orchestrion circa 1912.
198733333Mscl Box Pitch & Tuning-pt2Spriggs, James O.CYLmscl box tuning scalesPart 2 of a comprehensive investigation of the tuning scales for disc and cylinder musical boxes.
198733341Jamison Mscl Box, The (Olympia)Bopp, RonaldDISOlympiaAn Olympia auction purchaseThe story of a 15 1/2" Olympia disc musical box at auction in Parsons, Kansas.
198733343Langdorff & Metert (Production Chart)Bulleid, AnthonyCYLLangdorff & MetertProduction chartA production chart for Langdorff & Metert musical boxes, 1843-1858.
198733344New Century Discs-8000 SeriesConn, CoulsonDISNew CenturyTune list for New Century 8000A list of tune titles for the New Century 8000 series musical box.
198733346Norwegian Street Orgns (Update)Kile, TrygveORSNorwegian Street OrgansAn update of information to the MBSI Journal V33 #2.
198733346(AD) BandOrgn Photo-Long Island, NY.(Postcard)Bowers, Q. DavidPIABand organ post cardA post card showing a band organ in Long Island City, NY. Circa 1905-1915.
19863212Orpheus, TheConn, CoulsonDISOrpheusOrpheus history & productsA history of the Orpheus and a description of their various models
198632112Hurdy Gurdy As Tuned By LawLahee, Henry C.ORSHurdy Gurdy storiesHumerous stories about Hurdy Gurdy's reprinted from National Magazine, January 1898.
198632115Trade Card (J&P COATS) Orgn GrinderBlair, LaurelORSAdvertising cardAn advertising card with monkey organs
198632116Sublime HarmonyBulleid, AnthonyCYLSublime harmonie tuning.An explanation of the design and development of the sublime harmonie format.
198632118Civil War Memories Of An Orgn GrinderBrewer, JamesHISA Hurdy Gurdy storyAn excerpt from "The Children of Pride", edited by Robert Manson Myers, 1972. Story based in 1855.
198632119Regina Movement, ABeck, C./Beck, D.DISReginaEarly Regina mechanismPhotos of an early Regina (Polyphon) mechanism showing details of all the components.
198632122Whistling Trapeze ArtistSchumacher, Joseph H.AUTGriesbaum, KarlWhistlerDetails and photos of a trapeze artist whistler.
198632125Stella, MFG. New, Tune DiscsJohnson, BarryDISStellaMaking Stella discsA description of the tools an methods used to make new Stella discs.
198632127What Key Does It Play In ?Jayre, Allen, Jr.ORLOrgan tuningAn explanation of the various tuning terms, including some tuning scales and tuning methods.
198632130Raffin 31 Scale CorrectionHardman, JackORSRaffinRaffin Corrected tuning scaleA corrected tuning scale from a winter 1985 article on the Raffin 31 keyless organ
198632131Regina 8' Disc TitlesStevenson, Gary G.DISRegina8" tune disc titlesA list of titles for the Regina 8" tune discs.
198632137Miniature InterchangeableHeintz, Ralph M.CYLUllman, Charles / Troll, SamuelSmall interchangeable cyls.Small interchangeable cylinder boxes by Ullman (Multiphone) and Troll are examined.
198632142Record Of A Voyage In 1893-96, TheNansen, FridtjofHISEarly ship's musicA short description of the musical instruments carried on an exploration ship, 1893-1896.
198632144Guitarophone, TheGuinness, Murtogh D.STRGuitarophoneGuitarophone photosAn unusual Guitarophone is shown. U.S. Patent pending, D.R.G.M. No. 147342
19863222Vibrating TeethBulleid, AnthonyCYLVibrating teethThe factors affecting the quality of the sound produced by a vibrating tooth are discussed.
19863224Wurlitzer DiversifiesBowers, Q. DavidORLWurlitzerWurlitzer diversificationInteresting ways the Wurlitzer company is diversifying in the 1980's.
19863225Post Card Circus pt 1, AHeintz, Ralph M.OTHPost cardsPost cards showing a variety of mechanical music with an International flavor.
198632216Photoplayer, Reminiscences, & Theater OrgnsBowers, Q. DavidORLPhotoplayersReminiscences abut the advent and development of photoplayers and theater organs.
198632223Imhof & Mukle AgencyBowers, Q. DavidHISImhof & MukleImhof & Mukle photoAn early photo of the Imhof & Mukle agency, Oxford St. London
198632224Karakuri On FloatsMurakami, KazuoAUTJapanese Karakuri automataDetails of Japanese Karakuri (automata) used on parade floats and their operation is explained.
198632229Mscl Treasures (Snuff Boxes)Norwood, Elton M.MINEarly sur plateau snuff boxPhotos of an early silver snuff box with a 34 tooth sur plateau movement is shown.
198632231Christie's Old Orgn pt2Strengers, Hendrik H.HISChristie's old organ addendumAn addendum to the article in V31 #3.
198632233Gold & Silver Steamboat Models W/Mscl MovementSchumacher, Joseph H.CYLmscl ship modelsGold and silver model steamships with musical movements in a case underneath are described with photos.
198632242Street Piano For NapoleonPenna, A./Penna, R.HISNapoleon's barrel organA photo of Louis Napoleon III's barrel organ used for entertaining in the Chateau Compiegne.
198632244Gustav BruderGrymonprez, LeonardHISBruder, GustavBruder personal letterA letter by Gustav Bruder detailing his early years, is reproduced.
19863232Mermod Coin-Op MechanismBeck, C./Beck, D.CYLMermod FreresCylinder box coin mechanismPhotos and description of the coin mechanism on a Mermod Freres cylinder movement.
19863235Early History Of The MBSIFabel, MargueriteHISEarly history of MBSIA recollection of the early years of MBSI as told by Marguerite Fabel.
19863239Hupfeld Helios, A Regenerated (update)Bowers, Q. DavidORCHupfeldHupfeld Helios updateAn observation that an accordion was never factory installed on the Hupfeld Helios. See V33 #1 pge 26.
198632310Miraphone: A Rare Hybrid, TheChoffnes, AlDISMiraThe MiraphoneA description and photographs of the various Miraphone models.
198632315Chronological History-Automatic Mscl InstrumentPenna, A./Penna, R.HISAutomatic music chronologyA chronology of automatic musical instrumens, c.135 B.C - 1896.
198632320Post Card Circus pt 2, AHeintz, Ralph M.OTHPost cardsA number of post cards showing children with mechanical music.
198632327Great Snuff-Box Mystery, The (Addendum)Heintz, Ralph M.MINSnuff box sheet musicAn addendum to V30 #1
198632328Restoration Of A Jaquet-Droz (Bird Cage Clock)Metzger, FrankAUTJaquet-DrozBird cage clock restorationDetails and photos of an extensive restoration on a complicated Jaquet-Droz automaton bird cage clock.
