MBSI Awards are given at the business meeting or awards luncheon at each Annual Meeting. Members wishing to have someone considered for an award may forward their suggestion, with the rationale, to the contact person noted for each award.

The Lifetime Service Award is given for a lifetime of service to the ideals and goals of MBSI. This is a special award given infrequently by the Trustees. Award suggestions may be sent to the Vice President.

The Trustees’ Award is given to the person who has made the greatest contribution to the Society and/or the field of automatic musical instruments in general. This award is given at the discretion of the Trustees. Award suggestions may be sent to the Vice President.

The Q. David Bowers Literary Award is given to the person who in that year or any previous year, has contributed greatly to the fund of literature either articles or books or other graphic contributions in the field covered by the Society. The award recipient is chosen by the MBSI Publications Committee, subject to the concurrence of the Trustees. Award suggestions may be sent to the Chair of the Publications Committee.

The Darlene Mirijanian Award is given for creativity in the field of mechanical music, to stimulate and encourage interest in producing new items of interest. Award recipients are chosen by the Nominating Committee, subject to the concurrence of the Trustees. Award suggestions may be sent to Chair of the Nominating Committee.

The Roehl Ambassador Award is given to an individual, group, or couple for promoting interest in and appreciation of automatic musical instruments. The award recipient is chosen by an Award Selector appointed by the Trustees. The Award Selector chooses from nominations submitted by MBSI chapters and members, subject to the concurrence of the Trustees. Award suggestions may be sent to the Vice President for forwarding to the current Award Selector.

The President’s Award is given at the discretion of the President for outstanding work or service, subject to the concurrence of the MBSI Executive Committee.

Lifetime Service Award

Ralph Heintz 2004
Q. David Bowers 2004
Marguerite Fabel 1999
Ruth Bornand 1999

Musical Box Society International President’s Award

Louis Hoone1963
Marguerite Fabel1963
Nancy Fratti1991
Ralph Schack1991
William Edgerton1991
David Ramey Sr.1994
Charlie Hind1994
Fredy Baud1995
Dave Beck1995
Ron Bopp1995
Terry Clayton1995
Franklin Corya1995
Vicky Glasgow1995
Larry Karp1995
Ted & Irene Leverett1995
Del Lohuis1995
Emery Prior1995
Frank Rider1995
Steve Ryder1995
Maureen Saboda1995
Bob & Diane Yates1995
Sylvia Caporale1996
Angelo Rulli1996
Ralph Schack1996
Gloria Stevenson1996
Carla Weimer1996
Ted & Irene Leverett1997
Chuck Walker1997
Kevin Kline1997
Carol Beck1997
Jere Ryder1997
Emery Prior1997
Gloria Schack1997
Alan Bies1997
Nancy Fratti1997
Walter Moore1997
Walter Moore1998
Kathleen Eric1998
Hendrik Strengers1998
Paul Seiz1999
Joseph Schumacher1999
Steve Boehck1999
Chuck Walker1999
Dwight Porter2001
Wade Jenkins2001
Kazuo Murakami2001
Walter Moore2001
Wayne Holton2001
Terry Haughawout2001
Takao Kato2001
Ed Schmidt2001
Al Meekins2001
Barry Johnson2001
Bill Ullstrom2002
Al Meekins2002
Paul Ottenheimer2002
Jere Ryder2002
Matthew Caulfield2002
Rosanna Harris2003
Hayden Grooms2004
Taizou Murakami2004
Matthew Caulfield2006
Margaret Bisberg2006
Marvin Polan2007
Bob Taylor2008
Don Neilson2012
Jerry & Ginni Fry2012
Linda Berman2013
Betty Toth2013
Mary Pollock2013
Clay Witt2014
Carol Beck & Bill Griffin2015
Robin Biggins2016
Dan Wilson2017
Bill Wineburgh2018
Nancy Fratti2019
Sachiya Sasaki2020

