This search covers 2,063 issues of the Music Trade Review stretching from 1880 to 1954. There are several gaps. Notably, all of 1909 is missing and the years 1934 to 1939 plus the years 1942 and 1943 are also missing. Most years the Music Trade Review (MTR) published every week, so 52 issues per year with some issues containing as many as 200 pages of material.

This translates into more than 66,000 individual pages of the publication that are available to search.  In terms of subject mater, the MTR covered everything relate to music. There are stories the numbers and types of piano and automatic musical instruments being manufactured at the time. There are articles about industry events, legal troubles of the companies involved and profiles of people who made a living selling and building musical machines. In addition, singers and songwriters appear among the pages as well.

Use the search field below to enter a search term. If there are more than 100 search results, you will have the opportunity to view results by year via a small drop-down menu. Some of the more decorative cover images from this publication are presented below for your enjoyment.

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