198632347Christie's Old Orgn pt3 Strengers, Hendrik H.HISChristie's old organ revisitedAn addendum to the article in V31 #3
1985303190Mscl ClocksFabel, MargueriteTIM
1985303196Mechanical Drinking Bear, ASchumacher, Joseph H.MIN
1985303201Where Are They Now, The Edison DollsMarchal,PattyPHO
1985303205A.N.W.B. Carillon At The Hague, TheStrengers, Hendrik H.OTH
1985303214(AD) Music Box (Manivelle)Ottenhiemer, PaulMAN
1985303215What Purpose Replica?Penna, R./Zirkes, M.ORS
1985303220Automatic Music, Alaska Yukon Pacific Ex.Brown, Dan C.HIS
1985303226Inside The Disc-Shifting New CenturyChoffnes, AlDIS
1985303230Wedding Present, ASmith, CraigCYL
1985303252(AD) PlumbagoYoung, David R.OTH
19853112Countries Know To Have Associated With Mech. MusicOrd-Hume, Arthur W.J.G.HIS
19853117Hupfeld Helios, A RegeneratedVan Der Berg, P.J.ORC
198531110Mechanical Mscl Instruments In TV And MoviesWalker, CharlesOTH
198531112Forte Piano (A Unique Clndr Movement)Bulleid, AnthonyCYL
198531117Robert Hope Jones Invest. Violin PianosBowers, Q. DavidSTR
198531121J.W. Whitlock And His Automatic HarpCrandall, RickSTR
198531162Disc-Shifting New Century (Addendum)Choffnes, AlDIS
198531163Gamme' (On Scales And Tuning)Bornand, Ruth C.CYL
198531165Clndr SpinningKubin, Joseph E.CYL
198531170Automata Eye MovementsSpriggs, James O.AUT
198531274Music Of The MastersFilardo, GregoryMUS
198531277Player OrgnsLynch, JimORL
198531285Morals Taught By DollsBooth, RogerHIS
198531286Additional European DiscsConn, CoulsonDIS
198531290(AD) Fischer PianosOttenheimer, PaulPIA
198531291(AD) Old Phono Ads From The NetherlandsStrengers, Hendrik H.PHO
198531298(AD) Criterion Music Box (1899)Penny Magazine, TheDIS
198531299Orgn Player Barbary, TheRulli, AngeloORLHistory
1985312100Pierre EichGrymonprez, LeonardORC
1985312105(AD) Olympia Music Box (1899)DIS
1985312106Oddities, Rarities & Penny ArcadesCrandall, RickOTH
1985312126(AD) Inventor's Company Free Music BoxesTIM
1985312127Anderson Piano HarpLindwall, BillOTH
1985313129Decisions, DecisionsHass, JohnCYL
1985313134Player Orgns-Tubular Orgn Pipes, # IILynch, JimORL
1985313142(AD) Mira & Stella, Christmas (1904)DIS
1985313143Orgelbau RaffinHardman, JackORL
1985313145Regina Restoration, A Test Of PatienceStevenson, Gary G.DIS
1985313152Christie's Old Orgn pt1Strengers, Hendrik H.HIS
1985313162(AD) Olympia, Cosmopolitan Magazine, (1899)DIS
1985313163Annual Meeting (1950 Photo)Crawford, R./Crawford, E.HIS
1985313164Further Mscl Box Lid PicturesConn, CoulsonDIS
1985313169Tannhauser Twilight, The (Reprint)...Strengers, Hendrik H.DIS
1985313169(AD) Regina, Christmas (1903)DIS
1985313170Barrel Orgns From NorwayKile, TrygveORL
1985313172More On The Tannhauser TwilightGoldhoorn, LuukDIS
1985313178Way They Were, The pt1Beck, C./Beck, D.CYL
1985313178Deciphering Orgn Music...Music Box Cyl.Beck, C./Beck, D.DIS
1985303204Trade Card (Orgn Grinder)Bellhorn, C. KeithORS
19842812Wurlitzer In Hiding, ABowers, Q. DavidORC
19842817Inside Pitch, TheFratti, NancyCYL
198428110Researcher's Guide: Mec. Music, AFried, FrederickOTH
198428118Mortier Firm, (Madame Constance Bax)Grymonprez, LeonardORLHistory
198428122Ingenious Electrical Mandolin PlayerMusic Trade ReviewSTR
198428123Magic Cupboard, TheGuinness, Murtogh D.AUT
198428124See-A-Tune, TheHeintz, Ralph M.TOY
198428126(AD) Paillard Music BoxCYL
198428127Repair & Maintenance Of Miniature Movements & CaseMetzger, FrankMIN
198428140Gavioli History, AMiller, Robert G.ORLHistory
198428145Rise & Fall Of The Player Piano, TheOrd-Hume, Arthur W.J.G.PIA
198428156Red Nickels (Marking Your Coins)Young, David R.OTH
198428157Roll PerforatorsReblitz, ArtMUS
198428160(AD) PaillardOttenheimer, PaulCYL
198428262Herb Arntson, Music Book Arranger ExtraordinaireRoehl, HarveyORL
198428269Honing Comb TipsRoesch, JosephCYL
198428272(AD) Ideal Music Box (1894)Ottenheimer, PaulCYL
198428273Spring-In-Clndr MechanismSchumacher, Joseph H.CYL
198428278(AD) Automatic CoronetOttenheimer, PaulOTH
198428279Clues To The Tunings Of Mscl BoxesSpriggs, James O.CYL
198428295(AD) Regina Corona Music BoxOttenheimer, PaulDIS
198428297Sidney Harrison's Mscl Box-1940 pt1Strengers, Hendrik H.HIS
1984282100Orgn Grinder Boys (1832)Young, K./Young, D.ORS
1984282101Marvelous Manivelle, TheTheobald, GeorgeMAN
1984282104Tidbits (Puzzle)Tillotson, OlinOTH
1984282105Using SnuffMartin, JudithMIN
1984282107Pin Accuracy In Clndr Music BoxesWells, DavidCYL
1984282112Trade Card (Vaucanson)Bowers, Q. DavidAUT
1984282113Clndr Circles-That Rotted MusicWorswick, GeorgeCYL
1984282116Hurdy Gurdy Party Announcement (1903)ORS
19843013Hurdy Gurdy To The RescuePenna, Robert F.ORS
19843018Stella/Mira Disc Up DateConn, CoulsonDIS
19843019Dating Two Hand-Cranked Mscl BoxesSchumacher, Joseph H.CYL
198430112Repinned Clndr, The pt2Worswick, GeorgeCYL
198430117How To Order Piano Rolls (1923)Strengers, Hendrik H.PIA
198430143(AD) Bremond Music BoxOttenheimer, PaulCYL
198430144Charming Poem, A (Boston 1832 H.F.Gould)Capprill, Frank G.OTH
198430145Experimental Regina, AnChoffnes, AlDIS
198430148Paper Roll Bridge RepairSpriggs, James O.MUS
198430149(AD) Olympia Music BoxOttenheimer, PaulCYL
198430150Gambling With A Music BoxConn, CoulsonDIS
198430155New Century (Addendum)Conn, CoulsonDIS
198430156Mscl CaneMetzger, FrankMIN
198430158Yamaha Piano Receives Orgn TransplantBrown, VernonMUS
198430159Great Snuff Box Mystery, TheHeintz, Ralph M.MIN
198430166(AD) Orphea Music BoxesOttenheimer, PaulDIS
198430167James Sandy, Another Maker's Mark Unmasked Metzger, FrankMIN
198430168Australian Polyphon Auto Changer, AnFreedman, FrankDIS
198430177Spraying Custom FinishesReblitz, ArtOTH
198430178(AD) Autophone (1882)Ottenheimer, PaulORS
198430179(AD) More Mscl ElephantsHeintz, Ralph M.OTH
198430180Gebruder Weber OrchestrionGrymonprez, LeonardORC
198430182Blowers And Pumps (Addendum)Elam, BondPIA
198430183Schabernack & LumpenpackStrengers, Hendrik H.ORSHistory
198430286Early Disc Mscl Box DevelopmentBoehck, SteveDISSymphonion & PolyphonEarliest mechanisms10 5/8" Symphonion with Swiss combs, 15 5/8" Polyphon covered comb
1984302103Researcher's Guide To Mechanical Music (Addendum)Schuhknecht, PeterOTH
1984302104(AD) Regina 'New Club Plan'Boehck, SteveDISReginaAdvertising9/19/03 Sat. Evening Post full page ad disc of the month "Club Plan"
1984302105Support Stick, Molinari Monkey OrgnRoehl, HarveyORS
1984302108Gebruder Weber OrchestrionsGrymonprez, LeonardORC
1984302111NecessairesFabel, MargueriteMIN
1984302117Archimedes & Hero-An Historical NoteHeintz, Ralph M.AUT
1984302118Tuning, Tempering And Mscl BoxesNorwood, Elton M.CYL
1984302123Build A Mini-Calliope (Popular Mech.1982)Gunnar, DaleORS
1984302125Libellion In Norway, AKile, TrygveOTH
1984302130Diary Disclosures Of John GabelCrandall, RickPHO
1984302166Mscl Staircase, A (1902)Music Trade ReviewOTH
1984302167Disc CollectingConn, CoulsonDIS
1984302171(AD) Mozart Mfg. Co. (1888)Ottenheimer, PaulCYL
1984302172Case Of The Same Cabinet Maker, AChoffnes, AlDIS
1984302175There Pinned Clndr (Errata To: Vol. 29 #3)Worswick, GeorgeCYL
1984302176Not-So-Silent Films & Some Sound Effects, TheFried, FrederickORC
1984302184Paper Roll Bridge Repair--UpdateDouglas, AlanMUS
1984302185New Century (Addendum)Conn, CoulsonDIS
1984302186Sidney Harrison's Mscl Box-1940 pt2Strengers, Hendrix H.OTH
1984302188Orgn Grinder, Tony The (1938 Photo)Schumacher, Joseph H.ORSHistory
1984303204Metropolitan Life (Trade Card)Bellhorn, C. KeithORS
19832712Mscl Glove Box, ASchumacher, Joseph H.CYL
19832715Literature Discovered Fr. America's 1st Coin-Op.MuCrandall, RickHIS
198327120Cover StoryHeintz, Ralph M.OTH
198327121Our Wooden Clock (1890)Lukin, Rev. J.TIM
198327144New Era Automatic Mscl InstrumentsOrd-Hume, Arthur W.J.G.HIS
198327251Music Box DiscsConn, CoulsonDIS
198327265Autophone Music (A Strip In Time)Stevenson, Gary G.ORS
198327273Music Box TariffsSchumacher, Joseph H.HIS
198327274C.J.Heppe And SonRoehl, HarveyPIA
198327286Long Lost Correspondence Between Stella & MiraStockinger, HerbDIS
198327288(AD) 'Edison's' Phonograph DollPHO
198327289Chromo-Top Mscl Box, ASchumacher, Joseph H.CYL
198327295Music And The Mscl BoxOrd-Hume, Arthur W.J.G.CYL
198327296More On Wallenberger & Gantner OrchestrionDahlinger Jr., FredORC
198327296Cover Story, The (Hurdy-Gurdy)ORS
1983282106Puzzle SolutionTillotson, BrendaOTH
19832913New Century, The (Some Questions Answered)Choffnes, AlDIS
198329115Theofiel Mortier OrchestrionsGrymonprez, LeonardORC
198329119Mscl Box Lid PicturesConn, CoulsonDIS
198329125Automatic Flute Player (Musa Brothers)Lehr, Andre'HIS
198329135New Century 6000 Disc ListingConn, CoulsonDIS
198329138Unusual Hand-Cranked Mscl Box, AnSchumacher, Joseph H.MAN
198329141(AD) Jacot, Juillerat & Co.Ottenheimer, PaulCYL
198329142Automaton, The Priest (from the Financial Times)Marsh, JanetAUT
198329145Syreno Orgnette, TheCalland, Robert L.ORS
19832923Popper Felix-An American Saga, So Here's Crandall, RickORC
198329223New Century UpdateChoffnes, AlDIS
198329234Piano Man-Conlon Nancarrow, TheMcLellan, JosephPIAHistory
198329236Bear Down-A Novel BlotterHeintz, Ralph M.MINThorensDescriptionFeatures of a carved 36-note Thorens musical blotter.
