The mission of the Society is to:

  1. Foster a genuine public interest in the collection, restoration, preservation and creation of automatic music instruments.
  2. Publish information about automatic music instruments.
  3. Cooperate with individuals and other organizations in exhibiting automatic music for the education of the general public.
  4. Collect and preserve for posterity examples of automatic music instruments and historical and current information about automatic music including books, pamphlets, catalogs, manuscripts, films, tapes and other recordings and make such information accessible to museums, educational institutions, students and collectors.
  5. Disseminate information regarding the mechanism and the repair of automatic music instruments.
  6. Generally stimulate interest in automatic music.

For purposes of this statement, automatic music instruments include musical boxes (instruments which play music via the plucking of teeth on a tuned steel comb through various mechanisms); musical automata; orchestrions; player and reproducing pianos and organs; phonographs; and self-playing stringed, wind, and percussion instruments of any kind.

Note: Last revised by the Board of Trustees March 2016.