Trustees Award

for outstanding contributions to the field of automatic music

Byron Merrick1976
Marguerite Fabel1977
Ruth Bornand1978
Lloyd Kelley1979
Murtogh Guinness1980
Hughes Ryder1981
Howard & Helen Fitch1982
Frank Holland1983
Ed Freyer1984
Marion Levy1985
Jack Hardman1986
Ben & Mary Lilien1987
Rita Ford1988
Herman & Etta Ellenberger1989
Peter Schuhknecht1990
Harvey & Marion Roehl1991
Arthur Sanders1992
Bob & Diane Yates1993
Ralph Heintz1994
Bud Bronson1995
Ron & Mary Jo Bopp1996
Ralph & Gloria Schack1997
Nancy Fratti1998
Del Lohuis1999
Emery Prior2000
Chuck Walker2001
Frank Metzger2002
Carla Wiemer2003
Frank Rider2004
William H. Edgerton2005
Jasper & Marian Sanfilippo2006
Robin Biggins2007
David & Carol Beck2008
Arthur C. Cunliffe2009
Olin Tilotson2010
Coulson Conn2011
Steve Boehck2012
Mike Ames2013
B Bronson2014
Alan Bies2015
Wayne & Mary Ellen Myers2016
Rick Swaney2017
Art Reblitz2018
Marty Persky2019
Mary Pollock2020

Q. David Bowers Literary Award

for outstanding literary contributions to the field of automatic music.

Arthur W.J.G. Ord-Hume1976
Helen & Howard Fitch1977
Olin Tillotson1978
Harvey Roehl1979
Joseph Roesch1980
Frank Metzger1981
Art Reblitz1982
James Spriggs1983
Joseph Schumacher1984
Conn Coulson1985
Angelo Rulli1986
Hendrik Strengers1987
Martin Roenigk1988
Ralph Heintz1989
H. A. V. Bulleid1990
Albert Choffnes1991
Jan Jaap Haspels1992
Christian Eric1993
Graham Webb1994
Etienne Blyelle1995
Jurgen Hocker1995
Alexander Buchner1996
Larry Karp1997
Romke deWaard1998
Philippe Rouille1999
Dr. Herbert Juttemann2000
Luuk Goldhoorn2001
Kathleen Eric2002
Steve Boehck2003
Kevin McElhone2004
Jean-Claude Piguet2005
Larry Givens2006
H. A. V. Bulleid2007
Christian Bailly & Sharon Bailly Kerman2008
Timothy C. Fabrizio & George F. Paul2009
Tom Meijer2010
Matthew Caulfield2011
Kevin McElhone2012
Roy Ison2013
Ron Bopp2014
Paul Bellamy2016
Q. David Bowers2017
Matt Jaro2018
Terry Smythe2019
Paul Bellamy2020

Darlene Mirijanian Award

given for creativity in the field of mechanical music in order to stimulate and encourage interest in producing new items of interest.

Susan Jackson1996
Dwight Porter1997
Wayne Stahnke1998
Robin Timms1999
Barry Johnson2000
David Ramey2002
Don Stinson2003
David Wasson2004
Lester Jones2005
Charles Moore2006
Kazuo Tashiro2007
Takao Kato2008
Dr. Frank Himpsl2011
Wayne Holton2012
Jack Perron2013
Mike Ames & Bob Brown2014
Knowles Little2015
Wayne Finger2016
Martin Molin2017
Charlie Moore2019
Jonathan Herz2020

Roehl Ambassador Award

given for consistently endeavoring to introduce people to the field of mechanical music.

Bill & Carolyn Shaffer2001
Ed & Carol Ditto2001
Kazuo Murakami2001
John & Nan Flint2002
JB & Dorothy Nethercutt2002
Marvin & Dianne Polan2002
Jasper & Marian Sanfilippo2002
Ralph Schultz2003
Sylvi & Jim Caporale2004
Kay & Ted Brown2005
The Kurt Elbers Family2006
Frank & Shirley Nix2007
Knowles & Ginny Little2008
John Motto-Ros2009
Tom Wurdeman2010
Gloria & Ralph Schack2011
Mike and Marilyn Ames2012
Jim and Sherrie Krughoff2013
Jack and Mildred Hardman2014
Dave Corkrum2015
Jack Hostetler2016
John and Linda Birkitt2017
Dwight Porter2020

Unsung Hero Award

given to those quiet people who often do not get recognized yet perform significant work in the background to make MBSI function

Paul Senger2017
Don Henry2018
Emery Prior2018
Knowles Little2019
Diane Lloyd2020