198329239Master Craftsman Extraordinaire, ARulli, AngeloOTH
198329242Telephone Used in Orgn tuning, The (1911)Music Trade ReviewORLHistory
198329243Dodecagonal Tritschler Orchestrion, AVan Der Berg, P.J.ORC
198329247Adriana's 'Congratulations, 'New Year 1885'Strengers, Hendrik H.OTH
19832931Priest Automata (Errata)Metzger, FrankAUT
19832932Blowers And PumpsLynch, JimPIA
198329311Hints On Restoring AutomataFabel, MargueriteAUT
198329314Stella & Mira (Addendum)Conn, CoulsonDIS
198329315Those Fascinating Band-Orgn StatuesGrymonprez, LeonardORL
198329316New Century (Addendum)Conn, CoulsonDIS
198329317Euterpephon And A Friend, TheConn, CoulsonDIS
198329325Rare Japanese Automata, 18th CenturyMurakami, KazuoAUT
198329334F.G. Otto's 'Hole Story'Choffnes, AlDIS
198329337Trade Card (Orguinette)Bowers, Q. DavidORS
198329338Repinned Clndr, The pt1Worswick, GeorgeCYL
198329343(AD) Jacot, Juillerat & Co. 1887Ottenheimer, PaulCYL
198329344Who? When? Where? UpDate (Mscl Clock)Rowles, BrandtTIM
198329348Tritschler Orchestrions (Addendum)Van Der Berg, P.J.ORC
19802611(AD) Illustration From Pianola Ad (6-1902)Cosmopolitan Mag.PIA
19802612Columbian Exposition Souvenir AlbumSchumacher, Joseph H.CYL
19802616Fotoplayers, Films, Follies, &Bopp, RonaldORC
198026115Slay It With MusicFried, FrederickAUT
198026125Barrel Orgn & Butcher's Boy, Music of TheORS
198026126Construction Of Water Clocks, On TheHeintz, Ralph M.TIM
198026132Interesting Program, An (Hymolia Pipe Orgn 1901)Music Trade ReviewHIS
198026133Cleaning Piano-Action PartsRoehl, HarveyPIA
198026136Death Of Eduard SueurMusic Trade ReviewHIS
198026137(AD) Simplex Special Piano Player, 1903Roehl, HarveyPIA
198026138Symphonion Eroica In SwedenLindwall, BillDIS
198026143Mscl Staircase, AHIS
198026143First Orchestrion In Buffalo, TheORCHistory
198026144Note Accenting On Player-PianosOrd-Hume, Arthur W.J.G.PIA
198026156Piano In The Pavilion, ThePIA
198026157Criterion Catalogue (Reprint)DIS
198026297(AD) Pianola Ad, (1902)Cosmopolitan Mag.PIA
198026298Orgn Barrels, Retrieval Of Data FromOrd-Hume, Arthur W.J.G.ORL
1980262106Freres Nicole, Movements, Comparison TwoFitch, Howard M.CYL
1980262113Orgn Grinder, The (Cover Story)Heintz, Ralph M.ORLHistory
1980262113Strike Delays Work On OrgnORLHistory
1980262114Automata (Children's Story 1833)Child, Mrs.AUT
1980262118Orgn Grinder, Young Stephen Crane And TheORLHistory
1980262119Post Card Parade pt2Bowers, Q. DavidOTH
1980262136Fotoplayers, Films, Follies, & ( Correction For)Bopp, RonaldORC
1980262136More On BlastingRoehl, HarveyPIA
1980262137Snorer (Der Schnarcher), TheSchumacher, Joseph H.AUT
1980262140Incidental MusicOTH
1980262141Bird-In-Key For Bird-In-BoxFead, JanetMIN
1980262142Adjusting Direct-Reading RegulatorsSpriggs, James O.PIA
1980262143Numerous Complaints (1901)Music Trade ReviewPHO
1980262144Welte Pianos, Tuning Keyboard For KeylessOrd-Hume, Arthur W.J.G.PIA
1980262146Steinway Co. & Mechanical Pianos, TheRoehl, HarveyPIA
1980262151(AD) Steinway, Aeolian, Weber, & Welte Cat.Ottenheimer, PaulPIA
1980262157Tune List Stella & MiraConn, CoulsonDIS
1980262187Automaton, Another Middle EastAUT
1980262187Barrel Orgns, The Baby And THEORLHistory
1980262188Music Box, TheBornand, Ruth C.CYL
1980262189Otto Shocker, An (Electric Cell)Brehaut, AlanOTH
1980262192(AD) Criterion 1897Harpers Mag.DIS
1980263194Foul Play To Piano Man Is Suspected (1913)Ottenheimer, PaulHIS
1980263195Encore Automatic Banjo, TheRichard, Crandall L.STR
1980263213Homeric Automata, TheStrengers, T./Strengers, H.AUT
1980263217(AD) J. Wellenberger & Ganter (Orchestrion)Fried, FrederickORC
1980263218Mechanical Music And The World RecessionOrd-Hume, Arthur W.J.G.HIS
1980263227Errol Garner And Player PianosPIA
1980263228'Mantel' Orchestrone, ACalland, Robert L.ORS
1980263230Nixon, Agnew, And Mscl BoxesMUS
1980263231Measurement & Analysis, Music Box ScalesSpriggs, James O.CYL
1980263245You Blow, You Turn, You Get MusicSchumacher, Joseph H.TOY
1980263252Orgn Grinder, The Little RussianPenna, Robert F.ORSHistory
1980263253Cover Story, TheTIM
1980263254Edison And His Hat, Mr.Strengers, Hendrik H.PHOHistory
1980263258Palinurus PeeperHIS
1980263259Malignon Piano-ForteWells, DavidCYL
1980263265Recording Mechanical Music DataOrd-Hume, Arthur W.J.G.MUS
1980263266Boy And The Music Box, TheSanders, ArthurHIS
1980263267Magnus Self-Player Orgn, TheFitch, Howard M.ORS
1980263275Memories Of A Celluloid SaxophoneTOY
1980263284Orgn Grinder, Trade Card (J&P Coats)Blair, LaurelORS
1980263284Dulcimer Player, TheBrownstien, MichaelSTR
1980263285Street Piano, TheSanders, ArthurPIA
1980263286When The Player Piano BalksSmith, McGregorPIA
1980263287Orgn Grinder and Children (1920 Circa)Bopp, R./Bopp, M.ORS
1980263288(AD) J. H. Holcomb, 1885Fritz, Jackson W.ORS
19792512Louis J. Hoone, An AppreciationFitch, Howard M.HIS
19792513William Drysdale's Automatic ChangerEdgerton, WilliamDIS
197925114Repairer's Pleasures, AMetzger, FrankCYL
197925129Notes On Early OrgnettesLevy, Marion I.ORS
197925140Welte Orchestrion In Cleveland, ABowers, Q. DavidORC
197925141American Orgnette In GreeceORL
197925142Mscl Boxes For TouristsBlyelle-Horngacher, J.E.CYL
197925147Gavioli Orgn, Defining ARoehl, HarveyORL
197925153In An Appalachian TownBaker, Robert L.ORL
197925161(AD) G.A. Schwarz, (1884)CYL
197925162Monkey Fiddler In Philadelphia, TheAUT
197925162Old Music Box, TheSwain, Alice MackenzieOTH
197925163Nicole Freres Boxes Cat.& Int. Cyl.CYL
197925183Birth & Growth Of A Popular SongDreiser, TheodoreORS
197925189Uncommon Rivenc Box, AnCYL
197925190Cover Story (Manivelle), TheMAN
197925191Sheet Music CoversMUS
197925196Shape Of Things To Come, TheJamison III, PhilipAUT
197925196(AD) Exhibit- Vaucanson's Duck/Mech. Elephant (1846)AUT
197925297Strum The Rhythm & Play The TuneSchumacher, Joseph H.TOY
1979252102Pianola & Pure Photography, ThePIA
1979252103Sterling Disc Box, The CuriousBoehck, SteveDISF. G. Otto HistoryExample of a 15 5/8" Euphonia short bedplate and Otto tune list for 15 5/8"
1979252115Criterion Music Box, Tune ListDIS
1979252126Two Birds In A Gilded CageFitch, Howard M.MIN
1979252140Product Of Yankee Ingenuity, APenna, Robert F.ORL
1979252142Mscl Mechanisms In The Movies 5Baxter, JoanOTH
1979252143Eroica Disc, Music Arrangements On SymphonionReblitz, ArtDIS
1979252144Post Card Parade pt1Bowers, Q. DavidOTH
1979252154Grand Ball On Board TrainOttenheimer, PaulOTH
1979252155Violano-Virtuosos Sound Terrible.', 'AllHattrup, Edward F.STR
1979252162Two More Self-Playing Mscl ToysKitner, Michael L.TOY
1979252168How To Restore A Plated PartGilson, RobertOTH
1979252170Cements For Tortoise-ShellGrossman, J.OTH
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197319131Member...News (Mussell, Douglas)Santa Barbra News PressHIS
