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Marvels of Mechanical Music DVD

Fascinating and beautifully-made film which explains the origins of automatic musical instruments, how they are collected and preserved today, and their historic importance, MBSI members and collections are featured. $20 USD. Free shipping in the continental U.S. Additional postage charges apply for other locations.


Regina Certificates

Regina Certificate

MBSI will provide a certificate showing the shipping date and recipient of your Regina music box. The serial number is stamped into a raised area on the bedplate or the circular platform on the center spindle of the Regina.

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MBSI Publications



A pictorial and editorial walk through 50 years of MBSI. This is a 240 page hardcover treasure of over 800 photos and 58,000 words of text. It is a must for every member new and old of MBSI.

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MBSI Pins and Seals



Proudly wearing your MBSI Pin shows your membership in the Society and will encourage conversation about mechanical music.



A seal on your mail is a great way to introduce your friends to MBSI.

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