Franciszek Kotula Ethnographic Museum in Rzeszow

No mechanical music. Instruments and memorabilia belonging to Jozef Strzępek, and the oldest musical instruments owned by the Railway Orchestra in Zagorz, Orkiestra Związku Zawodowe Kolejarzy in Rzeszow, and Brass Band OSP in Besko and Brass Band OSP in Zarszyn. Among the presented instruments, most come from Graslitz in the Czech Republic, which belonged to the so-called Musikwinkel (Basin of the instrument factory), created by the Markneukirchen and Kligental centers (on the German side) and Graslitz (on the Czech side). One of the oldest instruments presented at the exhibition is the tuba from 1908 (owned by the Orchestra in Zagórz), Bohland & Fuchs Musikinstrumenten Fabrik Graslitz (now Hradec Kralove), and the Czech Republic. Additional info.