Tim Trager – 1 issues – end-date – 2022-07-01

Beautiful Welte Style 2 Cottage Orchestrion, outstanding sound, fine pipework with radiating brass trumpets, stunning oak case with gold stenciled glass. 52 Key Gasparini Fair Organ, elegant carved and decorated façade with moving figures. Coinola X Orchestrion with beautiful tiger oak case, orchestra bells, and extensive percussion. Seeburg KT with Xylophone. Coinola Reproduco/Seltzer Photoplayer tiger grain oak case with piano, violin pipes, flute pipes, and bass pipes. Rare Coinola C2 orchestrion with flute pipes, percussion, and walnut case. 67 Keyless Gebr. Bruder Carousel Organ, impressive carved façade, fantastic sound, large book music library, imported circa 1916 for use on an East Coast carousel, Mills Violano Virtuoso with rolls. Wurlitzer Style 150 Brass Trumpet band organ with amusement park history. Contact me for more information and photos. If you want to talk mechanical music, give me a call. Contact Tim Trager, at Tim@timtrager.com or P. O. Box 768, Island lake, Illinois 60042. Telephone: 630-269-3059