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1973194215Equip Your Player With A Dancing DollPier, Alan R.OTH
1973194219Come To San FranciscoHeintz, Ralph M.ORL
1973194220Member...News (Finn, Jeffery)Robbins PamHIS
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1973194231Automatic Music To GoMusic Trade ReviewOTH
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1973196324Bremond InstructionsMetzger, FrankCYL
1973196325Nipper A Mastiff? Hardly!Kennedy, Charles W.PHOHistory
1973196326Shop Notes (Noisy Music Boxes)Roesch, JosephCYL
1973196329Orgns (1827 Letter)Gray, JohnHIS
1973196330Church & Chapel OrgnsRoesch, JosephHIS
1973196332Tune Sheet, Adolfe WoogGlasgow, VickiMUS
1973196334La Belle Epoque, Memories FromMiller, Robert G.ORLHistory
1973196350Member...News (Roenigk, Martin & Elise)Wethersfield PostHIS
1973196353Greek Toy, AHopkins, Albert A.AUT
1973196354Duo-Art, Prohibition Laws, And TheMueller, AlanPIA
1973196355(AD) Capital Music Box (McClure's Mag.)Schumacher, Joseph H.CYL
1973196356(AD) Marshall & Wendell Ampico, 1925PIA
19732012Mandate For Authenticity, AMiller, Robert G.ORL
19732016Shop Notes (Mainspring signatures)Roesch, JosephCYL
197320111Botcher's Award, TheKitner, Michael L.ORL
197320113Chapuis On SpringsFitch, Helen F.CYL
197320115Instructions For Setting Barrels, 1696Derham, Wm.TIM
197320122Tune Card, Alibert, AvailableRyder, Hughes M.MUS
197320124Garbage' Box, TheGuinness, Murtogh D.CYL
197320127'Dirty Trick' Thwarted (1900)Music Trade ReviewPHO
197320127Street Piano, The Strikers And TheSchumacher, Joseph H.PIA
197320128W. Chinning Bryan (Cartoon 1900)Chronicle, ThePHO
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197320142Hooghuys, Layout For 70-KeyGrymonprez, LeonardORL
197320143(AD) 'Orguinette' (1882)Fritz, Jackson W.ORS
197320144Member...News (Alan, Douglas)Brayton, Bradford C.HIS
197320148Double Trouble 1925Finn, JefferyPIA
197320150Cover StoryFitch, Howard M.ORS
197320266Amusement Of Children, For TheFritz, Jackson W.MAN
197320275Gavioli-WaldkirchMiller, Robert G.ORLHistory
197320278Regina Chime Clock, TheBishop, JohnDIS
197320285(Ad) M.J. Paillard, 1866Schumacher, Joseph H.CYL
197320286Shop Notes (Thoughts On Music Box Resonance)Roesch, JosephCYL
197320293Annual Meeting (1973)Maxwell, AudreyHIS
1973202104Barrel Orgn With Figures, AGuinness, Murtogh D.ORS
1973202108Member...News (Hanselmen, Leland)Deakman, ElizabethHIS
1973202116Stereo Card ( 1904)Brewer, JamesPHO
1973202117(AD) Early GraphophonePHO
1972183131Gadget. The (How the VLCDfpPIM was Invented & How to Make OneReblitz, A./Kitner, M.ORC
1972183141Gebruder WeberBowers, Q. DavidORC
1972183146Phonographs, Those Curious OldLynch, JimPHO
1972183149Repair Of Miniature Cases pt1Metzger, FrankMIN
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1972183157Centennial Orgn, 1876ORLHistory
1972183159Distinguished Hand-Orgnist, The (1896)ORLHistory
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1972183166Member...News (Glascow, Vicki)Pauley, GayHIS
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1972183180Tune Sheet (B.A. Bremond Fabricant)MUS
1972183182(AD) Roth & Engelhardt, 1904Chadwick, JamesPIA
1972183187Decap Continuous-Music SystemGrymonprez, LeonardORL
1972184196Phonographs, Coin-Operated AmusementLynch, JimPHO
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1972184207Rolmonica Inst. & List Of RollsFitch, Howard M.ORS
1972184214Chase-ing Down A NameBaker, RichardDIS
1972184215Disc Projection ReplacementBeckett-III, Thomas G.DIS
1972184218Tune Card (Nicole Freres)Ryder, Hughes M.MUS
1972184219How Is An Orgn Music Book Made?Grymonprez, LeonardORL
1972184222Shop Notes (Comb Slitting)Roesch, JosephCYL
1972184225Calliopes (1872)Douglas, AlanORL
1972184226Calliopes, Continued (1904)Fitch, Helen F.ORL
1972184227Windy MusicComming, WilburORL
1972184229(AD) Kranich & Bach (Harpers Mag.)Fitch, Howard M.PIA
1972184230Member...News (Wood, Joe)Habermehl, AnneHIS
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1972185280Automata, Remarkable PerformingAUT
1972185285Tune Sheet, CH.& J.Ullmann Cat.Ryder, Hughes M.MUS
1972186316Repair Of Miniature Cases pt2Metzger, FrankMIN
1972186325Cox's Museum Cat., 1772Guinness, Murtogh D.HIS
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1972186343So It Seemed (Or Innocent Merriment 1901)Music Trade ReviewPIAHistory
1972186343Mechanism Of The Player PianoAshbridge, Alvin D.PIA
1972186344Orgn Grinder's Serenade, The (1897)Harris, CharlesORSHistory
1972186346Carillon Now Chimes At BBCNew York PressHIS
1972186347Wurlitzer's Military Band (Reflections On Music)Sheehan, KevinORLHistory
1972186348(AD) Reginaphone McClure's Mag.Roehl, HarveyDIS
1972186349Shop Notes (Special Tools)Roesch, JosephCYL
1972186355Gold-Molded Era, TheLynch, JimPHO
1972186358Decap Drum Cabinet MountingGrymonprez, LeonardORC
1972186359Member...News (Logan & Mason)Sarasota Herald TribuneHIS
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19721912Rolmonica -`Milestone' ModelHeintz, Ralph M.ORS
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197219110(AD) 2 Criterion (ca.1890s)Jackson, FritzHIS
197219112Shop Notes (Stella Repairs)Roesch, JosephDIS
197219124Restoring The Clndr PhonographLynch, JimPHO
197219127Edison 'Standard' Operating DirectionsLynch, JimPHO
197219132Tune Sheet, HarmoniphoneGlasgow, VickiMUS
197219133Stereo Card (Mscl Billy Goat 1899)Schumacher, Joseph H.HIS
197219134Automaton, An Ancient (1901)Hopkins, Albert A.AUT
197219136Decap Drum UnitGrymonprez, LeonardORC
197219139Dictionary Of Tuning ScalesGoldstein, RonORL
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197219142Stella Lubricant, Word Of CautionRoesch, JosephCYL
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197219144Street Orgns), (Politics and, Yes Or No?Bowers, Q.D./Friberg, C.ORS
197219258Shop Notes Mscl Christmas Tree StandsRoesch, JosephCYL
197219277(AD) Early Regina ChristmasGlasgow, VickiDIS
197219278Some Reasons For CollectingBowers, Q. DavidOTH
197219280Dictionary Of Tuning Scales 2Heintz, Ralph M.ORS
197219281Annual Meeting (1972)Maxwell, AudreyHIS
197219291Phonograph HornsLynch, JimPHO
197219293Book Review (Ency. Of Mec. Mus.)HIS
197219295Stella Variation, A Mail-OrderMangum, M./Mangum, W.DIS
197219296Pianolyzer, TheMesser/Bechway/SteinsteinPIA
197219298Member...News (Schumacher, Joseph)Hercules MixerHIS
1972192100Tune CardRyder, Hughes M.MUS
1972192101Stephen D. Engle Apostolic ClockTIM
1972192105Bruder Orgn Firm, TheGrymonprez, LeonardORL
1972192106Link In The DrinkMoore, RobertORC
1972193164Member...News (Freyer, Ed)Meddis, SamHIS
1971173105Violano To Play, Getting An OldBarr, Don D.STR
1971173109Regina ReasoningMerrick, Byron P.DIS
1971173110Repinning Music Box DiscsFilardo, GregoryDIS
1971173119Whodunit (1820 Snuff Box Movement)Berman, JosephCYL
