John Zuk – 1 issues – end-date – 2023-05-01

1910 Roullet & Decamps Clown on Stilts Automaton in excellent working condition. Features intricate action including moving his head, hands, legs and mouth – topped off with a fabulous balancing act on a single stilt! More photos and video available. Contact John Zuk, at or 626-840-4241

Jason Marquis – 1 issues – expire-date – 2023-05-01

Mills Violano. This is serial number 2552. Just gone through by the world expert Terry Haughawout (see photo of recent receipt) It’s right out of the shop in perfect working order. Comes with 5 rolls. Local pick up or I will work with your shipper. Video and more pictures available on request. Location is Grafton, Ohio. Asking $18,900. Contact Jason Marquis, at or 440-396-3079

Ken Clayton – 1 issues – end-date – 2023-05-01

AEOLIAN STYLE 1500 player reed organ lot 90, #12437. The organ needs a new custodian.
I believe it is complete except for a broken stop knob. Valve leather has been replaced on exhausters only. I have $800 invested and would like to recover this. (NJ). Contact Ken Clayton, at or 732-530-1398

Marilyn Buechner – 3 issues – end-date – 2023-03-01

SELF-PLAYING DECAP ACCORDION model #1 with midi-system, Carousel horse carved by Tom Wade. Stander in armour, pedestal carved by Ray Jones, Gazo clock “Californian” 8-foot 1-inch, plays Ave Maria. Reproducing piano restored by Don MacDonald. Pictures available. Contact MARILYN BUECHNER, at or (608) 334-8518

Stan Willis – 3 issues – end-date – 2023-03-01

Porter Baroque Music Box with matching storage cabinet. It plays 15½in disc. The box has 2 musical combs w/76 teeth (152 playing teeth). It has a 5 octave range and will play 20 min on a single wind. The wind up motor is a clock works type made of cast iron and brass gears machines at Porter Music Box Co. Included is an assortment of 15 discs. $15,000 or best offer (owner will cover 1/2 of packing shipping costs). Contact Stan Willis, at or (707) 975-2727

George Kurz – Online Only

Automated pipe organ that includes the bass chest of a Seeburg photoplayer, three additional ranks of pipes, blowers, a console and automated by a roll-up piano player with many rolls of music. I am offering this instrument free to any collector. The organ is in Athens, Tennessee. George Kurz, at or 615-714-6120

David Ramey – 1 issues – expire-date – 2022-09-01

WESTERN ELECTRIC MODEL X features a piano with mandolin attachment accompanied by a 22 note xylophone with automatic expression. The volume of piano can be manually controlled with an exterior “Crescendo” knob and can be set to play anywhere from very quiet to very loud. It was restored by D.C. Ramey Piano Company in 2012 and was recently serviced by us to ready for sale. A special feature was added to the xylophone during restoration, a switching device that allows the xylophone to operate with a reiterating action (as original) or single stroke action. The device is removable and did not alter the original parts. $18,000. For photos and video, Contact DAVID RAMEY at or 708-602-3961.

Herb Brabandt – 1 issues – end-date – 2022-09-01

MILLS VIOLANO – Very choice condition, professionally well maintained, one of the best sounding violins and nicest you’ll ever find. Rare walnut cabinet. Roll library. Priced for quick sale. $17,500. LARGE CONCERT FAIR ORGAN – ornate facade, nine carved figures, plays the best 89 keyless GAVIOLI music. REDUCED $89,950. Contact HERB BRABANDT, at or (502) 425-4263

Tim Trager – 1 issues – end-date – 2022-07-01

Beautiful Welte Style 2 Cottage Orchestrion, outstanding sound, fine pipework with radiating brass trumpets, stunning oak case with gold stenciled glass. 52 Key Gasparini Fair Organ, elegant carved and decorated façade with moving figures. Coinola X Orchestrion with beautiful tiger oak case, orchestra bells, and extensive percussion. Seeburg KT with Xylophone. Coinola Reproduco/Seltzer Photoplayer tiger grain oak case with piano, violin pipes, flute pipes, and bass pipes. Rare Coinola C2 orchestrion with flute pipes, percussion, and walnut case. 67 Keyless Gebr. Bruder Carousel Organ, impressive carved façade, fantastic sound, large book music library, imported circa 1916 for use on an East Coast carousel, Mills Violano Virtuoso with rolls. Wurlitzer Style 150 Brass Trumpet band organ with amusement park history. Contact me for more information and photos. If you want to talk mechanical music, give me a call. Contact Tim Trager, at or P. O. Box 768, Island lake, Illinois 60042. Telephone: 630-269-3059

