Ombro-Cinema (Shadow Theater)

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The Ombro-Cinema is a toy that combines a small music box with an animated story. The story is illustrated on a long strip of paper that is rolled up on two wooden spindles. When the music box is wound and played, it turns one of the spindles causing the paper to scroll behind a window. The animation effect is caused by having two slightly different drawings of each scene cut into thin slices and interlaced. The window has a fence painted on it with bars that are the same width as the drawing slices. Thus, when the paper is scrolled behind the fence the viewer rapidly switches between the two drawing as they are alternately hidden behind the fence.

Ombro-Cinema (Shadow Theater) 1
Ombro-Cinema (Shadow Theater) 2

The toy was manufactured in France around 1910.

This was found at a Seattle toy show around 1998. It came in a well-made cardboard box with the same graphics as the toy. There were four story rolls included, two in black and white and two in color. The story in the photos and video is Puss In Boots.