American Piano Company

New York City, 1908-1932. Made pianos, player pianos, and reproducing pianos. Incorporated by G.C. Foster and W.B. Armstrong of the Foster-Armstrong Co. in 1908. Acquired Chickering & Sons ( Boston) and William Knabe & Co. (Baltimore) in 1908, J. & C. Fischer (New York City) in 1920, and the Mason & Hamlin Co. (Boston) in 1922. Foster-Armstrong also owned Haines Bros., Marshall & Wendell Piano Co., Franklin Piano Co., Foster & Co., Armstrong Piano Co., Brewster Piano Co., the Amphion Co. (maker of player mechanisms, established 1903, acquired by American Piano Co. circa early 1920s), the East Rochester Iron Works, and the Ampico Corp. Merged with the Aeolian Co. in 1932 to form the Aeolian American Corporation.