Lawrence Czerniak – 1 issues – end date – 2018-02-28

STELLA 17 1/2 inch player, original base cabinet, and 38 discs. Plays well/ serviced by Roger Puls in February, 2016. Estimated value at that time was $6000-$7000. Asking for $3500. Images are on eBay and craigslist (Dayton). posts. Contact: Lawrence Czerniak, (937) 935-9829, Ohio

NICK LERESCU – 1 issues – end date – 2018-02-28

8TH MECHANICAL MUSIC CRUISE-TOUR to Belgium (Brussels, medieval Bruges and Ghent where time stood still) the Netherlands (Amsterdam, Haarlem, Utrecht) and one-week Viking Rhine Cruise. Mechanical music and art museums, factories, collections. Oct 23 – Nov 6, 2018. Call Nick Lerescu: (772)-882-4032; Contact: NICK LERESCU, (772) 882-4032, LERESCU@GMAIL.COM 5652 SPANISH RIVER RDFT PIERCE, Florida 34951 United States

Joe Moffitt – 1 issues – end date – 2018-03-01

STYLE 40 Regina floor model in original surface and excellent condition. Tiger mahogany, double comb, short bedplate, great voice, fast/slow lever; zither attachment and 54 discs. Originally owned and sold by Ruth Bornand. Many Christmas carols. $4,950. Pick up or you set up shipping. Contact: Joe Moffitt, Email: (914) 723-2139

Kevin McElhone – 1 issues – End Date – 2017-12-31

THE DAPHNE LADELL COLLECTION Surrey, England, of nearly 200 instruments including Automata, Cylinder and Disc Musical Boxes, Organs, Pianos and many other types is now being offered for sale. An online catalogue of 500 photos along with details of bidding, viewing and other selling arrangements is available Contact: Kevin McElhone, +44 01536 – 726759,,

Andy Adams – 3 issues – end date – 2018-04-30

WE SELL Midi files for all style of organs, and Band Organ music rolls for all styles.
Special Release: Style 165 Roll No. 6855 Rag Roll Arranged by Rich Olsen $85 + $5 S/H
“NEW Christmas rolls for style 165 Roll No. 6883 & 6884” Arranged by Andrew Park $85 + $5 S/H
Call us to place your order or email us for info on our music rolls & midi files. Contact: Andy Adams, (860) 261-5923,, Gold Leaf Galleries 410 Emmett St. Unit 86Bristol, CT 06010 United States

Steve Cohen – 1 issues – end date – 2017-12-31

MILLS VIOLANO Virtuoso , Serial Number 751,is in excellent playing condition. This is a 1913 model in a beautiful tiger oak case with a nickel coin slide. An original AC/DC converter runs this variable bow speed machine. It plays with great tone and wonderful expression.

The piano section was restored about 12 years ago. This included a new custom-cut and fitted pinblock, new pins, new strings, new dampers, new hammers and other new action felts. The Piano restoration was done by Jasons Music Center a well-respected piano company, family-owned, since 1937 (See website at The violin is in great condition with new weight shells and bow wheels. This beauty has been serviced by Dick Hack of Annapolis who tweaked it as recently as March, 2017. I It plays very well. It is in good condition cosmetically. It has been in my collection since 1986. I have a number of slot machines and jukeboxes listed on eBay as I liquidate my coin-op collection readying for downsizing.

Included in the price are 27 rolls 20 of which are re-cut by Hack Mechanical Music on superior paper and all are like new. “….rolls are supplied on cores with flanges so that they will go into your Violano without the need of a roll chuck. Rolls are supplied with boxes similar to the original type, with labels and tune cards” [Hack Mechanical Music]. HMM rolls sell for $100 a roll plus freight. The 7 original rolls are all playable, in original condition. Rolls included in the asking price represent a value of about $3000.

Also included in the asking price is an original five cent remote wall box w/card, (uninstalled, original lock, no switch), and an installed Damp Chaser Dehumidifying System.

This Violano is located in Millersville, MD 21108. Asking price is $25,000 Serious inquirers can see and hear the Violano live by appointment via Skype, and a YouTube videos is available.

For details Contact Steve at 410-919-8246. Serious inquiries only please. Contact: Steve Cohen, (410) 919-8246, Millersville, MD 21108 United States

Steve Greatrex – 1 issues – end date – 2017-12-31

STUNNING QUALITY Musical Longcase (Grandfather) Clock. The English, silvered dial, three train movement plays all seven London chimes (One for each day of the week) on nine Harrington tubular bells. The magnificent carved mahogany case stands at about 100 inches. Clips on youtube – .Located in England. For more details and photos: Contact: Steve Greatrex, (077) 744-1870,