Tim Trager

AFFORDABLE AUTOMATIC MUSIC MACHINES Richly decorated historic, restored, rare, 67 Keyless GEBRUEDER BRUDER Carousel Organ, famous WURLITZER STYLE 153, “Katy Lou”, from the Paul Eakins collection, perfect for a carousel. WURLITZER STYLE 150 with brass trumpets, brass trombones, brass clarinets, and brass piccolos with elegant facade. JOHNSON BAND ORGAN with bells playing 125 rolls, only $4,750.00. Rare NATIONAL 53 WHISTLE CALLIOPE with roll player. Original TANGLEY CALLIAPHONE with 43 whistles and roll player. SEEBURG STYLE F coin piano with flute pipes, the most beautiful “A” roll piano. WURLITZER PIANINO with violin and flute pipes. Top- Of- The- Line UNIFIED REPRODUCO COINOLA PHOTOPLAYER, just $3,750.00. Rare walnut cased COINOLA C2 orchestrion with pipes and percussion playing “O” rolls. Restored SEEBURG STYLE G Orchestrion with fantastic torch art glass, the best! Are you selling? Send me a list of what you want to sell! Give me a call and let’s talk! Free advice always given! TIM TRAGER P.O. Box 271, Wauconda, Illinois 60084 630-269-3059 tim@timtrager.com