Bob Andreson – 1 issues – end-date – 2022-07-01

Lovely 1928 Chickering Ampico (A) 5’4” Grand Reproducing Piano with seat bench. Completely restored by Don McDonald with new strings and pins, and with a spool frame that will accommodate B rolls. 18 rolls included. Midi system later installed by Bob Hunt with files on included laptop. $19,500. Allan Herschell (Wurlitzer) 105 Carousel organ, circa 1926. Complete owner history known. Powerful and runs great. 11 rolls. $20,000. Seeburg KT Orchestrian with violin pipes, tambourine, castinets and triangle. Completely restored by Don McDonald with new hammers, felts, pins, strings, pneumatics and tubing. Has original Seeburg motor. 7 rolls. $26,000. All reasonable offers considered. Contact BOB ANDREN, at or (805) 630-2187