Kiyosato Moeginomura Museum, Hall of Halls

Even in an era when there was no television or radio, music was a part of life. Musicians performed in opera houses, concert halls, restaurants and bars, and on street corners. In Europe and the United States, music boxes and self-playing musical instruments were produced based on various ideas and entertained people’s ears. The main hall where you can experience the sounds of the good old days. Enjoy a concert with delicate music boxes and overwhelmingly powerful self-playing instruments while thinking about the wonderful ideas and techniques left behind by our predecessors for music. A special concert guided by musicians active in the world while exploring this era. Through top-notch performances and friendly narration, we convey the joy and depth of music. Listening to a live performance right in front of you gives you a sense of realism that is different from that of a theater. Also a communication talk with customers. Please enjoy the moment when you can feel art close to you. (It will be held for a limited time. Please refer to the calendar for the detailed schedule.)