1971173121Muzzio Orgn Works, CatalogueBarny, Mr.HIS
1971173136Shop Notes (Repairing Art Glass)Lynch, JimORC
1971173140Member...News (Dodson, William)Williams, GeneHIS
1971173144Tidbits (Nicole Freres #27039)Tillotson, OlinCYL
1971174153La Musicienne Des Jaquet-DrozFitch, Helen F.AUT
1971174158Link Piano Co.Bowers, Q. DavidORC
1971174162Orgn-Grinder, TheHaug, PaulORSHistory
1971174163Repairing Miniature Mscl Boxes (Dampering)Metzger, FrankCYL
1971174171Member...News (Bryden, Gordon)Standard Times, TheHIS
1971174172WhodunitBerman, JosephDIS
1971174174Violin Player, The BottomlessLightcap, AlanSTR
1971174184Shop Notes (Rebushing)Roesch, JosephCYL
1971174194(AD) Graphophone, (1899)Chadwick, JamesPHO
1971174196Regina 8-1/2' Original (Inst. Sheet)Merrick, Byron P.DIS
1971174198Tidbits (Rossini #5192 & Lecoultre #224)Tillotson, OlinCYL
1971175209"Big Bertha" BalletFitch, Helen F.ORL
1971175211General Repair Of Miniature Boxes pt1Metzger, FrankMIN
1971175218Member...News (Hanford, Warnn)Times LeaderHIS
1971175220Shop Notes (Heat Shield)Roesch, JosephCYL
1971175222Whodunit (Harmoniphon)Berman, JosephCYL
1971175224Tidbits (Box #11435 No Name)Tillotson, OlinCYL
1971175225Thoreau's Music BoxGurnee, JeanneCYLHistory
1971175227(AD) Regina Chime Clock, 1906Gurke, David M.DIS
1971175228Lyraphone, TheFitch, Howard M.ORS
1971175234Hupfeld Cat.Fried, FrederickORC
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1971176261Firm Of Mortier, TheBowers, Q.D./Grymonprez,ORLHistory
1971176269Unique Mscl Tompion ClockNevard, BillTIM
1971176271General Repair Of Miniature Boxes pt2Metzger, FrankMIN
1971176278Member...News (Lokemoen, Dick)Shopper & Foto NewsHIS
1971176280First, Pluck Your PeacockHeintz, Ralph M.CYL
1971176282(AD) Early EdisonFitch, Howard M.PHO
1971176283Shop Notes (Mainspring Winder)Roesch, JosephCYL
1971176290Tidbits (Key Wind 188 Tooth #915DC)Tillotson, OlinCYL
1971176292Eclipse Adjustment Spool & Electra Music RollsChadwick, JamesPIA
1971176296Animated Variety ShowCooper, Olan J.AUT
19711812Edison Record ManufactureRose, PeterPHO
197118111Phonoliszt-`Fiddle' Follow-upBowers, Q. DavidSTR
197118114Shop Notes (Files)Roesch, JosephCYL
197118117Pioneers Abroad, TheHIS
197118133New Life For Old CombsCann, JohnCYL
197118135(AD) Regina, 1897Jackson, FritzDIS
197118137Whodunit (Box Origins)Berman, JosephCYL
197118138Member...News (Coade, George)SanDiego UnionHIS
197118267Annual Meeting (1971)Maxwell, AudreyHIS
197118278General Repair Of Miniature Boxes pt3Metzger, FrankMIN
197118283Chamber Music Down EastBean, George H.MIN
197118284Shop Notes (Mr. Eckardt, Once Again)Roesch, JosephCYL
197118292(AD) Ring-Around-A-ReginaMerrick, Byron P.DIS
197118293ReminiscencesMosoriak, RoySTRHistory
197118294Preparations For The DanceSheehan, KevinOTH
197118296Maelzel In AmericanAUT
197118298Tidbits (Rzebitschek & Olbrich)Tillotson, OlinCYL
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1970164156Aero Autopiano In IdahoRoehl, HarveyPIA
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1970164161Apollo Player PianosMunsick, LeePIA
1970164171Regina, Could Anything Be Finer?Merrick, Byron P.DIS
1970164172Toy Artist, The (1901)Hopkins, Albert A.AUT
1970164173Violano Serial Numbers (Wanted Since 1956)Sanders, ArthurSTR
1970164175Hurdy-Gurdy SocietyHolliday, Robert C.HIS
1970164181Hurdy-Gurdy, Barefoot Lady With (1922)Reblitz, ArtORS
1970164182Tidbits (Francois Lecoultre ca.1820s)Tillotson, OlinCYL
1970164183Regina, A Self-Paying (27')Cheslock, BarryDIS
1970164184Member...News (Davis, Mark)Ford General NewsHIS
1970164185No Strings AttachedSanders, ArthurSTRHistory
1970164186Regina Mscl Savings Bank (Instructions)Merrick, Byron P.DIS
1970164193(AD) Edison Phonograph (1905 Everybody's Mag.)Fitch, Howard M.PHO
1970165202Photoplayers, TheatreBowers, Q. DavidORC
1970165214Homesick ?Merrick, Byron P.DISHistory
1970165215Member...News (Asbridge, Alvin D.)DSA NewsHIS
1970165216Violano Roll ProjectReblitz, ArtSTR
1970165217Gustav Uhlig Cat. Of Automata (1900)Haug, PaulAUT
1970165244Tidbits (L.B. # 25572)Tillotson, OlinCYL
1970166260Marie-Antoinette's Clock ca.1787Tiersot, JulienTIM
1970166273Electrical Discharge MachiningLaTorre, Andrew A.CYL
1970166276Two Short Projects (Piano Dolly...)Edgerton, William H.PIA
1970166277Ampico & Duo-Art RecitalsReblitz, ArtPIAHistory
1970166279Shop Notes (Supplies)Roesch, JosephCYL
1970166283Tidbits (Ducommun-Girod #25178)Tillotson, OlinCYL
1970166287Whodunit (Cuendet-Develay Fils & Co.)Berman, JosephCYL
1970166288Graphophones, Latest Use for (1902)Merrick, Byron P.PHO
1970166289Member...News (Donovan, Jack & Kay)Sothern Eve. EchoHIS
1970166290(AD) Regina (1904 Good Housekeeping)Roehl, HarveyDIS
1970166292(AD) Harmonette (1882 Peterson Mag.)Fitch, Howard M.ORS
19701711Metallurgy Of The Music BoxSchetky, L. McDonaldCYLHistory
19701718Sousa Band ,the, Discography AvailableBerman, JosephPHO
19701719Plimpton's ApollinoBowers, Q. DavidORCHistory
197017110Regina RarityOwen, E./Owen, R.DIS
197017112Steam Man, A (1901)Hopkins, Albert A.AUT
197017114(AD) Aeolian (1892)Ryder, StephenPIA
197017115Shop Notes (Artificial Graining)Roesch, JosephCYL
197017122Tune Sheet (Nicole Freres)Lubbock, D.E.MUS
197017123Tidbits (Nicole Forte Piano #24414)Tillotson, OlinCYL
197017124Regina Corona InstructionsMerrick, Byron P.DIS
197017127Duo-Art, The Wonder Of The (1922)Munsick, LeePIA
197017131Whodunit (George Bendon Of Ste.Croix)Berman, JosephCYL
197017135(AD) Comming Aristocracy (Engraving)Reblitz, ArtORS
197017136Member...News (Baker, Carl)Philadelphia Eve. Bul.HIS
197017141(AD) Pianola, 1907Burke, David M.PIA
197017250Articulated Bronze BeautyFitch, Howard M.CYL
197017252Early Bird Loses Feathers (Letter)Malitz, SidneyMIN
197017253Mscl Boxes In Paris Exhibit (1970)Horngacher, J.A.CYL
197017264Whodunit (U.S.Pat. #360,396)Berman, JosephCYL
197017266Once-Mighty OrgnDunn, SteveORL
197017268Annual Meeting (1970)Twomey, AnitaHIS
197017278Shop Notes (Christmas-Tree Stand)Roesch, JosephCYL
197017283Mechanical Horror, A (1895)Scientific AmericansTIM
197017286Member...News (Pilgermayer, Bill)Small World Mag.HIS
197017289Tidbits (F.Bruel, Rue Des Allemands)Tillotson, OlinCYL
197017290Tune Card, 60 Varieties Of AvailableLubbock, D.E.MUS
197017299(AD) Regina Shipment NoticeMerrick, Byron P.DIS
1969154138Automatic Music In AustraliaMcDonald, IanOTH
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1969154148Member...News (Wurdeman, Ozzie)Moncuri, Peyton-Greatfalls TribHIS
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1969156260Mscl Curiosity, AGriffith, DinorbenAUT
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196916119Terminology Corner (The Word Orchestrion)Reblitz, ArtORC
196916120Automaton, A CuriousHopkins, Albert A.AUT
196916122Announcement: Music Museum OpenGoodbud, Frank H.HIS
