04-101-mortierThe Musical Box Society International was formed and exists exclusively for educational purposes with these underlying goals:

  • To foster a genuine interest in the collection, restoration, and preservation of automatic musical instruments and to publish information about them.
  • To cooperate with individuals and with other organizations in exhibiting automatic music for the education of the general population.
  • To assist museums by loaning displays and furnishing assistance in all areas related to the preservation and exhibition of automatic music.

To accomplish its mission, the Society promotes interest and preservation by:

  • Facilitating the exchange of ideas and information through the camaraderie of members.
  • By publishing information about mechanical music and by facilitating the distribution of related books, pamphlets, catalogues, films, tapes, and other media.
  • By establishing a representative collection of automatic musical instruments and related articles, to ensure their preservation, and to make them available for display in Society exhibits and those of other appropriate organizations.