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Title Author Subject Language
American Carousel Organ, The Bopp Band Organs
American Reed Organ, The Gellerman Organs
Antique Phonograph – Gadgets, Gizmos & Gimmicks Fabrizio & Paul Phonographs
Artistry in Time Walt Disney World Clocks
Automata – The Exhibition at Bagatelle Bailly Automata
Automata and Mechanical Toys Hillier Automata
Automates, Les Collection Automata French
Automatic Musical Instruments Haspels Mechanical Music
Barrel Organ Ord-Hume Organs
Book of the Piano, The Gill Piano
British Fairgrounds – A Photographic History Thackray Fairground rides
Circular Steam Switchback Scrivens & Smith Fairground rides
Clockwork Music Ord-Hume Mechanical Music
Clockwork Universe, The Maurice & Mayr Clocks
Collecting Mechanical Antiques Pearsall Miscellaneous
Collecting Musical Boxes and How to Repair Them Ord-Hume Music Boxes
Complete Catalog of Ampico Reproducing Piano Rolls Obenchain Miscellaneous
Curious History of Music Boxes, The Mosoriak Music Box
Cylinder Music Box Design and Repair Bulleid Music Box
Cylinder Music Box Handbook, The Webb Music Box
Cylinder Music Box Technology Bulleid Music Box
Dar zit muziekin Haspels Music Box Dutch
Disc Musical Box, A Compendium McElhone Disc Boxes
Disc Musical Box Handbook, The Webb Music Box
Discovering Antique Phonographs Fabrizio & Paul Phonograph
Encyclopedia of Automatic Musical Instruments Bowers Encyclopedia
Fairground Organ, The Cockayne Organs
From Music Boxes to Street Organs DeWaard Organs
Glorieuze Orgeldagen Wieffering Organs Dutch
Golden Anniversary Book Musical Box Society International 1949-1999 MBSI MBSI History
Great Chess Automaton, The Carroll Automata
History of the Musical Box and of Mechanical Music, The Chapuis Music Box
Joseph Haydn and the Mechanical Organ Ord-Hume Organs
Klangkunst – Catalog & CD Saluz Miscellaneous German
Kring Van Draaiorgelvrienden DeWaard Organs Dutch
Mechanical Music McElhone Various
Mechanical Music Cabinet, The Wendel Collection
Mechanical Musical Instruments as a Source for the Study of Notes Inégales Fuller Music
Mechanics of Mechanical Music Ord-Hume Music Box
Mills Violano-Virtuosos, The Kitner & Reblitz Orchestrion
Model B Ampico Reproducing Piano, The Saul Piano
Modern Piano, The Naider Piano
Museo Di Strumenti Musicali Meccanici, 1st Edition Marini Collection Italian
Music Box Murders, The Karp Fiction
Music Boxes Bahl Music Box
Music Boxes A Guide for Collectors Tallis Music Box
Music Boxes Their Lore and Lure (1 missing record) Hoke Music Box
Music Boxes – Nasu Orgel Museum Tanaka Various Japanese
Music Box Makers Jean-Claude Piguet History
Music Box Makers of Switzerland, The Bellamy History
Music in Time Catalog Exhibition Catalog
Musical Box, A History and Collector’s Guide Ord-Hume Music Box
Musical Box Handbook, The 2nd Ed., Vol. 2 Webb Music Box
Musical Box Handbook, The 2nd Ed., Vol. 1 Webb Music Box
Musical Box Tune Sheets Bulleid Music Box
Musical Box, The Ord-Hume Music Box
Musical Boxes and Other Musical Marvels Rulli Music Box
Musical Clock, The – Musical & Automaton Clocks and Watches Ord-Hume Musical Clocks
On Display-Forty Years of the Fair Organ Preservation Society FOPS Fairground Organs
Organette Book, The McElhone Organettes
Piano Playing Mechanisms White Piano
Pianolas Sudman Piano
Pianos and Their Makers Dolge Piano
Player Piano Treasury, 2nd Edition Roehl Piano
Player-Piano, History of the Mechanical Piano and How To Repair Ord-Hume Piano
Presto Buyers Guide Pianos, Players, Reproducing Adams Collection
Put Another Nickel In Bowers Orchestrion
Re-enacting the Artist Givens Piano
Rebuilding the Player Piano Givens Piano
Recent Revolution in Organ Building, The Miller Organs
Restoring Musical Boxes Ord-Hume Music Box
San Sylmar O’Kelley Collection
Scamming the Birdman Karp Fiction
Silver Anniversary Collection Fitch Miscellaneous
Talking Machine, The – Advertisements Weber Phonographs
Talking Machine, The – An Illustrated Compendium Fabrizio & Paul Phonographs
Technical History of the Player McTammany Piano
Tiroier Lied Gevarieerd Door Wagenaar Music Dutch
Treatise on the Art of Piano-Forte Construction, A Wolfenden Piano
Victorian Palace, The Sanfillipo Collection Sanfillipo Collection
Wonderful World of Mechanical, The. Book with Cassette Tape Turner Micellaneous Music
Wonderland of Music Boxes and Automata, The Troquet Music Box
Wurlitzer Band Organ Pipe Scales Lane Organs




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