Deutsches Museum

Von Meisterwerken Der Naturwissenschaft Und Technik, Abteilung Mechanische Musik (a museum of masterpieces in science and technology) The Deutsches Museum has a large and significant collection of musical instruments. A collection of musical instruments was already included in the first concept of Oskar von Miller for the German Museum. As “technical acoustics”, the department showed the implementation of the acoustic laws in instrument making and the development of the instruments from the early days to the present and thus stood for the close connection of science, technology and music in the Deutsches Museum. Today the collection comprises about 1,900 musical instruments as well as more than 4,000 program carriers for jukeboxes. It documents the development of the instruments primarily of European art music. The collection spans a wide arc from a horn of the Etruscan era to modern-day synthesizers; it only includes clamps a few centimeters in size, as well as large, several-meter-high organs. The focus is on technical and technical aspects.