The German Phonomuseum St. Georgen in the Black Forest shows the development of mechanical sound recording and playback since Edison’s invention of the phonograph 1877 to today. In a small extra show, the “precursors” of the phonetic technique are shown with mechanical musical instruments (flute clock, polyphonic, orchestrion, electric piano, etc.). With various phonographs, funnels, caskets, suitcases and “salon” grammophones, mechanical and electrical drives, electric pickups and their playback devices, plate changers for shellacs, the “Ur” Tefifon, jukebox, phono suitcases, the first hi-fi Stereo systems up to the high-tech turntables of the 1980s the curious will find very interesting the development history of the phono technique. Pictures, specialist literature and sound carriers complete the exhibition. Most of the exhibits are functional and are shown on guided tours. Director: M. Grieshaber.