Dee Kavouras – 1 issues – end-date – 2022-07-01

Knabe Model B Ampico 5’4″ Queen Ann style case in figured walnut. Looks and plays great $4,900. Coinola Cupid nickelodeon, completely restored and refinished. Excellent condition. $6,900. Seeburg Greyhound dog race nickelodeon, completely restored and refinished. Excellent condition, $19,900. Faventia street piano on cart. – This one holds its tune well. $690. OIS 20 note electronic street organ on cart over 200 songs on chips excellent condition, $3400. Castlewood Monkey organ on stand, plays great, $2400. Contact Bill & Dee Kavouras, at or 352-527-9390

Bob Andreson – 1 issues – end-date – 2022-07-01

Lovely 1928 Chickering Ampico (A) 5’4” Grand Reproducing Piano with seat bench. Completely restored by Don McDonald with new strings and pins, and with a spool frame that will accommodate B rolls. 18 rolls included. Midi system later installed by Bob Hunt with files on included laptop. $19,500. Allan Herschell (Wurlitzer) 105 Carousel organ, circa 1926. Complete owner history known. Powerful and runs great. 11 rolls. $20,000. Seeburg KT Orchestrian with violin pipes, tambourine, castinets and triangle. Completely restored by Don McDonald with new hammers, felts, pins, strings, pneumatics and tubing. Has original Seeburg motor. 7 rolls. $26,000. All reasonable offers considered. Contact BOB ANDREN, at or (805) 630-2187

Ronald Schultz – 1 issues – end-date – 2021-11-01

Mills Violano #3931 purchased from Mills Novelty Co. in 2003. 100-point restoration done by the most well-known and respected Violano technician in the country. Flawless brown mahogany case. Instrument plays and sounds great. It has been serviced regularly. Plays from collection of 12 recut rolls or MIDI system with over 300 songs on hard drive. Retired, moving, need to sell. Will accept any reasonable offer. Contact Ron Schultz, at or (845) 386-2773

Herb Brabandt – 1 issues – end-date – 2021-07-01

MILLS VIOLANO – Seriously consider this one! Choice playing condition, sounds great, holds tune well, looks great, roll library. Price reduced to sell, $18,950: CARL FREI CONCERT FAIR ORGAN, plays Gavioli G4 scale arrangements by Carl Frei, Prinsen, Van Boxtel, Gustav Bruder. 1600 meters of books alone valued at $30M+ including overtures, musicals, popular, waltzes, marches. Nine carved figures. Has been indoors for past 40 years. Big organ sound. Need to move, so must sell. Price reduced to $99,500. Call for more details. HERB BRABANDT, at or (502) 425-4263

Jon Gulbrandson – 3 issues – end date 2021-11-01

Regina 15 1/2 music box. Mechanism was professionally restored. Bought new combs from Porter and and have been tuned and installed. Plays as it should. New top reproduced. Have receipts for work and parts. $2,100.00. Call Jon Gulbrandson, at (763) 923 5748

Rob Pollock – 1 issues – end-date – 2021-05-01

Mary Pollock Estate Mechanical Music at Auction. Automaton: Two seated articulated dolls porcelain heads. Manivelle movement Polyphon Style 65a Coin-Op 15½ “ Disc Music Box. Restored Regina Style 14 15 ½ Disc Music Box. Original Mason & Wendell Ampico A Upright Reproducing Piano. Older restoration Stroud Duo-Art Upright Reproducing Piano. Older restoration Discs, Piano Rolls, Roller Organ, Manivelles, small music boxes, ephemera Music Boxes sell on 13 Mar 2021, Pianos sell on 17 Apr 2021. Contact Phil Thompson, Auctioneer at 937-606-0588 Auctionzip #5640

Jon Carpenter – 3 issues – end-date – 2021-03-01

Wurlitzer 190 B Theater Organ with piano attached. Many capabilities. $15,000 OBO. American-built Scopitones with several extra films available. Two for $1,500 or one for $1,000, OBO. Seeburg Jukebox with records and wall box. $750 OBO. Duo Art Stroud Piano, restored. $750 OBO. Bush and Lane grand reproducing piano. Player action needs restoration. $500 OBO. Deacon Chimes. $350 OBO. Several hundred plus piano rolls, all types. One accordion setup that ties into theatre organ or similar device. $300 OBO. Contact Jon Carpenter

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Bill Wineburgh

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Art Reblitz

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Dave Corkrum

REPRODUCTION POLYPHON discs; Catalogs available for 19 5/8-inch, 22 1/8-inch, and 24 1/2-inch. DAVID CORKRUM 5826 Roberts Ave, Oakland, CA 94605-1156, 510-569-3110, Web: