Herb Brabandt – 1 issues – end date – 2017-11-01

MILLS VIOLANO, rare walnut cabinet, choice condition, roll library included, $37,500. Rare ELECTRA/SEEBURG keyboard nickelodeon, glockenspiel and xylophone, original glass excellent condition, $8,500. choice SYMPHONIA paper roller organ, plays well, $895. CARL FREI 89 KEYLESS CONCERT ORGAN, nine carved figures, huge amount of music, really magnificent instrument. Photos/information available. Contact: Herb Brabandt, (502) 425-4263, johebra3@twc.com

Joseph Chabal – 1 issues – end date – 2017-11-01

COINOLA “X” Orchestrion. This Coinola is in excellent condition. Restored about 18 years ago and all valves redone 6 years ago. The roll frame is not believed to be original Coinola, but functions better than the original. Three extra “O” rolls included. $9,750 firm. Email me for pictures. Contact: Joseph Chabal, (724) 265-1306, jcjc@consolidated.net

David Waugh – 1 issues – end date – 2017-10-31

FIRST OF all, I was very sorry to learn of the recent passing of Tony Ciuffini, who was a truly remarkable man. My condolences to his wife Lucille. I have never met Tony in person, but had a number of very pleasant conversations with him over the years, and he did fantastic work for me, particularly on a 1840s musical diorama that still graces the front page of his web site. May he rest in peace.

The last item I sent to him for repair was a Reuge Music Box , # 0001 Limited Edition, 60 Notes 12 Tunes, With Clock In Front. The clock was supposed to trigger the music box on the hour. He was able to get the clock working, but when I learned of his untimely death, I was told that Reuge no longer makes whatever part is necessary to make the clock trigger the music. Hence, I am reaching out to the music box community in the hope that Tony was wrong and someone can find or make the interface between the clock and the music box work. It would be a fitting tribute to Tony. Thank you.

Dave Contact: David Waugh, (240) 405-7114, waugh_david@yahoo.com 2417 Mill Race RoadFrederick, MD 21701 United States

Randy Donley – 1 issues – end date – 2017-08-31

Donley Auctions is looking for Automated Mechanical Musical Machines for consignment for its up and coming music auctions. These machines include disc and cylinder music boxes, nickelodeons, band organs, wind up phonographs and more. Donley’s has many years of Appraisal and Auction experience with world wide exposure making them the clear choice for your selling needs. Contact: Randy Donley, (815) 923-7000, donleyauctions@outlook.com, http://www.donleyauctions.com/. 8512 S. Union RoadUN, Illinois 60 United States

donald allen – 1 issues – end date – 2017-08-31

3 MUSIC boxes mfgr. 1985 by denis margot of Switzerland.
1 music box on a table with 5 interchangeable thorens cylinders. slight damage to exterior. $4500.00
1 thorens verticle disc player. $1700.00
1 music box with ruege movement & 3 dancing couples
all units FOB yucca valley, ca. Contact: donald allen, (760) 774-3208

James Williams – 1 issues – end date – 2017-08-31

WANTED : Seeburg L piano and any player parts and tubing diagrams for a Seeburg L piano.
WANTED: COINOLA, SEEBURG and WURLITZER coin operated piano parts.
WANTED: Original or recut rolls and player action parts for Seeburg XP piano.
These are: – Seeburg XP rolls, – QRS Autograph Automatic rolls, – Melville Clark Art Apollo Red X rolls, – Price and Teeple Art Symphonola rolls, – BluesTone recut rolls for this expression system. – Seeburg XP rolls were also recut by Don Rand and by Ray Siou.
Link to  picture examples of these roll labels:  https://ibb.co/hOTnka
FOR SALE: 38 Automatic Music Company 5-tune endless recut rolls. These rolls are pre-Link, but will play on a Link 2E piano.
Link to picture examples of these roll labels:
Contact: James Williams, (801) 394-7263, ampicojim@netscape.net

Linda Irving-Bell – 1 issues – end date – 2017-04-30

WANTED. NEW in box Thorens music box movement for discs. Black preferably. Willing to ship to UK. Very sentimental attachment since childhood to mine which went missing in a move. Contact: Linda Irving-Bell, (441) 993-8109, linda.irving-bell@queens.ox.sc.uk 5 Park CloseBladon Woodstock, OX20 1RN United Kingdom