donald allen – 1 issues – end date – 2017-08-31

3 MUSIC boxes mfgr. 1985 by denis margot of Switzerland.
1 music box on a table with 5 interchangeable thorens cylinders. slight damage to exterior. $4500.00
1 thorens verticle disc player. $1700.00
1 music box with ruege movement & 3 dancing couples
all units FOB yucca valley, ca. Contact: donald allen, (760) 774-3208

James Williams – 1 issues – end date – 2017-08-31

WANTED : Seeburg L piano and any player parts and tubing diagrams for a Seeburg L piano.
WANTED: COINOLA, SEEBURG and WURLITZER coin operated piano parts.
WANTED: Original or recut rolls and player action parts for Seeburg XP piano.
These are: – Seeburg XP rolls, – QRS Autograph Automatic rolls, – Melville Clark Art Apollo Red X rolls, – Price and Teeple Art Symphonola rolls, – BluesTone recut rolls for this expression system. – Seeburg XP rolls were also recut by Don Rand and by Ray Siou.
Link to  picture examples of these roll labels:
FOR SALE: 38 Automatic Music Company 5-tune endless recut rolls. These rolls are pre-Link, but will play on a Link 2E piano.
Link to picture examples of these roll labels:
Contact: James Williams, (801) 394-7263,

Linda Irving-Bell – 1 issues – end date – 2017-04-30

WANTED. NEW in box Thorens music box movement for discs. Black preferably. Willing to ship to UK. Very sentimental attachment since childhood to mine which went missing in a move. Contact: Linda Irving-Bell, (441) 993-8109, 5 Park CloseBladon Woodstock, OX20 1RN United Kingdom

Norman Jolly – 1 issues – 2017-05-01

15-1/2″ REGINA model 140 console. 12 records $7,500. 15-1/2″ Mira model 150 w/base. 29 records. $7,500. 15-1/2″ Reginaphone. 12 records w/nickel-plated L-arm, turntable and 13 vinyl records. $7,500. All three machines are recently restored and in excellent shape. Contact: Norman Jolly, (513) 863-5655

Dee Kavouras – 2 issues – expire date – 2017-07-01

COINOLA SO: This is one of two known exact replicas. Most of the major interior components are original Coinola parts, including piano, stack, violin pipes, roll frame, coin mechanism, metal pump parts, and many minor parts. Walnut case is made from plans taken from an original SO. Art glass was made using original pattern. See 5 videos on youtube under “Coinola SO”. Ten O-rolls included. Contact: Bill & Dee Kavouras, 352-527-9390, or 352-527-9390

Russ MacKAY – 6 issues


Re-feathering for bird boxes & bird cages. Repairs to bird cages, bird boxes & whistlers. Traditional bellows recovering & repair. Replacing rubber bellows with our own custom made diaphragms. 
Fax 843 285 – 5927 Email to: Contact: Russ MacKAY, (843) 879-9447, 257 Okehampton DriveGoose Creek, SC 29445 United States

STEVE WELCH – 1 issues

15-1/2″ REGINAPHONE with 30 discs and matching storage cabinet. Double-comb, no broken teeth or dampers. Serpentine mahogany w/carved ball-and-claw feet. No phonograph turntable or horn. Works are original unrestored condition. Looks and sounds great! Purchased in 1976 from family of original owner. I can send detailed photos if interested. I want $5,500 for entire package. Contact: STEVE WELCH, (901) 604-3411, Somerville, Tennessee 38068 United States