What is not a music box?

Just as installing a CD system in your automobile does not change its essential nature as a car, installing a small novelty-type musical movement in a cigar box does not make your cigar box a music box.

The MBSI is not able to tell you much about any collectible item into which the item’s manufacturer has installed a small musical movement obtained from one of several makers. The place to go for information on those collectibles — be they furniture, ceramic items, stuffed toys, jewelry boxes, or whatever — is the group, magazine, or collectors’ club which is interested in the item used to house the musical movement.

There are exceptions to this rule. Musical Christmas tree stands is one such exception as are Lador powder boxes and musical photo albums. Boxes and watches sold under the Reuge name are usually worth repairing as are those made by Sankyo. There are a few others but by and large, when the significance of the musical aspect is far outweighed by the importance of its housing, the object in question falls outside the focus of the MBSI.