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196916124Tune Sheet, Fabrique De Geneve (12 Types)Ryder, Hughes M.MUS
196916126Tidbits (Ducommun Girod #3175 - 1829)Tillotson, OlinCYL
196916126Footnote On The Arms Of GenevaFitch, Helen F.MUS
196916127Tidbits (Addendum) VOL.15/#4/Pg150Ackerman, Henry T.CYL
196916128Member...News (MacInnes, Mr.& Mrs.)Worthington, HelenHIS
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196916285Self-Moving Carriage,1796Fried, FrederickAUT
196916285Wurlitzer's Military Band (Poem)Sheehan, KevinORL
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1968144106Dampering The Swiss Music Box CombBornand, Ruth C.CYL
1968144109Pleasures & Problems Of Importing A Music BoxEdgerton, William H.CYL
1968144112That Old Piano Roll ClueFitch, Helen F.MUS
1968144112Ever See A Piano Like This One ?Roehl, HarveyPIA
1968144113Imhof & Mukle Orchestrion, An InterestingBowers, Q. DavidORC
1968144120More On The MicrocosmFitch, Helen F.TIM
1968144122Answer BoxVreeland, Roger J.CYL
1968144130Member News …… (Lee R.Munsick)Dewey, Violet(Milwaukee Jour)HIS
1968144132Predecessors Of HI-FI SetsBowers, Q. DavidOTH
1968144136(AD) Early EdisonMcClures Mag.PHO
1968144137Svoboda's, Fire AtReblitz, ArtHIS
1968144143(AD) Symphonion, 1898McClure's Mag.DIS
1968145147Ingenious 3-Coin ControlHorngacher, J.A.CYL
1968145152Orgn-Boys, White Mice And (1851)Mason, Jane LucyORSHistory
1968145155American VS. European Band OrgnsReblitz, ArtORL
1968145158(AD) Graphophone, (1900)Munsey's Mag.PHO
1968145159More Keyboard CuriositiesFried, FrederickPIA
1968145159"Playwrite", TheRoehl, HarveyPIA
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1968145161Crystal Palace Mscl Clock (1851) CoverCassell, JohnTIM
1968145162Tune Sheet (Fabrique De Geneve)Ryder, Hughes M.MUS
1968145164Member...News (Miles Hugh)Birmingham PostHIS
1968145166Answer BoxVreeland, Roger J.OTH
1968145172Wildbredt OrchestrionBowers, Q. DavidORC
1968145175Where Is It Now?AUT
1968145176(AD) Simplex, 1903 Harper's Mag.Fritz, Jackson W.PIA
1968146182By-Law Amendment ProposedFitch, Howard M.HIS
1968146184Gavioli, Entertainment Of Yesterday, Bowers, Q. DavidORL
1968146186"Ubiquity John"ORSHistory
1968146187Annual Meeting Program (1968)Roehl, HarveyHIS
1968146190On The RecordReblitz, ArtHIS
1968146191Invitation Annual MeetingGoodwin, DickHIS
1968146192Answer BoxVreeland, Roger J.CYL
1968146195Weeks' Museum Auction Cat.1834Coole, PhilipHIS
1968146214Member...News (Wells, Jim)Finley, CissyHIS
19681511Profile of a Past President - Louis HooneTwomey, AnitaHIS
19681514Weeden's Mscl Watch-BoxFitch, Howard M.TIM
19681519Reel Roll CallsGoodbud, Frank H.MUS
196815110Robert Houdin And The Nightingale's Song (1859)Fitch, Howard M.AUT
196815112Band Orgn Comparisons, MoreBates, F./Reblitz, A.ORL
196815116Polyphons, Some Second-GenerationBowers, Q. DavidORCHistory
196815132(AD) Paillard, 1895CYL
196815134Member...News (Pomeroy, Daniel F.)Star GazetteHIS
196815137Answer Box (Small Orgn Questions)Vreeland, Roger J.ORSHistory
196815249Lesmusicies De ParisDaumier, HonoreORS
196815250Menace Of Mechanical Music, TheSousa, J.P.MUSHistory
196815257Centennial-Swiss Electric Piano, AGurnee, RussellPIA
196815259Member...News (Burr, Larry)Sellard, Dan (Emerald Empire)HIS
196815261Answer BoxVreeland, Roger J.HIS
196815265Annual Meeting (1968)Towomey, AnitaHIS
196815276Regina, Gift Of Painting To MBSIDIS
196815390Singing Bird BoxesPelissier, G.C.MIN
1968153100Stalacpipe Orgn, GreatGurnee, RussellORL
1968153104Wonderful ToysAshbridge, Alvin D.AUT
1968153109Final Triumph, TheVreeland, Roger J.DISHistory
1968153110Regina & Co., Diversification OfBowers, Q. DavidHIS
1968153111Tuyauphone, TheHannay, H. FordCYL
1968153124Member...News (Oppenhiem, Bob)Nelcoski, Mary-Sun. TelegraphHIS
1968153126Answer BoxVreeland, Roger J.CYL
1968153128Old-Time Sounds At `Illinois'Reblitz, ArtHIS
1967134106Svoboda's, Time Goes Back At Reblitz, ArtHIS
1967134113Band Orgn Terminology (Amer. v Europ.)Bowers, Q. DavidORL
1967134114Mscl Boxes In Colonial Amer.Fried, FrederickCYL
1967134119Dutch Book Out SoonVestal PressORL
1967134120Replacing Lugs On Steel Or Zinc Music Box DiscsBuchtel, BenDIS
1967134122Answer BoxVreeland, Roger J.HIS
1967134128Problems Of HumidityBowers, Q. DavidHIS
1967134130Member...News (Bornand, Ruth)N.Y.Sunday NewsHIS
1967134131(AD) Angelus Player Piano (1902)Collier's WeeklyPIA
1967134135Mailbox, The (Genuine Or Counterfeit)Tillotson, OlinCYL
1967134136Orgn-Grinder, TheLove, Bessie M.ORS
1967134137Suggestions For Music Box PhotographsBowers, Q. DavidCYL
19671340Convalescent, TheFitch, Howard M.ORS
1967135142Band Orgn, Book Music ForMcMullin, RobertORL
1967135145Member...News (George Butson)White, Virginia W.HIS
1967135148Music Box & Piano QuizBowers, Q. DavidOTH
1967135149Instructions For Mscl BoxesGautschi, HenryCYL
1967135151Regina Pianos, Varieties OfBowers, Q. DavidPIA
1967135153Malignon A GeneveTillotson, OlinCYL
1967135158(AD) Edison Phonograph (1909)Ladies' Home Jour.PHO
1967135159Answer BoxVreeland, Roger J.HIS
1967135165More CounterfeitsTallis, David A. R.CYL
1967135166(AD) Aeolian (1902)McClure's Mag.PIA
19671350Child's Gift, The (1860)Fraust, AnnieORS
1967136180Sunday Afternoon TourBowers, Q. DavidHIS
1967136189Olympia, Remember TheLippincott, JesseDIS
1967136190Member...News (McClintock, Mr. & Mrs.)Hagee, DorothyHIS
1967136192Answer BoxVreeland, Roger J.HIS
19671412Annual Meeting (1967)Twomey, AnitaHIS
19671417Weber Elite, Hunting Of TheBowers, Q. DavidORC
196714110L'Epee StoryVreeland, Roger J.CYL
196714126Numerical ControlCann, JohnCYL
196714130Answer BoxVreeland, Roger J.CYL
196714132Member...News (Sunley, Samuel)London SunHIS
196714139Kensington Church Street, LondonPrice, NancyTIM
196714242Governor That Does Not Start, The (II)Heckert, Glenn P.CYL
196714245Annual Meeting (1967)HIS
196714248Reginas, Instructions For Oiling Clockwork of Regina Co.DIS
196714249(AD) Regina' 1896Munsey's Mag.DIS
196714250Cremona 'Nickelodeons'Bowers, Q. DavidORC
196714258Member...News (Hughes Ryder)Painter, NancyHIS
196714260(AD) Jacot & Son 1894 - Ideal Mscl BoxesCosmopolitan Mag.CYL
196714260(AD) Jacot & Son 1892 - Ideal Mscl BoxesDemorest's Mag.CYL
196714261Answer BoxVreeland, Roger J.CYLHistory
196714265Ding Dong BellsSmith, Jerome V.C.HIS
196714268Blowing Bubbles (Clarabella Orchestrion Popper)Bowers, Q. DavidORC
196714374Ampico Rolls, Josef Lhevinne OnFarmer, JohnPIA
196714384Music Of The StreetFried, FrederickORS
196714388Dulciphone Mscl Sewing-Machine CoverORS
196714390Postscript On Admiral DeweyBowers, Q. DavidHIS
196714392Member...News (Lewis, Graham)Schaden, HermanHIS
196714396Answer BoxVreeland, Roger J.CYL
1967143100Hupfeld Orchestrion, Top Dollar?Bowers, Q. DavidORC
1967143103(AD) Mermod, Mscl ClocksCYL
19671430Debain's Antiphonal 1846Graham, LewisORS
19661234Music Boxes In New York SettingBornand, Ruth C.CYL
19661235Dutch Street OrgnHale, AlfredORL
19661241Photograph Your Music Box, How ToTrikosko, MarionCYL
19661244Jacot Music Box Co., About TheJacot, HermanCYL
19661251Regina, The American QueenCann, JohnDIS
196612513Question & Answer BoxVreeland, Roger J.CYL
196612525Visit Several Museums In EuropeMeijer, RobertHIS
19661261Annual Meeting Program (1966)MBSI
19661264Barrel Orgn Book, NewLangwill, Lyndsay G.HIS
19661266Proposal For The MBS, Expanding Inst. FocusBowers, Q, DavidMBSI
19661268Roasting The Golden GooseVreeland, Roger J.CYL
196612618Question & Answer BoxVreeland, Roger J.CYL
19661311Annual Meeting (1966)Burnett, RobertHIS
196613113Lore & Lure Of Music BoxesMcCullough, MaxineCYL
196613113Trip to EuropeCooper, Mrs. O. L.MBSI
196613116Svoboda, Interesting Facts About AlReblitz, ArtHIS
196613124Answer BoxVreeland, Roger J.CYL
196613129Note To The Membership, ALankes, DickHIS
196613238Capital Cuff Box, TheRyder, Hughes M.CYL
196613252(AD) Olympia, TheDIS
196613253Secretary Says, TheFabel, MargueriteHIS
196613254Genuine Or CounterfeitTillotson, OlinCYLKarrer, othersIdentificationEvidence that a box stamped Nicolle (not Nicole) Frères is likely to be Kerrer
196613255Can You Help With This MysteryBowers, Q. DavidORC
196613256Answer BoxVreeland, Roger J.HIS
196613259Another ProjectReblitz, ArtORC
196613264(AD) Aeolian Co. (1902)Collier's WeeklyPIA
196613265Ode To A LexiconOdeon, NicoleHIS
196613265Cheap Lesson, AFried, FrederickPIA
196613267Orchestrion, Note On GermanBowers, Q. DavidORC
196613370Lecoultre Riddle, New Clues In TheTillotson, OlinCYL
196613374Antiques Duty Free If 100 Yr. OldBornand, Ruth C.CYL
196613375Clips & QuipsBowers, Q. DavidHIS
196613376Perfection Music Box, TheRyder, Hughes M.DIS
196613382Notes From The Letter BoxMembership, GeneralHIS
196613383Niagara Shipping List, (1911)Bowers, Q. DavidHIS
196613388Member...News (Chester Thompson)Kimberly, ReginaHIS
196613391(AD) Graphones (1896)Munsey's Mag.PHO
196613391(AD) Graphones (1898)Pilgrim Baking PowerPHO
196613392Answer BoxVreeland, Roger J.HIS
196613398(AD) Echo Music Box (1902)Family Mag.MAN
19651131An Amateur Repinning UndertakenTillotson, OlinCYL
19651136Regina Hexaphone, AMarken, L.M.PHO
19651137Trip To New York & New Jersey, AHoone, Louis J.HIS
19651139Mscl ItemsFabel, ClarenceMIN
196511315Carol Parkinson's CllctnHIS
19651131Eastern Chapter Orgnizational Meeting Scheduled (ARTICLE MISSING)MBSI
19651141Annual Meeting Program (1965)MBSI
19651142Another Interesting TripHoone, Louis J.HIS
19651143Darwin Klinetob (Obituary)MBSI
19651148Gloria Music BoxBaker, RichardDIS
196511412Automaton, TheRyder, Hughes M.AUT
19651155Liverpool Museum Opens Music Box SectionHorngacher, J.A.HIS
196511512Link Piano NotesBowers, Q. DavidPIA
19651164Eastern Chapter 2nd MeetingMBSI
19651171Maillardet's AutomatonChapuis, A /Droz, E.AUT
19651211Annual Meeting (1965)MBSI
19651218Robert Johnson, A TributeHIS
196512114Music MakersLove, Gilbert(Pittsburgh Press)HIS
196512115Euclid Park (Smithsonian Tunes-in On Orgn)Collier, JoeORL
196512117Music Box For A PrincessHIS
19651221Nickelodeon, Everyone Ought Have, ABrock, JimORC
19651225Edison Cyl. Phono. Reproducer, TheMarken, L.M.PHO
196512213John E.T. Clark (Obituary)Guinness, Murtogh D.HIS
196512216Lecoultre, An Early Music Box FoundTillotson, OlinCYL
19641031Tale About A Little Man In A Tweed Suit, APlanus, GeraldCYL
19641039Interchangeability Of Mscl Box DiscsMoss, Ralph A.DIS
196410311Unusual Watch Movement, AnHorngacher, J.A.TIM
19641041Apostle ClockKitz, EdwinTIM
19641041Bridges' Cllctn In Canada, TheTriangle, IncoHIS
19641045Nicole - No. 1529, ABidden, George A.CYL
19641047Turn Of The Crank, AN.Y. TimesORS
196410414Member...News (Idamay & Allen MacInnes)The TelegramHIS
19641051Annual Meeting (1964)MBSI
19641053What Might Have BeenBowers, Q, DavidHIS
19641055Antique Mechanical Music Found In A Variety Of FormsBowers, Q. DavidHIS
19641057Player Piano (Feb-1964 Form)Armstrong, DurrellPIA
19641059Singing Bird (by Reuge), TheAUT
196410511Music Box At Ste.CroixCYL
196410516Roehl Cllctn, The (23 Pianos)Morse, JimHIS
196410516Words To Tunes On 17 1/4" Stella DiscsSmith Music PublisherMUS
196410518Thompson Museum In OhioAlbino, DorothyHIS
196410519Music Box To BolexWhitehurst, MargaretCYL
19641062Every Collectors DreamRoehl, HarveyHIS
19641060Museums & Exhibits (1964)HIS
19641111Annual Meeting (1964)MBSI
19641117Heckert Glenn P. (Obituary)HIS
19641118John Cuendet- A Tribute To Our Late FriendHenderson, DouglasHIS
19641123Exhibits at Annual MeetingLawson, JonHIS
19641125My Trip To Annual MeetingNona Mus, A.HIS
1963931Regina, Making Tune Discs for theKelley, LloydDIS
1963934Regina & Criterion Music BoxSanders, ArthurDIS
1963939Regina 'Piano' (Orchestrion)Jenkins, WadeORC
1963941Invention date of the Music Box - A Critical ReviewBurnett, RobertCYL
1963949Piano Museum In England, ABowers, Q. DavidPIA
19639411Music Box Cllctn Needs Real IngenuityLukens, JohnCYL
19639420Plerodienique, TheGuinness, Murtogh D.CYL
19639422California Chapter Formed (2-10-63)MBSI
1963951Estate Planning For CollectorsGroskin, Jerome C.OTH
19639510Homecoming Of Napoleon's Silver SwanAUT
19639512Clock Of The NationsTIM
19639513Instructions For Packing & Shipping Music BoxesBornand, Ruth C.CYL
19639515Mechanical Water-Powered OrgnMcMullin, RobertORL
19639518West Cost Chapter MembersMBSI
1963961Annual Meeting Information (1963)MBSI
1963964Rebuilding The Player PianoGivens, LarryPIA
1963968Music Box Man And The Homelite SawHirsch, JimHIS
1963971Four Happy Weeks In The Old World (Complete)Hoeltzel, JohnHIS
19631011Annual Meeting (1963)MBSI
19631016Report From West Coast ChapterDoke, WilliamMBSI
196310110Lucky Find, A (Pianorchestra)Bowers, Q. David/Harvey RoehlORC
19631021Criterion Automatic Changer, A 20-1/2'Jenkins, WadeDIS
19631025Electro-Magnetic OrchestraKagan, ClaudeORC
196310210PoemWhitehurst, MargaretOTH
196310211Sketch Of Unusual StopHolmes, BarclayCYL
196310212Problems On Recording Music RollsHenderson, DouglasMUS
1962831Four Happy Weeks In The Old World (pt1)Hoeltzel, JohnHIS
1962838Aeolian CompanyMcMullin, RobertPIA
19628311Amendment To By - LawsMBSI
19628317Special Music Box For Lawrence WelkBornand, Ruth C.HIS
1962841Four Happy Weeks In The Old World (pt2)Hoeltzel, JohnHIS
1962849Annual Meeting (1962)MBSI
19628410Change In By - LawsMBSI
19628413Globes & Spheres (by A. Chapuis)Fabel, MargueriteTIM
19628414Ragtime Society infoFisher, John A.MUS
1962851Four Happy Weeks In The Old World (pt3)Hoeltzel, JohnHIS
1962858Cecil Nixon: Man Who Lived In The PastWashington PostHIS
1962864First Meeting Of MBSoGBRyder, Hughes M.HIS
1962871Curious History of the Music Box, Corrections, Addition Comments.Mosoriak, RoyCYL
1962881Des Automates, Translation (Chap.18)Chapuis, AlfredAUT
1962911Annual Meeting (1962)Fabel, MargueriteMBSI
19629111By-Law AmendmentsMBSI
19629112Minutes Of So. California MeetingDoke, WilliamMBSI
19629114Show Orgn Hi-Fi RecordsParmley, G.MUS
1962921Four Happy Weeks In The Old World (pt4)Hoeltzel, JohnHIS
1962929QuiztimeMoss, Ralph A.CYL
19629211Chart Of An Orgn BoxRuth, A.J.CYL
1961731Saying It To Music 17th,18th CenturySunley, F.S.MUS
1961733News Of Our English MembersHIS
1961735Una-Fon, Circus Collector Find RareEstes, Mr.MIS
19617312Music Box Related BooksHIS
1961743The Acquisition Of A Music BoxEller, NancyCYL
1961745Dated Music Box, ABidden, George A.CYL
1961751Annual Meeting (1961)MBSI
1961753Governor That Won't Turn, The (I)Heckert, Glenn P.CYL
1961758Interesting Visit (Boston Science Museum)Hoone, Louis J.HIS
19617510Rewrite Of Notes By Roy MosoriakHoeltzel, JohnMUS
1961764Another Rare Music BoxBuscher, A./Buscher, J.CYL
1961765Regina Chime, An Unusual ItemHoone, Louis J.DIS
1961771Excerpts..Music Box & Mechanical MusicChapuis, AlfredCYL
1961811Annual Meeting (1961)Fabel, MargueriteMBSI
19618110Stella Music BoxesBornand, Ruth C.DIS
1961821Incident In Lloyd Kelley's Workshop, AnJenkins, WadeCYL
1961823Columbia Records - Of Music BoxesBurr, CharlesMUS
1961825Shopping With Hulda - Music Boxes Play On At SponholzHIS
1961827Extracts From Barbarian Newspaper (1861)Bidden, George A.HIS
1961828Music Box Recordings `Horn, R./Ford, R.MUS
19618210Madison Square Gardens Antique ShowFabel, MargueriteMBSI
19618212Player Piano Treasury (Letter)McMullin, RobertPIA
1960631Mscl PicturesBoser, GeorgeAUT
1960631Gift To MBS From Mr. GuinnessMBSI
1960635Another Francois Nicole Box FoundBidden, George A.CYL
1960638Amateur Tunes A CombHoone, Louis J.CYL
19606310Recorded Music LeagueDavis, FrankHIS
19606311River Boat Goes ColorfulAlbino, DorothyHIS
1960641Notes On PlayersArmstrong, DurrellPIA
1960644Welte-Mignon, Outline History OfMcMullin, RobertORC
1960646Letter From A TV ViewerKonvalinka, DanHIS
1960648Repair A Paper RollMarken, L.M.PIA
1960651Annual Meeting (1960)MBSI
1960652Memo On Recorded Music LeagueBornand, Ruth C.HIS
1960654Mechanical Music Museums, U.S.(1960)HIS
1960711Annual Meeting (1960)MBSI
1960715Books About Music BoxesHIS
1960716MBSI Charter & First Year MembersMBSI
1960718Paper From An Old Music BoxBidden, George A.CYL
1960721Mscl Arts...Middle Centuries-5Hoeltzel, JohnHIS
1960727Another Fabulous Music BoxBidden, George A.CYL
1960729Simple ways to Establish Age of a Music BoxFabel, MargueriteCYL
1959531Mscl Arts...Middle Centuries-4Hoeltzel, JohnHIS
1959533Mscl Box ProgrammesClark, John E.T.CYL
1959539Some AfterthoughtsHeckert, Glenn P.CYL
1959541Orgn Music BoxesBidden, George A.CYL
1959546Grandmama's MusicBuckle, CatherineCYL
1959549My Cllctn & HobbiesLeonberger, LouiseHIS
1959551Confessions Of A Reluctant Calliope PlayerJouard, PaulORL
1959554Annual Meeting (1959)MBSI
1959559CalliopesSmith, FredORL
19595511Care & Repair Of Paper Music RollsSanders, ArthurMUS
1959561Tenth Anniversary Special Bulletin (1959)Charter Members, TheMBSI
1959611Annual Meeting (1959)MBSI
1959621Theory Of Dampers, TheBidden, George A.CYL
1959625Excerpt's From Music Box Repair ManualJacotCYL
19596210Further Happenings To A Repairer Of Music Boxes Clark, John E.T.CYL
1958422Mscl Quality of Antique Swiss Music BoxHoeltzel, JohnCYL
19584211Player Pianos: Thru Thick & ThinArmstrong, DurrellPIA
1958431Special Meeting At Mr. Guinness'sHoone, Louis J.MBSI
1958433Roller Orgn, TheGivens, LarryORS
19584312Mscl Arts...Middle Centuries-1Hoeltzel, JohnHIS
19584316Horn's Music Box Arcade (Sarasota Fl.)HIS
19584321How Much Repairing Can I Do On My Music Box?Heckert, Glenn P.CYL
1958441Mscl Arts...Middle Centuries-2Hoeltzel, JohnHIS
1958447About Old PhonographsMarken, L.M.PHO
19584412How Far Can I Go In Repairing My Music Box? (1)Heckert, Glenn P.CYL
19584419Why One Wasn't EnoughArmentrout, FrancesHIS
19584421Albino Cllctn, TheHIS
1958451News Of The Annual Meeting (1958)MBSI
1958453How Far Can I Go In Repairing My Music Box? (2)Heckert, Glenn P.CYL
1958458Singing Bird BoxesBidden, George A.AUT
1958511Annual Meeting (1958)MBSI
1958519Music Box, What Is AWinter, AntonCYL
19585113Collecting Is My HobbySvoboda, AlHIS
1958523Mscl Boxes, The Object Of A CollectorClark, John E.T.CYL
1958527Horn's At SarasotaHIS
1957331Hupfeld-Art OrchestrionsGivens, LarryORC
1957339Regina Music Box, Renovating APuracchio, AnthonyDIS
19573312Exhibit At Nieman-MarcusBornand, Ruth C.HIS
1957341Automatons, MsclMerrick, Byron P.AUT
1957345Automata, Repairing MsclFabel, ClarenceAUT
19573411News from SwitzerlandHorngacher, J.A.CYL
19573415Question of Exchange, AClark, John E.T.HIS
1957351Projects For The SocietyLuhrs, HenryMBSI
1957354Annual Meeting (1957)MBSI
1957356Museums To Visit (1957)HIS
1957411Annual Meeting (1957)MBSI
1957414Suggestions for BulletinFord, RitaMBSI
1957417Music Box MarkingsBidden, George A.CYL
1956224Library Committee & ActivityMBSI
1956225Vacation Trip, AWagner, HIS
19562213Some ExperiencesHeckert, Glenn P.HIS
19562216Reconditioning Tune SheetsHoke, JohnDIS
1956235Reuge Of St. CroixHoeltzel, JohnCYL
1956245The Winder Cllctn (U.K.)Hoeltzel, JohnHIS
1956252Annual Meeting (1956)MBSI
1956254Spinning Wheel Features A Mscl BoxMBSI
1956256Editorial On The MBSSmith, MarjorieMBSI
1956312Refinishing Music BoxesFabel, MargueriteCYL
1956318Tuning Comb In Mscl BoxesHeckert, Glenn P.CYL
19563114His First Music BoxShuey, NelsonHIS
19563115Jukeboxes, The Older The BetterHenderson, JimHIS
1956321Annual Meeting (1956) (THIS ITEM MISSING)MBSI
1955123Ruth Bornand On T.V.Bornand, Ruth C.HIS
1955125Arch Rankin In Detroit Free PressRankin, AarchHIS
1955127Music Boxes In Saginaw Museum's Hobby ShowHoeltzel, JohnHIS
19551210' Wandering On Third Avenue 27 Years Ago'Hoeltzel, JohnHIS
19551214Lust's Astronomical ClockTIM
1955133The Hackers Of Jennings Mo.Fabel, MargueriteMBSI
1955136The Joys Of Music BoxesMorgan, WilliamHIS
1955137Interesting [Music Box] Story, AnWinter, AntonHIS
19551316More News From EnglandClark, John E.T.HIS
1955141Reminisces For The SocietyMosoriak, RoyHIS
1955143Correspondence From EnglandClark, John E.T.HIS
1955144Doll Cllctn At Knotts Berry FarmLeonberger, LouiseHIS
1955148Music Boxes, His (Mr. Buchtel)Hoover Newsy NewsHIS
19551410Robert Huish Alters HomeCalifornia TimesHIS
1955159Creation And Story Of M.B.S.I.Crawford,MBSI
1955150Fabel Cllctn, TheFabel, MargueriteHIS
1955161Replacing broken Teeth,Heckert, Glenn P.CYL
1955211Seventh Annual Meeting (1955)Fabel, MargueriteMBSI
1955219Mscl Boxes In BooksCYL
19552111Mscl Boxes In The Doll WorldLeonberger, LouiseAUT
19552113Collecting Music BoxesAlbino, DorothyHIS
1954111Annual Meeting (1954)MBSI
1954119Gallery Talk, Oberlin CollegeMerrick, Byron P.HIS
19541111The Hacker's Debut On T.V.Hacker, AlHIS